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Top Best Nintendo 64 Games

Updated on February 17, 2014

In this lens i will talk about the games from what i would consider the best console to exist so far, iam of course talking about the old Nintendo 64.

The games i have picked are considered by alot of people to be the best of the best even games that may have had bad reviews are backed up by fans so had to be added to this list.

Also this list is in no particular order just thought id let you know before i start getting emails complaining about how crazy i am to put this game rated higer then that one.

Also alot of the games in this list are chosen by me so its my opinion that they make it into this special list of best Nintendo 64 games.

Hope you guys really enjoy this list of fantastic games i have put together for you and seriously if you havent brought these games or played them i really recommend you buy a copy now and if you dont own a nintendo 64 go buy one now so you can get started playing these awesome games i am about to tell you guys about.

If you havent done so already get youself an N64 machine

Lego Racers

LEGO Racers as fun gameplay interesting racing and the frustration when using the Lego construction system lol you know what

iam talking about.

Lego blocks are the little toy building pieces that can be connected to form just about anything you can dream up.

Be it space ships, boats, service stations, or undersea cities, the only limiting factor to what you can build is your own

imagination and err bricks, So its cool that the games trys to intregrate this into its racing world.

Interesting half lego tracks make this game something even the most hardcore Lego Maniac should be craving to play.

Lego Racers is just like most of the other go-cart racing games out there but with the added twist of it being lego and

common you got to love the lego lol.

First you pick a car, Then you race around the track, Along the way you'll explore through classic Lego sets such as the

moon or a giant castle you'll even get to use wacky power-ups such as the warp-speed booster or grappling hook both very

cool items to use.

The biggest draw of this game has to be that it gives you the ability to build your own racing cars That's right if playing

with Lego bricks in real life isn't good enough you can pick up an N64 controller and build cars in the electronic world of

Lego Racers but because of the unfriendly construction system, you'll soon find that building stuff is much easier in person

of course but you still got to hand it to them for trying to make this a reality you're better off just sticking with your

own legos peices.

Everything you would expect from a cart game is here you can race a grand-prix style race, a player vs mode, a time-trial

mode, and a practice mode.

You'll have to beat the different levels in the grand-prix mode before unlocking them in other modes.

Things are pretty blocky in the Lego universe and that shows here Environments, characters, vehicles, and other oddities all

share the same graphical ties to the toy blocks however some of the backgrounds and tracks themselfs retain a somewhat a real

look to them making it easier to tell where you should be driving and making it look like lego was build and placed in the

area by a person.

The graphical look of the track design is innovative and cute with tracks ranging from inside an active volcano to a dark


The music in Lego Racers isnt to bad and the sound effects are ok as well.

All the Lego Racers handle like bricks on wheels as you would expect they seem to meander down the track knocking into

whatever gets in their way.

The power-up system, Power-ups are divided into four categories each represented by a colored Lego block that you run into

as you race.

Other power-ups represented by a white block magnify your current power-up.

The object is to collect several white blocks get the power-up you wish to use, and then use it, however your power-up

changes as you run into different blocks so you're constantly swerving to avoid the wrong power-up once you've obtained

the right one.

Id say from playing the game the best of the power-ups is the warp booster its also fun to use hehe.

Sometimes it seems the computer-controlled characters seem to have no limit to their power-up supply making some later parts

difficult lol the trick well.... hehe its easier to stay in second place and warp your way into the lead and across the

finish line at the last few seconds.

Since the popularity of Super Mario Kart on the SNES it seems as though companies are rushing to slap their brands or mascots

on racing carts of their own.

Unfortunately few of the cart games that have appeared on shelves since the genre exploded havent reached the level of Super

Mario Kart and Lego Racers doesn't come close but still translates into an interesting fun package.

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

The physics of the game really make jumping, driving, and pulling off big stunts a real blast.

Hot Wheels were meant to be taken out of their packaging, pushed around, wrecked, and driven off makeshift cliffs that

consisted of your couch cushions and furtinure that you mum keeps telling you to stay away from being a hot Wheels minor collecter i know what iam talking about lol.

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing captures the look and feel of those popular little cars and manages to deliver a surprisingly excellent gaming experience along the way, heck even some of my hotwheels look almost the same as the ones on screen.

At first glance it's easy to dismiss Hot Wheels Turbo Racing as just another racing game It's got the standard options like car and track select, a practice mode, and some championship races, but i tell you the tracks are what make it so different.

