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Why Car Racing Games are Getting Popularity on iPhone

Updated on February 9, 2012

Importance of 10 Great Car Racing Games on iPhone

In 2003 smartphones appeared in the market for the first time. At that time Nokia was the leaser in smartphone or mobile phones market and there is no doubt in that. Still Nokia has got their market but first time once a movie clip was shown on the mobile, it really proved as a shock for us. Although it was a pleasant shock but since we used only cell phones for messaging, therefore it had to give us a little bit of surprise.

I do not remember the exact dates with occasions but all this happened in early last decade. Now Apple with iPhone appeared on the scene but till that time we had seen a lot of developments and did not pay much attention on it. However by 2009 iPhone was seen with every other person. I was personally a console game till that time but once I saw Need for Speed game for the first time on iPhone maybe in 2008, it gave me another pleasant shock. I immediately grabbed a personal phone for my use and started playing on it.

Now there were many other games released for previous smartphone versions as well but this one had to grab my real attention. You know how one could feel playing a racing game on mobile phone with out using any controls. Already the touchscreen of iPhone had a lot of attraction but gaming like this, means just controlling the car by mere tilting of cell phone was an amazing experience for everyone.

Later on, Apple App Store was loaded with a large number of apps which we cannot even count. Most of the times iPhone, iPod and even iPads are used only for playing games. Many people just purchase latest versions of iPhone just to enjoy games in better graphics. Initially the mobile games were of comparatively smaller in size as compared to PC, PS or Xbox bur now most of the games have unique features.

Online multiplayer gaming has also provided a great new dimension to iPhone users and this is going to improve in times to come. I can foresee that in next couple of years there maybe no requirement of heavy computers or Laptops especially for gaming purposes. With invasion of such a superior technology, Tablets will be incorporated more than what we see these days. Specialized gaming consoles will take few more years to vanish away but I do not foresee any computers by the start of next decade.

This was the base story, now coming over to iPhone racing games, for those who are in search of some kind of comparison must understand that they are going to enjoy a lot with selected games. As we see on PC or consoles some of the games do no attract your attention at all, similarly, you will also notice that many games on iPhone may not be able to make a good score. I have made a list of Top 10 Racing Games for iPhone All Time Hits which can be surely of any help for those who want to switch over their style of games.


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    • SandyMcCollum profile image

      SandyMcCollum 5 years ago

      Another great article, thanks!