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Best Toys for 2 Year old Boys in 2014 - Gifts for Christmas and 2-3 Year Olds

Updated on August 13, 2014

What toys to get for a 2 year old boy?

Two year olds are all about exploring the world - they can walk, they can talk and they can ask questions. The best toy you can get for a 2 year old is a learning toy, something to keep them entertained and at same time something that helps them develop their motor skills, their creativity, intelligence...

There's been quite a lot new releases suitable for this age group and there are some toys which have proven themselves to be the best over the ages and this list features them all along with parent and kid experience with them.

There's something here for every budget and every occasion, be it you'r getting a gift for your kid or your friends' son.

A gift he will love for years to come

It's never to early to encourage your kid to be fit and active and that's why I think this makes the perfect gift for him.

This hoop can be adjusted to 4 different heights (3, 4, 5 and 6 feet high) so it will grow as your boy grows.

They will start off by picking the ball and putting it through the hoof and end playing real basketball with their friends - shooting hoops, giving banana cuts, making trick shots... Who knows you might have the next Michael Jordan on your hands...

We were the only ones in our block to have a kid friendly hoop and at the age of 2 the boys were playing solo (they are not too keen on sharing toys at this time) but all the boys and girls in the street loved to play it.

Two Year Olds are Old Enough To Drive A Car, Well a Car for Toddlers - Perfect for Outdoors

Cozy Coupe

Cozy Coupe will give them wind in their hair.

Once they figure out how to get in and get the "engine" running (pedalling with their feet) they will fall in love and won't want to get out. This is a great toy that helps them develop fine motor skills and straightens their coordination.

If your boy is still struggling with peddling there's a bottom part you can install in the car (and remove it when your boy doesn't need it any more) and you will do the pushing and the kid will do nothing but enjoy in the ride (or maybe play with the horn on the wheel).

At two they do begin to find their role in society by mimicking parents

Kids are starting to find their place in this world at this age and they do so by mimicking their parents - they are eager to help you clean and cook (don't you wish this would last?), they do what daddy does, they mimic their grandparents...

There are many run toy sets to encourage this and one of the coolest one for boys is this tool set. It will turn them into little handymen always eager to fix everything that's broken.

Give Them a Place of Their Own

There's nothing more awesome than a playhouse. Your kid will get a place they will be able to call their own and as they are getting quite independent at this age (don't worry the are far from moving out) something like this will mean the world to them.

With a playhouse they will be able to take their role playing to a whole new level as playing mummy and daddy is much easier when they have a home to return to.

Did you have a play house growing up?

See results

It is all about the cars

If they don't drive them they play with them.

Fisher price took it to the next level with their Loops 'n swoops amusement park playset as it's not only about pushing cars down the slides and watch them go and make swings and loops, this playset is even more interactive - it plays music and hides surprises like a turning star under the bridge.

Kids will love exploring what this one has to offer and will enjoy playing with the cars.

Video Review of Loops'n Swoops Amusement Park

Something musical

As music is an important part of our lives this too is a skill that needs encouragement.

I think drums are the most appropriate for this age as they are easy to play whereas other instruments are more appropriate for older kids as they need more skills with their fingers.

What books to get for a two year old?

Any book that has great illustrations and simple text is perfect. At beginning you will still do all the reading but as 2 to 3 year olds learn really fast there's a good chance that he will be reading simple words before he turns 3.

Classic titles such as "The Very Hungry Caterpillar",& "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See" allays get the job done.


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