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Best Xbox 360 Games Ever 2014-2015 Version

Updated on February 18, 2015

List of the Best Xbox 360 Games of All Time 2015

The best XBOX 360 games of all time are discussed here! This is one of my favorite topics because I am a middle aged gamer and proud of it. With millions of copies sold, these games are sure to entertain. Most of the games I'm reviewing are for older players; however XBOX 360 has many games out for the younger gaming crowd. Here is a list of my favorite Xbox 360 video games to date.

Xbox 360 COD World at War
Xbox 360 COD World at War

#10 Call of Duty: World at War

Starting at #10 on our list is Call of Duty. This version of the game is a first person shooter and is considered the 5th game in the series. With a WWII theme, you play with the perspective of Private C. Miller, Petty Officer Locke and Private Dimitri Petrenko. The game spins off historical battles for you to take your own swing at. The graphics are stunning with realistic water and lighting. I also was impressed with the responsiveness of the controls; the gaming is very accurate because of this. Since I am a pretty seasoned gamer, I did think that the campaigns were a bit short. This doesn't seem to be an issue across the board, but if you find it to be, then increase your difficulty to allow you to play longer.

Online Play:

This game is interactive online where you can buy "map packs", and play cooperatively with up to four players. Honestly, my biggest complaint was while playing online. Having to buy additional content to join games became frustrating over time and when online, one is subject to hackers. It was very nice to be able to play a two player Co-Op campaign since at times, I didn't have LIVE.

Latest Call of Duty Series Games for the Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox 360
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox 360

Nearly all of the latest Xbox One games like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare are being released for the Xbox 360 as well.

GTA IV Xbox 360
GTA IV Xbox 360

#9 Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360

In a different world, with a different timeline, # 9 on our list will leave you entertained for hours. The game follows Niko Bellic who comes to America in search of the "American Dream" However, fate has a different story for you Niko; immersed in the world of crime and corruption, the dream is lost. With 15 modes of play available, you will have plenty to do. I really liked all the different things that kept me busy in this game: the side missions sometimes take days to accomplish as you wait for more information, but in the meantime, there is even more to do.

2 Possible Endings:

Differently than some other games we've mentioned thus far, Grand Theft IV gives you two endings. The first to choose from is Deal, this leads you into a spiral of bad decisions and leaves wondering for about about your soul. Revenge, the second option, depicts Niko getting a chance for his own sweet vengeance. Something that was a bit disappointing about this game was the controls; they were not nearly as sensitive as in other versions of GTA. I did notice quite a few glitches as well, but it wasn't ever anything that interfered much during play.

Latest Grand Theft Auto Games

Xbox 360 Fable II.jpg
Xbox 360 Fable II.jpg

#8 Fable II

Next up is the 8th game we are discussing and also a bestselling XBOX 360 game. Fable II is a story that picks up 500 years after the end of the first. Set in Albion, your player can be either male or female in a world where large castles and estates have taken the place of smaller towns. The Heroes' Guild has disbanded and the world is in a state of safety and stability. Descendants of the Heroes are being found and are being encouraged to combine their powers to overthrow the current evil, Lucien.

Less Locations, More to Do:

There are actually less places to go than in the first game. However, everywhere that this game takes you has much more detail to keep you entertained. The old flavors and religions of medieval Albion have been replaced by modern ideas involving philosophy and science; I love how there are different twists because of it! I liked playing a kind of "Monopoly" with being able to purchase buildings that took me on different quests. I was not a fan of the graphics however, they really could be better. Some people claim the game to be boring; however, if you pay attention to the storyline, it is very entertaining. This game does only have one ending, regardless of your choices throughout the game. Overall, it is entertaining and very immersive.

Top Rated RPG Games for the Xbox 360 in 2014 - 2015

Fable Anniversary
Fable Anniversary

Released in early 2014, Fable Anniversary brings back the Nostalgia.

Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 - Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 - Modern Warfare

#7 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Sgt. John MacTavish stars in this 7th most popular game - Call of Duty 4. He trains to raid a cargo ship and during the mission, they try to find a nuclear device on board. Things go badly and the ship is fired upon and starts to sink, though it is not a bust; they have the cargo manifest that provides more evidence that they need. With all the good, bad and ugly of war, this game will have you feeling the hero by the end.

Team and Deathmatch Modes:

There are multiplayer modes on various maps for team, and deathmatch, playing. I like that Sudden Death mode kicks in when the points are even. You must be the last man standing or complete the objective to win the round. I love how this game features a more modern feel. There are three different ways your character can be positioned, the equipment is more up to date and the killstreaks are amazing. I still prefer the campaign mode though. I did not like that this game too, has a linear timeline but playing is still very entertaining.

Best FPS Games Ever for Xbox 360

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

Amazing game and on sale for $12.

Xbox 360 Halo Reach
Xbox 360 Halo Reach

#6 Halo: Reach - Exclusively for the Xbox 360

This game is astounding! As #6 on my list, you become a part of "Noble Team" that is comprised of elite soldiers who are dispatched when communications have gone down.

