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Best Toys for a Newborn

Updated on November 27, 2013

What are the best toys for newborn babies?

Are you looking for the best toys for a newborn. I currently have a 5 week baby and the list of toys below are based on the toys that he enjoys or I think he would like.

Toys for newborn babies have to be visual in nature as they are fascinated by different patterns and shapes. Toys with music are also good to stimulate the senses. Ideas include mirrors, crib soothers, baby gyms and mobiles.

Read on for my top choices of toys for a newborn baby.

Baby Mirror

Sassy Floor Mirror, Blue
Sassy Floor Mirror, Blue

Newborn babies enjoy staring in a mirror. My baby has a mirror on his baby gym. When you put it next to his face he loves to look in it. As babies get older they will enjoy looking in the mirror even more especially as they recognize the image in the mirror is themselves.


Baby's My First Photo Album of Family & Friends

Baby's My First Photo Album of Family & Friends
Baby's My First Photo Album of Family & Friends

Babies love looking a people's faces and this photo album could hold pictures of close family and friends that they know and recognize as well as family members who live further away. If you show baby the photos every day when they come to see the people in question they will recognize them from the photos.

This bright, contrasting album has wipeable vinyl pages and helps baby's developing visual skills. It holds 15, 4 x 6 photos of baby's favorite family and friends. There's plenty of room for pictures of Grandma , Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.. friends, pets and more. Includes a loop for hanging on stroller crib, car seat, or play pen. There is also a baby-safe full page see me mirror on the final page of the album, to surprise and delight baby.


Baby Gym

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym
Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

A good baby gym is a fantastic choice of toy for a newborn as it will grow with the baby and provide months of entertainment.

We have the Fisher Price rainforest baby gym opposite. My son loves looking at the lights, the butterflies which hang from the top of the gym and the other toys. There is also a mirror which he enjoys looking in. There is music which is soothing and relaxing and my baby has fallen asleep a couple of times when he's been on the mat (which is quilted and quite comfortable). There are two different modes for the music and rainforest sounds including a 20 minute parent activated mode and a baby activated mode as well. As the baby grows there are lots of different toys to keep him occupied including crinkling toys and spinning toys.


Crib Gallery

A babies sight takes 6 to 8 months to develop fully and a newborn will focus on mainly faces and high contrast patterns.

My own newborn likes to look at the checkered pattern on the side of his crib

A crib gallery such as the one below with high contrast shapes will attract and hold their gaze and they will enjoy looking at it and focusing.

Lamaze Discovering Shapes Activity Puzzle & Crib Gallery
Lamaze Discovering Shapes Activity Puzzle & Crib Gallery

Newborn babies will love looking at the shapes and patterns on this crib gallery. The high contrast patterns and happy faced characters promote visual stimulation. It also features textures and sounds encourage exploration

And as they get older the remove the gallery from the crib and it becomes an activity puzzle. The puzzle shapes fit neatly into the puzzle and won't get lost


Baby Mobiles

A baby mobile is an obvious and traditional choice of toy for a newborn baby. Babies love staring at the moving objects on the mobile and listening to the music.

We have one for a son and it's probably the toy we use most at the moment.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile
Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

This features music, soft animals and a soft projection of light.

It plays a full 20 minutes of music and nature and heartbeat sounds

It includes one remote control and 4 plush animals


Sassy Newborn Gift Set

Sassy Newborn Gift Set
Sassy Newborn Gift Set

The Sassy Newborn Gift Set featured below has four different toys including rattles and a teether. It probably isn't the most suitable for a newborn but will be nice first toys when a baby is able to grasp and explore with their hands and mouth at about 3 or 4 months old. A good choice of toy for a baby shower gift.


Soother Crib Toys

There are some lovely soother toys designed to help babies sleep.

Some are attached to a baby's crib and babies can look at the lights and the moving parts of the toy as well as listening to the melodies which are often designed to help babies sleep.

Bouncers and Baby Swing Seats

Bouncer chairs often have toys and other things for newborn babies to focus and look at. Some have music and other have vibrating chairs to soothe babies. As the babies get older they will love batting at the toys in front of them.

I love the bouncer that we have. It means I can safely put my baby in the bouncer and do jobs while in the same room and talking to him.

You can also get baby seats and a swing in one.

The swing can be great for soothing babies off to sleep. Great for babies who like to be constantly rocked.

There are also baby rockers which can be rocked manually.

Lamaze Toys

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly
Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

Lamaze do a range of toys that are designed for very young babies. Freddie the Firefly featured below has contrasting patterns in black and white on the back which are fascinating for newborn babies. Newborn babies find it hard to focus at first and such high contrasting patterns help them to do so. The toy can hang from baby gyms, pushchairs and car seats. As babies get older the will enjoy exploring the toy with their hands, features include crinkly material, mirrors, click clack rings, teethers and squeakers.


Wrist and Foot Rattles

Wrist and foot rattles can be strapped to babies before they are old enough to hold and grab toys. They will hear the jangling sounds of the rattles when they move their hands and feet. The reviews seem to suggest that 3 months is the optimum age for these toys. They help to teach them about cause and effect too.

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