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Best Cheap Wooden Swingsets To Buy Online

Updated on February 16, 2016

Choosing the Perfect Wooden Swingset

I don't know about you guys, but when I was a kid, wooden swingsets were my favorite. They were always the most stable, and they typically had the coolest features.

Unfortunately, we were always poor, so we ended up with those cheap aluminum sets that were always a little shaky and ended up warping after a couple of seasons.

Not that we complained. But the poor swingsets that dad got at Wal-Mart for us never lasted very long.

There are now a couple of inexpensive ways that you can invest in a Wooden Swingset: Kit and Full Set.

Below you will find some of the top suggestions on how to build a wooden playground for the kids. I also have some tips to make sure you are getting a good value swing set that will last.

Mckinley Wood Swing and Slide Wooden Playset

The Cool Wave Wooden Swing Set Slide packs in an incredible amount of value into its tiny price.

In fact, there are other kits on Amazon that are priced this much which don't even include the slide or lumber!

This set comes with the pre-cut premium lumber that is already stained, as well as a "cool wave" slide. Plus you get two swings and a trapeze bar to make sure there is enough variety for lots of play time.

And, if the kids get tired of all of that they can just turn the little platform above the slide into a cool fort. At least, that's what I would do.

The one downside? This swingset is made of something other than cedar lumber. Which means that it is going to be inclined to faster rotting. Make sure to reapply the stain every year, and you might want to swing by lowes and get some metal end caps where the lumber touches the ground to keep boring insects out.

Click Here To View On Amazon

Andorra Swing Set

Andorra is a little micro-state in the mountains of the Pyrenees near France and Spain. And this swingset seems to steal just a little bit of that Ski Chalet culture for your back yard.

Just like the micro-country it is named after, this swing set is designed to pack a lot into a small area. It comes with 2 swings and a scoop slide. Plus the play deck extends out the back as a small clambering platform.

With its precision-cut lumber, assembly time is estimated at under 3 hours for two people to put together.

Invite the neighborhood kids over and become the most popular yard as your kids build their social skills!

This swing also does not use cedar lumber, so plan on staining it frequently in order to help it weather well.

Click Here to View on Amazon

Fort Discovery Place Set

The Best Complete Wooden Swingset Available

I had to just crack the $500 barrier to bring you this one. But maybe if the kid's agree to chip in their allowance for a couple of weeks you guys can still afford it.

What I really like about Fort Discovery is not its awesome cool name or its dual platforms. I love that it has a 5 year manufacturers warranty against wood rot. If you go the extra step and re-apply stain and make sure it has metal plates on the bottom of its four legs -- this swing set may last for ever.

Of course the dual platforms are pretty awesome, what with the climbing wall, slide, canopies, 2 swings and the trapeze bar. We're talking hours of fun, here.

And what's more legit than a fort that even the grown-ups call "Fort Discovery". That's pretty legit in my book.

Click Here to View on Amazon

Wooden Swing Set Kits

Own a saw and cordless screwdriver? Try one of these kits.

Keep in mind you still have to buy and cut the lumber, and that none of these kits include slides...

Playset Kit for 6 Kids

Pioneer Gives you All The Basics

We actually have a modified version of this in our back yard. IT looks like whoever built this added some extra length to it to enlarge it, and it has a nice little platform above the slide that doubles as a fort.

This set comes with 2 swingsets, ironman rings, swing hangers and the brackets you need. Just add lumber, screws and a slide. (I'd spend extra money and buy the cedar lumber. It lasts longer)

With this set a couple of afternoons you could completely assemble a very affordable playset that is going to last for years -- and have a huge sense of satisfaction in the fact that you basically built the swingset yourself.

If you have more time than money and want to build a swingset that is on par with the sets that sell for thousands of dollars, this is a great way to go.

Alpine Wooden Swingset Kit Review

I love this kit because it comes with all of the plans and brackets to build a little fort on the platform above the slide. The nice thing about the Alpine system is that it tries to minimize the number of cuts you will have to do to help speed up the building time, making this an extremely achievable build for most people.

Of course the downside is that you still need to buy all of the lumber, screws and the slide. It comes with 2 sets of swing hangers and a pair of safety handles as well. Under the fort is designed to double as a sand pit for even more creative fun!

And did we mention all of the quality family time as you build this as a family project?

Wooden Swingset Plans

Feeling really resourceful? Built a Lot more swingset for the kids with even less money!

Here are a few wooden swingset plans for your perusing pleasure:

Tips for Buying a Wooden Swingset

Stuff to Pay Attention To

Lumber - Most Swingsets (all of the ones reviewed above) use white lumber or pine lumber. Unfortunately these lumbers are not as resistant to rot and boring insects. Purchasing Cedar does wonders at preventing this decay.

Safety - Make sure that the swingset has a way to secure it to the ground or purchase an anchoring set separately. Also make sure that all safety handles and side rails are used.

Thick Planking - Go for 2-4" thick planking. Too many kits use 1" wood which is just too thin.

Plastic Chains - Even better, get some that are coated or covered to prevent fingers from getting trapped, or that allow the chain to get too hot on a summer day.

Toddler Friendly Go for sets that have steps that kiddos can handle and that they won't fall through. Our swingset is not as child-friendly as I would like, but my two year old daredevil has mastered the climb with no problem. That said, his swingset is directly outside my office window so I can watch him constantly.

What was your favorite playset as a child?

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