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Best Toy Fire Engines

Updated on March 17, 2012
Bruder Fire Engine
Bruder Fire Engine

Young children, especially boys, are often fascinated with emergency vehicles, including fire engines, from a very early age. The sudden wailing of the siren as the vehicle rushes past grabs their attention (how can it not?) even when they don't know what a fire engine actually does. After all, boys love action - and what better way to learn about and act out the world around them than with their very own fire engine?

But what to look for in a fire engine? Most young children like the features that come with a lot of the fire engines. Authentic sounds are a great addition - there is nothing that can make a fire engine toy more realistic than making sure it sounds just like the real thing. Movable ladders and hoses are other additions that make for great imaginative play - after all, if it doesn't move or do anything then how is a child supposed to play the best games?

Bruder MAN Fire Engine

Bruder Man Fire Engine

Bruder make great, durable vehicles, and their fire engines are no exception. This fantastic fire engine is manufactured in Germany, as opposed to China, and has some fun features that will keep a young child happy. Bruder MAN Fire Engine comes complete with sirens that work, flashing lights, folding mirrors and a 360 degree rotating crane unit to help firemen (not included) reach the highest points of rescue. The most exciting feature for a young critic, however, is probably the fact that the hose actually squirts real water. This is a realistic, good quality product which can be used either indoors or outdoors - the plastic used is fade-resistant.

Bruder also produce several other fire engines (see right).

Playmobil Fireman Ladder Fire Engine Truck

Playmobil Rescue Ladder Unit

Playmobil Fire Engine

Playmobil never disappoint with their superb collection of quality toys. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you just can't go wrong with Playmobil and what's more, you can never have enough.

This Playmobil Fireman Ladder Fire Engine Truck has an extending, rotatable ladder and a removable roof which makes it easier for your child to 'get inside' the toy to play. It also comes with two small Playmobil fire-fighters for increased play value and as characters for imaginative games. The lights flash and the sides lift to enable storage space for accessories (just like in real life). There are many accessories, including an axe, pick axe and hose. This fire engine also comes with a working winch. A great buy, which would make a fantastic addition to a Playmobil collection.

Playmobil Rescue Ladder Unit

The Playmobil Rescue Ladder Unit is another great choice as a fire engine for a child. This one also contains many accessories, including a fire hydrant, shovel, megaphone, fire extinguisher, caution sign (to warn passers by), 3 caution cones and a stretcher to assist the wounded. As with the previous model, it comes with an extendable and flashing lights.

Playmobil also produce several additional fire engine sets, available from amazon.

PlanToys Fire Engine

PlanToys is an ethical company with great credentials. They specialize in producing good quality, wooden toys which many parents of young children prefer over environmentally-damaging plastic. This fire engine is a wonderful choice for the younger child. It has an extending ladder which also rotates, a fire hose and a fire extinguisher. The firefighters are not included, but can be purchased separately.

PlanToys uses chemical free, recycled rubberwood with non-toxic paints and E-zero glue for the production of their toys, meaning that you can rest assured your child is playing with the healthiest toy possible.

Tonka Mighty Fire Truck

The Tonka Mighty Fire Truck is a large engine, great for young children from 3 plus. It measures 19.5 inches long by 13.5 inches high, so 'mighty' is indeed the right word. Unlike all of the other fire engines featured, this fire truck does not have any electronic features at all - which means that it is perfect for taking outside. This engine has large wheels with good grips that would be great on a dirtpile or in a large sandbox - and the lack of sound and light features means that no damage will be incurred no matter what your child decides to do. This is certainly a durable and strong fire truck, and the top even opens enabling your child to put play figures inside. It also features removable ladders -- and the rest is up to your child's imagination.

Tonka also manufacture a number of additional fire engines, such as the Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Engine, which comes with a play figure and multiple features (see above right). 


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      Eleanor's Words 6 years ago from Far and Wide

      Thank you, carolinemoon :)

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      Cool and nice hub. Kids love these toys.