The cars are of course all modeled after real-life Hot Wheels cars from the past and present the tracks are filled with lots of tight twists and turns, as well as some loops and corkscrews thrown in for good measure and on top of that, a good

portion of the road on these tracks actually look like actual Hot Wheels track pieces plus the tracks have been designed

with lots of big jumps and hidden shortcuts to help keep things interesting just like the adverts hey.

The big jumps aren't just for show either not that there would be anything wrong with that, when you catch air you can pull all kinds of crazy stunts and of course the better the stunts the more turbo boosts you earn, not really my kind of thing but the gameplay is too good to pass out on this, id say its good that it wasnt made a huge focus of the game so pulling simple stunds are good enough which in my book is good because it suits better for all players to get stuck in but if that your thing there are more stunt-oriented cars so you can do all kinds of helicopter spins, barrel rolls, and back flips.

Like in most games combining the three types of spins in the same stunt is where you really start to earn lots of turbo power.

Graphically Hot Wheels Turbo Racing puts on a decent show and it runs at a very fast speed no not like F-Zero-X but the graphics are mostly clean which is good compared to some other games.

The sound effects are filled with all types of tire squeals, engines, and explosions but the music in there is a really nice touch.

The soundtrack features songs by Primus, Mix Master Mike, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Reverend Horton Heat.

It's a shame that many will underestimate Hot Wheels Turbo Racing just because it's got the toy-car license attached to it and of course the graphics look a little outdate at first but the driving is great and the stunt aspect of the game gives it a skateboard-like feel with abit of F-Zero-X but no fear iam here to tell you its good so go play it.

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing


You may have heard of Ubi Soft's S.C.A.R.S or in other words Super Computer Animal Racing Simulation, preaty cool huh?

It was out before you could play in on the nintendo 64 for the Sony PlayStation 1 it i guess is considered a futuristic

racing game that melded the gameplay concepts of Psygnosis's Wipeout XL and Nintendo's Super Mario Kart together bringing

S.C.A.R.S. which i consider to be more of a kart racing game with of course a few twists.

It was a surprisingly fun combat racer on the system the back story is basically virtual reality racing in animal-themed cars

circa the year 3000 the game at first offers five animal cars mammoth, lion, rhino, shark, and the mantis each of them

varying in degrees of speed, armor, grip, and weapons of course.

If you want to go for speed, you use the speedy mantis or shark grr that Skark can be annoying anyway while if you'd rather

shoot your way through the competition there's the heavily armored and weaponed mammoth or rhino.

The title's grand prix mode is composed of three main cups good for at least several races each and a customizable cup that

can be set for up to eight races which can also be played with your mates you can replay your fav tracks alot more this was

also for me it as to be the snow racetrack.

The challenge mode has you race against one of four extra rides scorpion, cheetah, cobra, and panther that become playable

only once you've beaten them which is far from easy they don't call it challenge mode for nothing but trust me all the rides

are cool expecially the Scorpion and the crazy fast Panther wow is it fast.

The earlier reference to Wipeout XL pertains mostly to S.C.A.R.S futuristic theme and color palette but thats about it really

like i said i whould say the gameplay has more in common with Mario Kart with all the power-sliding around corners and the

same goes for the power-ups and weapons system along with turbos on the floor or zippers if you like they are similar

to both with numerous and varied icon-based items spread all over the tracks for you to pick up and play with.

The standard missiles, shields, and turbos are present with the more imaginative magnet it freezes drivers in place for a

few grueling seconds, two kinds of energy barriers that have to be leaped over and a cool ticking bomb that gets passed back

and forth from racer to racer like a hot potato always a laugh and a panic expecially when you got two secs to pass in on lol.

Visually S.C.A.R.S. on the N64 is great goodish lighting effects, sharp colors, and a good feeling of speed S.C.A.R.S. is

abit blurry but it may be because of the size of my tv but for its time it was good.

The music also a good hit sounding sub-techno, the game's multiplayer mode could've helped it catch back up by including

additional modes such as a Mario Kart 64 style deathmatch but alas you just get to race up to three other human players

in smaller windows.

S.C.A.R.S. wasn't incredibly deep but offered a lot of good driving/shooting fun and was at least worth checking

out so theres much reason to look this title up over the rapidly growing number of futuristic racers on the N64.

Castlevania 64

Right off the bat when Castlevania 64 came out everybody was already saying let's just hope this doesn't mark the end of

the 2D era of Castlevania games i know i am going to annoy alot of people but i honestly prefer this game to all the other

2D ones, yup its true i know.. i know.. its very bad isnt it i should be telling you guys how horrible this game is right?

