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Best Website to Buy Comic Books

Updated on November 21, 2013

What Are The Best Online Comic Stores?

Believe it or not there are still quite a few places that don't have a local comic shop. If your town or city does, consider yourself lucky. However, the internet and the world wide web has made it easier and accessible to buy comics for those who don't have a local comic shop.

Still, the internet has grown into a huge beast, and there are quite a lot of online comic stores. Finding decent ones can be a daunting and painful task, which brings me to the topic of discussion. So what are some of the best online comic stores?

Here are the few that I highly recommend. Yes, I will recommend quite a few, because it's really hard to say what's the best website to buy comic books. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, and I will detail them for each of the best online comic shops in this lens. I'll also provide links to where you can find these online comic stores as well.

Ready? Alright, here we go!


NewKadia is one of the biggest comic book shops online and it's also one of the best websites to buy comic books! NewKadia boasts to have over 650,000 comics in stock. Whether you're looking to buy silver age comics, bronze, copper age or modern age comics, NewKadia has a wide selection of almost every title there is.

Another great thing about this online comic store is that they always have great sales going on. In fact, every new customer that buys from NewKadia will get a certain percentage savings off their first order if they use the coupon code. The amount saved depends on the order total. For example:

15% . . . $10 - $48

18% . . . $49 - $98

20% . . . $99 - $298

25% . . . $299 - $498

30% . . . $499 & up

However, like I mentioned before, they always have sales going on as well. It's highly recommended that you sign up for their newsletter or sign up for an account. They send quite a few emails with discount coupon codes for you to save even more on comics.

So far, NewKadia has a very good approval rating in terms of customer satisfaction. It's quite high, and they do ship their comics securely and properly.

As for the negatives, I can only think of one. If you're looking to buy CGC Comics online, this isn't the place. As far as I know, they only sell raw, unslabbed comics. I have yet to find a CGC comic for sale there.

However, if you like a wide selection of comics with a lot savings and sales, you should click the link and check out NewKadia, and discover why it's one of the best online comic stores out there.


Mycomicshop is another huge online comic book shop that's extremely popular among comic collectors. Unlike NewKadia, you can buy CGC comics online at mycomicshop, and they have a wide selection of both raw comics and graded comics like CGC and PGX for sale.

For those more interested in comic investing and investment comics, mycomicshop often sells high grade CGC copies of most popular titles like Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, and countless others. You can often find high grade CGC copies of major and minor key issues from virtually every age. Although golden age key issues are a lot more of a hunt to find. They also have high grade CGC copies of common issues as well.

Their website is pretty easy to use and not confusing, and like NewKadia, mycomicshop's ratings among customers is also very high. However, unlike NewKadia, mycomicshop doesn't have nice sales and discount coupons quite as often as NewKadia does.

Also, if a comic is being sold on consignment there, the buyer will be charged a 3% buyer's premium. There is no buyer's premium for the comics they have in stock. Usually, consignment comics are marked inside a yellow box.

Still, I do love mycomicshop. It's a great online comic store and a great comic book market place for both buyers and sellers. Once again, I highly recommend you check out this popular place online to buy comic books. Just visit the link to go to mycomicshop and happy shopping, my fellow comic fans!


There's no doubt that ebay has one of the biggest market places for comic books. There are tons of comics being sold on ebay. They also have a huge selection of raw comics as well as CGC and PGX comics up for auction as well.

The great thing about ebay is that you can often find a wider variety of grades for a certain issue that's been CGC graded. Often you'll find CGC GD copies to NM copies of a particular issue, making it easier for those with lower to higher budgets to find particular investment comics within their price range.

This is even true for unslabbed, raw comics. Often there are a wider selection of different grades for a particular comic even if it's a raw comic book. This variety and more accessible selection has made ebay

one of the most popular places on the net for comic collectors to buy comics.

However, there are quite a few drawbacks to buying comics on ebay. One is that most comic sellers are not professional comic dealers. They are just average collectors who know very little about grading a comic accurately.

That fact has caused many buying comics on ebay to win an auction of a comic that was severely over-graded. There's nothing more upsetting than paying for a comic that was advertised as NM, and then getting it to find out that the comic is really only in FINE condition. I've actually received comics that were in VG condition that was advertised as NM.

However, I prefer buying CGC graded comics on ebay precisely because most sellers don't know how to grade comics on ebay. I actually recommend it, especially if you're buying investment comics that are expensive. There is nothing more upsetting getting an expensive silver age key issue that's been over-graded and possibly even a restored copy.

If you buy unslabbed comics on ebay, you run the risk of this happening to you. I always purchase CGC graded comics if they are expensive key issue comics. At least I know they're not restored, and I'm getting the grade I'm paying for.

Still, ebay can be a great place to find some great deals on comics. It's not the best website to buy comic books, but it's definitely near the top. Be sure to visit the link and make ebay

a part of where to buy comics online in your arsenal.


ComicLink is one of the best online comic stores on the net that caters more to those who are truly looking for comics to invest in or the best comics to invest in. This site has more CGC graded comics than unslabbed or raw comics, and they are extremely picky about what is being sold in their market place.

Usually they specialize in comics pre 1975, but they will sell important key modern age comics if they are high grade CGC 9.4 and up. If you're serious about comics as investments, you need to have ComicLink as a source to get some great key issue investment comics.

If you have comics that are worth quite a bit, you can also sell in their market place as well. Like mycomicshop and NewKadia, you can consign your comics there. Like mycomicshop and ebay, ComicLink also runs comic auctions you can sell. They have sold quite a few comics that have broken price records.

Like I mentioned, if you seek high grade, investment worthy comics that are CGC graded, ComicLink is surely a place to look and one of the best places to buy CGC comics online, as well as buy silver age comics, golden age comics, and bronze age key issues.

I highly recommend you visit the link and check out ComicLink.

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      AstroGremlin 4 years ago

      Great topic and a choice of an Amazing Spider-man cover. I have a lens devoted to how to buy comics on eBay where I've found some great bargains.