Better Equipment:

A great upgrade to this game, from its predecessors, is the fact that instead of carrying single use equipment power-ups that only give you temporary gain, you now have reusable and persistent abilities for your armor that will remain with you until you replace them. I love the jet pack and the active camouflage features myself. I did notice that some of the accents were hard to understand and without the appropriate subtitles, it can be difficult to discern what is said. My biggest complaint is that the game ends way too early; I do feel it could be improved by having longer missions. I was not so much a fan of the multi-player option because it seemed about the same from Halo 3. However, the graphics are really good this time around.

Latest Xbox 360 Games from the Halo Series

Halo 4 - Xbox 360 (Standard Game)
Halo 4 - Xbox 360 (Standard Game)

Release Date: November 6, 2012

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

#5 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

The eighth game for Mortal Kombat, and #5 on our list, this one adds a twist - your favorite characters can fight your favorite comic characters! Superman and Raiden both repel attacks to their own respective worlds at the same time. These combined events, in different Universes, end up creating a mix of MK and DC villains by the names of Shao Kahn and Darkseid. If things are allowed to continue, then both universes will merge and be destroyed.

Different Gameplay with Different Perspectives:

Because you are playing from the side of DC Universe and Mortal Kombat, there are many different chapters to experience. The graphics are about average on this game, and I liked having new moves to learn. It seems the gore was toned down for the game to be rated T, but without the gore at the end, fatalities are boring. The controls are easier to use than in the last MK game and the list of characters is quite diverse.

Best Fighting Games for Xbox 360 2014

PGR4 for Xbox 360
PGR4 for Xbox 360

#4 PGR4: Project Gotham Racing 4

As a racing game, there isn't much to dissect. But we can still discuss how awesome this game is at #4 on our list. The biggest difference in this game is the weather. It can change from sunshine to sleet to ice, all within a single race. Something I thought that was innovative and fun, is the way that LIVE will download current weather data so you can have game weather conditions like that you see out your window! This version has many of the same tracks in the previous installment but also five more to keep you on your toes.

More Interactive Racing:

Bulldog is the online game mode you can now use to play with other live opponents. You can also race on behalf of a certain country and have your statistics averaged and added to the total of your country's score. With 57 songs to listen to as you race around curves and cliffs, you are sure to feel exhilarated. I loved the selection of cars and the virtual garage is nice to use; the more you progress, the more garages you get to park in, take pictures in and look at other players pictures. Not a necessity, but fun nonetheless.

Best Racing Games for Xbox 360 2013 - 2014

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog

#3 Sonic the Hedgehog Series for Xbox 360

What Best Games of All Time list would be complete without Sonic the Hedgehog? At #3, this very classic game can still be enjoyed by fans everywhere. The evil Doctor Eggman has nefarious plans to steal objects of immense power. Sonic must protect the Princess and the artifacts as well as he can while he is taken on adventures throughout the world of Soleanna. In the end, good triumphs over evil; as long as you play to the end!

Downloadable Extensions:

Many extensions have been released that will enhance single player gameplay. One of these is Very Hard mode which makes your job a lot more difficult. Another is Boss Attack which lets you play all the bosses you want in as many battles as you want. A drawback to this game is the controls; they can be hard to handle but once you get the hang of it, it should be fine. This is not one of the most highly dramatic, intense or top notch games on the market, but Sonic is a classic and will stay that way.

Latest from the Sonic the Hedgehog Series for Xbox 360

Super Street Fighter IV Xbox 360
Super Street Fighter IV Xbox 360

#2 Street Fighter 4

Coming in at #2, Street Fighter 4 has graphics that are artistic and nice to look at. Fighting games have been very popular, and besides Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter is an old school fighting game from when video games first came out. I love that the story continues. Sometimes it seemed that the requirements to unlock a few of the characters were very tough to meet. The character list is quite big and very fun to choose from. The new moves were exciting to learn and there are many different combos to learn.

Challenging Boss and Secret Opponents:

To throw something in the mix, you have a very difficult boss at the end. Some people have found this to be a drawback to the game. I however, find it to be a great challenge; and it means that it will take me longer to finish. With all these secret characters, there are actually 19 to choose from in all. I did find that the controls were not as responsive as I would have liked and some of the movements of the computer characters were repetitive.

Xbox 360 Rock Band
Xbox 360 Rock Band

#1 Rock Band

My number 1 pick is almost as iconic as the bands in it. What person hasn't wanted to experience being a rock star for just a moment? With this game, you can alternate between instruments so you can see where you really shine. You and three other players can rock out like never before. Choose between lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals. You are scored by how well you can match notes while playing the instruments. I do like how I can play both offline and online with multi-player capabilities. You have the option to play solo or in a band; this way you don't have to wait for others to join you in the fun. I liked the Career section which lets me create my rocker and go on tour.

Not Just Pop Songs:

The song list is very good with classics that actually surprised me. With music from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi and The Who, the list is eclectic enough to keep a person entertained. There are a total of 58 playable tracks on this game. The best feature in my opinion is the ability to download songs and track packs to increase your playlists; you aren't stuck with what the developers designed initially and you can expand on it!

New from the Rock Band Series for Xbox 360 2013 - 2014

Xbox 360 Games Poll

The above is just my list. I want to know what you think. Vote for your favorite below.

What's the best Xbox 360 Game ever?

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