Konami's long-running Castlevania series is renowned for its chilling atmosphere, fantastic music, and, most importantly,

superb 2D gameplay, but on the Nintendo 64 for the first time in its illustrious 13-year career at the time, the series is

making yup you guessed it, its jump into 3D!

Yes ok.. fan boys stop screaming at the screen please, of course a jump like that understandably had many fans feeling quite

skeptical but fortunately the development team at KCE Kobe had done an excellent job of making the transition to 3D, actually

they have done an epic job, thank you for bringing in this gem of a game guys, i feel it still stayed true to its series roots.

What can i say overall its a masterpiece N64 Castlevania provides an oddly compelling 3D vampire hunting experience that

any fans of the series should definitely not miss out on, i also think this game is extremelly friendly for newcomers to

enter the castlevania series so if your new and havent played a castlevania game yet start here and it will surely make you

fall in love with it.

Castlevania lets you take the role of either Reinhardt Schneider the latest whip toting member of the Belmont clan and yes i

know i have noticed also, don't ask why he's got a different last name? but owell, or you can play as Carrie Fernandez a

young girl with magical powers and abit of a grudge for the dark forces.

Both characters have their own separate though similar storylines also complete with entirely different endings the cool

thing about the endings is both characters also have more then one ending of course its depending on how well you do in

draculas castle, but wait theres more! a couple of stages are also exclusive to each other's quests so basically each

character will have a few different levels because they chose or were forced to go a different path and trust me you will

want to explore every single part of draculas amazing wondrous castle.

interestingly enough to hard-core Castlevania fans anyway Carrie is a descendant of Sypha Belnades, the 15th century mage

from Castlevania III Unfortunately, Konami didn't bother to keep Carrie's and Sypha's last names consistent in the

translation, thus ruining an otherwise interesting plot point of the game doest make much sense to miss out on that.

Unlike Symphony of the Night with its RPG-like elements and free-roaming gameplay N64 Castlevania plays more like the older

games in the series aside from the obvious fact that the gameworld is now in 3D duh, basically think Zelda yes think Zelda

i kid you not the game is alot like Zelda except the games progression is more linear and what i mean by this sf you can

basically only go one way along like prince of persia for the gamecube.

Each character has two weapons they can use main weapons that can be powered up twice and a subweapon.

The typical trademark special weapons are back the knife, ax, holy water, and cross and i got to say my fav is the cross

they are cool useful and also preaty effective in most cases anyway as far as other items go there are only a few that you

can collect during the game and most of which are of the healing type items like for example chicken.

While the game does feature a real-time clock function again think Zelda except in this game it doesn't factor in to

gameplay nearly as much as you'd hoped i think maybe during the night there could of been vampires hunting you or monsters

became stronger and then maybe during the day things could get calmer less enemies but you would have to bewere because you

never know where frankenstein and the nasty chain saw could be hidding.

Another idea could of been a boss or two that gets stun by the light, saying that there are only a couple of puzzles that

rely on the time of day and they should hardly cause you trouble figuring out.

There are a few other thought-provoking puzzles in the game similar in style to the ones found in Resident Evil but

otherwise most of the emphasis has been placed on well-timed jumps and very good old school platform style gameplay very

welcome indeed not to mention its tons of fun hmmm unless your not a very good gamer ok so some of these jumps can be

rather frustrating if you're not careful with the controls but it's nothing any old-school NES Castlevania fan won't be

able to handle.

Each of the game's 12-plus stages are quiet big a couple of the more complex ones would've benefited it but then again alot

of people aready say the game could of done with an in-game map like in the Forest of Silence but for me mainly the dam

Tunnel level is confusing sometimes but on the whole the level designs are very nicely done.

The graphics very nice and varied with a good use of textures and very little fogging which seems to be used for the

atmosphere more than anything else.

The lighting is really impressive too the games camera can be off sometimes but rarely all things considered it's not that

bad at all theres also some lovely high-risk areas and fast-paced battles to deal with but mostly very enjoyable stuff.

Despite its very minor flaws (heck iam finding it very hard to write anything bad about) Castlevania definitely excels

compared to alot of other games on the nintendo 64 it deserves to be in this list with no doubts at all.

The developers have done a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere and spirit of the series i think, heck i think its

better then the other castlevanias sorry guys, it provides a well-balanced challenging gameplay experience that's filled with

pretty visuals, awesome music, plenty of little secrets, and some cool bosses.

