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Best Water Guns For Kids

Updated on June 3, 2012
Transformers Bumblebee Supersoaker - for children, teens and even adults!
Transformers Bumblebee Supersoaker - for children, teens and even adults!

Looking for the Very Best Water Gun?

When the sun is shining and the air is warm and sticky, there is nothing quite like a water fight. Kids love them - boys especially love to arm themselves with the best equipment to lead them to victory (though girls will love it too). I remember a massive water fight after school in a nearby park one particularly hot summer. I had just collected my son and we headed to the park to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. It seemed as though half the school had the same idea. Within ten minutes a full scale, impromptu water fight was underway, with kids using whatever they could find to join in. Some, like my son, had nothing but their school drinking water bottles. It quickly became very clear who was coming out on top, however - it was the boys with the awesome supersoaker guns. Like a game of Cops and Robbers, they hid behind the trees ready to soak whoever dared to step within their vicinity. For a truly fair water fight, everyone involved needs one of these guns - the bigger and more powerful, the better.

It's no use presenting your children with those cheap little water guns that measure about three inches long and fit a tiny thimble full of water inside. They need the real deal, so that they can shoot from a distance and not have to run to fill up every couple of minutes. They need water guns with power that can reach victims from a distance amd really drench them.  On those hot summer days, a really great water fight can cool your kids down, get them laughing and running about and build some great childhood memories.  What's more, there's nothing quite like watching your children enjoying a simple, outdoors activity without a TV or games console in sight. All they need is hot weather, plenty of space, a few friends or siblings - and the best water guns ever! They'll play for ages - sometimes the simplest things take a lot of beating. There are some really great water guns around these days, and some of the best are detailed below.

Nerf Supersoaker Shotblast

Shoot a massive 25 feet at your friends!

This gun is by Nerf, one of the most popular toy manufacturers of boy's toys around right now. It has a large water capacity tank, so that you are still in the battle when everyone else has run out of water! Water can be fired a far-reaching 25 feet - perfect for relentless water battles on scorching days. The gun has an air-powered pump handle water blaster - slide the handle forwards to load, then slide it back to release a powerful stream of water at your victims. The gun also has a shoulder stock and detachable scope accessory (see special pack top right only). This gun is designed for battlers between the ages of 6 and 20, but of course it is also ideal for parents who just want to be one of the kids (don't forget to let them have their turn!) Older children and teens will love its powerful force.

Transformers Bumblebee Supersoaker

Catch your friends out by shooting sideways as well as forwards!

This cool and fun water gun is based on the character Bumblebee from Transformers. It is suitable for children, teens and playful adults of any age, from 6 upwards (and no, you don't have to be a Transformers fan). This gun has a large water tank, storing up to 47 ounces of water. It can shoot a powerful jet of water, but perhaps it's most appealing aspect is that, unlike other water guns, it can not only shoot forwards but sideways as well! You can quickly and easily change the direction of your blasts to catch out any lurkers during battle and are sure to be the one everyone is afraid of!

All, in all, a fantastic choice for drenching the enemy during fun in the sun water fights!

Nerf Rattler Supersoaker

Nerf Rattler

Another Nerf product, this gun has a large water tank and is air-powered, working in the same way as the other Nerf water guns - by sliding the pump handle forwards to load and then backwards to shoot. Blasts can reach a whopping 25 feet, and rapid firing allows you to really drench your opponents. For ages 5 plus.


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