I also love meeting the very strange and wonderful characters along the way the old man in the mansion left me confused for

some time but so did the beautfiful Rosa and why do demons need money in hell? or should i be asking the strange salesman

what on earth is he or any of these characters doing so deep in draculas wondrous castle how are they even alive?

Bomberman hero

Bomberman Hero as got to be the best bomberman game ever to be released once again it places our bombastic buddy in the role

of a platform protagonist.

At the time Hudson Soft's had been on a roll with its Bomberman franchise first it was Saturn Bomberman then it was

the rendered/isometric Bomberman World on the PlayStation followed by Bomberman 64 which i highly recommed if you like crazy

funny multiplayer action and the single player was also quiet good then honestly get Bomberman 64 but more on that some

other time hint hint.. oh and there was also Bomberman Fight for the Saturn and Bomberman Wars for the PlayStation and saturn.

So Hudson's was back again with yet another game featuring its explosive mascot for this time the N64 and yea it was preaty

much the best single player Bomberman game released maybe even up to this day.

Making its appearance surprisingly soon after the release of Bomberman 64 i honestly think they should of gave it more time

but heck the game is came out bloody good so cant really complain eh.

Your duty is to rescue the Princess sounds familiar right? Well basically a ship that looks abit like the death star seems

to be blowing up all the planets in the nebular system the princess escapes her home planet to try and warn our hero of whats

going on but still manages to get captured and really the rest of whats going on reveals its self slowly near the beginning

of the game.

Bomberman Hero spans five distinct worlds separated into sections each designed to test your platforming abilities.

Despite the plotline not being super amazing Bomberman Hero is a rather surprising success compared to Bomberman 64 trust me

you have not experienced bomberman like this before.

Bomberman Hero boasts a number of new gameplay features that make this a completely new Bomberman game in a move that will

shock and perhaps even alienate hard-core Bomberman fans but trust me fan boys i was very happy with how this turned out.

Bomberman Hero has absolutely no multiplayer feature and after Bomberman 64's amazing little fun four player battles that

might not of been a good idea to wipe it from the game i honestly think they should of keeped it.

Instead they could of just made a few more levels maybe added a few things from the single player mode to keep it exciting

even if they just added %40 of the new features it would of made a huge difference to the multiplayer mode that iam sure

people wouldn't be able to complain about how its exactly the same thing from the last game so guys where is it? whats happend!?

For those not so concerned with Bomberman's legacy they get a solid if not original platformer to wrestle with if anything

it almost comes off as a cross between Sonic 3D Blast and Crash Bandicoot 2 as it turns out Bomberman Hero is one part

platformer and one part adventure game and with it comes a host of new moves to help Bomberman save the Queen.

For instance Bomberman can now jump, in addition to jumping he can also grab and hang from ledges which comes in handy after

a badly timed jump or an unfortunate fall off a cliff.

Bomberman also now as a life bar so no more one-hit deaths during the course of the game a number of levels will appear

requiring Bomberman to utilize special attachments suited to the stage at hand these devices include the BomberCopter which

is like them old games where you go around in a plane or copter blowing things up, the BomberJet which is abit like playing

starfox, the BomberMarine is for the underwater levels abit like the jet really but just underwater, and the BomberSlider is

abit like a bourd, as well as an appearance by Lui the Kangaroo each has its own feel and style of control so very awesome

stuff and alot of variety.

Nevertheless it wouldn't be Bomberman if he wasn't throwing bombs around everywhere infact he throws all kinds of bombs first

in addition to merely throwing bombs you can increase the amount of bombs he throwns, up to four now as well as the diameter

of the explosion for the intrepid explorer, various power-ups are now waiting to be used, such as the remote bomb, freeze

bomb, salt bomb for slugs, and the power glove.

Depending on the enemy and its elevation Bomberman will be required to either throw or kick the bombs at his foe In a

situation where more than one enemy approaches him bomberman can now by holding down the attack button slowly begin to wind

up his arm until it resembles a windmill and then by releasing the botton he will throw up to four bombs in a single throw

it's this sort of variety of new features that refreshes and invigorates what would have been maybe stale gameplay for the

nintendo 64.

How many people wish that Mega Man could just simply duck lol?

Visually Bomberman Hero is everything you could expect it to be and more all platformers should look this good.

Bomberman himself is fully rendered in polygons and animated beautifully as are the numerous enemies and boss characters.

The backgrounds have been thoughtfully designed and are solidly constructed, glitch-free, and graphically lush.

Even explosions look better as shock waves litter the screen with each bomb thrown.

Hudson Soft has managed to create a crisp and vibrant world saturated with detail and gorgeous effects all while avoiding

the overly blurry look associated with most N64 games nope everything is sharp.

Cutscenes which reveal the storyline have a hi-res look to them that complements the game nicely the expressions on

Bomberman's face are worth the price of the admission theres so much more feeling here compared to other bomberman games.

Musically Bomberman Hero's soundtrack is great one even found from the Saturn, Bomberman as a mix of assorted techno and

drum n bass tracks that give the game a more action felling to it almost james bond style the sound effects are also well


Unfortunately even with a game that does as many things right as Bomberman Hero theres still bound to be your typical

minor problems camera controls unlike Bomberman 64 cannot be rotated 360 degrees its not really a big deal but Instead

Bomberman Hero uses a fixed camera position which can annoy some people it can be tilted slightly the camera angle also

presents some mild problems in aligning platform jumps this can be tricky when jumping onto a moving platform when coupled

with the sensitive analog controls but really there are only a few locations where this could cause any big problems.

Most of the games minor technical issues tend to disappear once you learn to compensate and fully engage yourself into the

game again i cant really find anything to complain about for this sort of game.

In the end what Hudson Soft has come up with this time is truly a blessing, fact Bomberman Hero is an above the average

platform game you'll have a pretty good time playing it.

It's good looking easy to play and satisfying and who doesn't get a kick out of blowing up everything?

Add to that the fact that Bomberman just looks so cool in 3D and that it all looks very action adventure style we have a

winner game here that needs to be on the list.

However it would be nice to know when such a great bomberman game will next be released still waiting guys.

Yoshis Story

It's probably unfair to try to compare this title with Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island but yoshis

story was the company's last and fantastic 2D game into the wonderful world of Mario.

It's like wise also wrongful to expect every successive game that appears from under master designer Shigeru Miyamoto's wing

to be even be more impressive than the last especially since he left this one to his right-hand man Takashi Tezuka, to act

as the main producer but With that said and done taken to heart and judged on its own merits Nintendo's Yoshi's Story still

comes off as a great experience indeed but yes Yoshis Island seemed ahead of its time.

To back up abit here's how it works you begin the game as one of six different colored Yoshis for the uninitiated they

kind of resemble a version of a velociraptor which represents the dwindling number of lives you're provided to complete the


As the cute creatures you use the skills you're given to track down and gobble up 30 pieces of Super Happy Tree Fruit in at

least six of the 24 levels to win the game.

Luckily the Yoshis are quite adept at many maneuvers considering they were just born they are very skilled at running,

jumping, stomping, chomping, egg tossing, and even sniffing out clues leading to the location of hidden items.

But the game's not all about eating the first bits of produce that happens to be in your way since lining up a string of the

same items provides score bonuses and even more if they are specials, these more worthy bites are the fruits that match up to

the color of the Yoshi you're currently using.

As i said before the specials of the day is whatever item was chosen in the game's slot machine like-thing in the opening

sequence of the level either it will give your Yoshi more life or points than normal dont think thats explained in the game

so get the manuel out lol.

The gameplay is your average running, jumping, and bopping seen in any number of previous Nintendo 2D side-scrolling games

so nothing should be missing except some people say yoshis story is easier then the older games this may be true but i still

think there are a few parts that will make you sweat.

The graphics of the six differently themed pages water, castle, green, cavern, clouds, and ice are very impressive however

except for a few special effects and eye-candy backgrounds it appears as if the game could've been created for the SNES it

should of added more details even if it is from a book i think more details like think for example Kirby 64 i do think

nintendo could of pushed it abit more but i reckon they wanted to give it the old School snes look but it just gave the vibe

that nintendo couldnt be quiet bothered but iam sure if nintendo wanted to they would of made it that way i guess they were

trying for the snes look but it didnt quiet work out and people got the wrong idea.

The value of Yoshi's Story is somewhat of a sticky issue as the game might at first appear to be very short but further

investigation will reveal that there's a little more to it for hard-core gamers this comes in the form of three hidden hearts

in each of the 24 levels and id say without some sort of game guide it would be preatty dam hard to find these hearts it

could take almost a solid week of eight-hours a day to find them all lol you realize it's the same trick over and over find

a piece of fruit then find a heart then find a piece of fruit then find a heart so this can be preaty good if you like replay

value and enjoyd the game and want alot more out of it, its there as an option so good stuff nintendo.

The slight changes that Nintendo made to the game from the Japanese version such as an increase in difficulty and the

addition of letters that you must collect for the best ending didn't really seem to make to much of an improve to the overall

game but however i guess iam glad these things are in the game as it gives you more to work with.

Alot of people seem to forget that the music in yoshis story is really nice lots of little tunes to hum along with but

expecialy the main theme seems to capture alot of people and have them humming to it, the sounds are your typical cute yoshi

sounds that you would expect so overall the music and sound are great just dont expect nothing more or nothing less just

think yoshi.

In the end Yoshi's Story is good for those of you who miss the good old nintendo titles from the snes yes hands up its not

as good but its all you had really and thats why its on this list trust me if i could put yoshis island here i would.

Yoshis Story

Gex Enter the Gecko

Gex on the N64!!

While the game is technically proficient the speech funny and the camera problems can make Gex frustrating its still one of

the best titles out on the nintendo 64.

The original Gex was a 2D side scroller that puts players in the shoes of a wise-cracking gecko who hopped around from

platform to platform making funny sitcom references along the way, but this sequel drops Gex into a Mario 64 type of game

i guess you guys can already tell why its a great game yes before you start to complain i know dam well that mario 64 was a

far superior game but if you completed that you should definitely check this game or castlevania.

The game starts by clueing you in to what Gex has been up to since defeating Rez mostly sitting around and watching lots of

TV but like any good video game villain Rez isn't done quite yet the government ask Gex to go back and defeat Rez but Gex

isnt stupid and makes a smart move and gets them to toss him a pile of cash next thing you know gex is in the cartoon channel

maybe not the best world to have started the game with to show off how good it really is as it kinda of makes the game look

slightly too silly to begin with so anyway thats what sets the scene for Gex's new adventure.

The graphics and frame rate in Gex 2 are quite good it's about as close to Mario 64.

The worlds are big and fairly nonlinear which leads to more than a little confusion as you wander the halls of haunted

mansions, jump down rabbit holes, and bounce around the circuitry of a computer but to be honesty mainly its all good fun

exploring these cool worlds especially then mansions.

The sound effects are pretty good but the speech at the beggining sounds a little silly it may be to do with what version you

own, the things gex says are normaly funny but if you heard them tons of times then it may get annoying after a while in my

case i always enjoyed what he had to say.

The game also plays quite a bit like Mario 64 each level has a number of remotes basically kinda like the stars, also like

mario 64 you get a clue to finding the remote and you set out to find the remote described in the clue.

There are also hidden remotes as well as a remote that is won by getting enough coin-like items in each world, certain worlds

of course require you to have a certain number of remotes before you can enter them which to me makes sense.

Gex Enter the Gecko could of been a better game they certainly jacked enough concepts from Mario 64 to warrant a good game

the atmosphere and the gameplay brings it to life sure it takes alot from mario and other platformers but i think its got

enough to make you want to play it and enjoy it especially if you did complete mario 64 and after more fun platforming sure

theres other good ones out there like banjo but honestly guys you should give this one a go also.

Pokemon Stadium

If you're after a little more storyline then on the gameboy and more realistic RPG battling which is what alot of people were

hoping for with pokemon Stadium then unfortunately it can come off as a bit of a disappointment and the pokemon still dont

psychically fight like you see in the animated cartoons i have even heard many fans say they would of prefered maybe a choice

of only 50 or even just 15 pokemon if they made the battles more realistic even a super smash bros type of game would of

probably been better received, i still think to this day fans are waiting for that sort of game to be available.

Nintendo really does have just about all the possible Pokemon angles covered for you, you can play the card game train the

creatures to fight on your Game Boy watch the movie or the TV show and even snap their pictures until your satisfied but come

home Pokemon Stadium it doesn't really bring any new Pokemon activities to the table it offers gameplay that feels scaled down

and oversimplified but the reason for this is mainly because peoples expectations of what the game was meant to be is totatly

different to the product delivered of course thats not to say this is a rubbish game after all its in this list for a reason.

When compared with the original Game Boy games the looks of the battles are definitely a huge step up we just expected it

to have gone even futher then this but maybe we did expect too much to quickly, so if you consider this a baby step then your

onto a really good game.

The main hook to Pokemon Stadium is the GB Transfer Pak which ships with the game, the transfer pak fits into under your N64

controller and has a slot for the Game Boy carts you are then offered an interface that lets you take the Pokemon you captured

and raised in your very own Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow cartriges and place them, their stats and moves onto the N64 yes i

am not joking you really can do this and once you've done this it's off to the arena where you can actually get to see your

very own pokemons that you took so long to capture and raise in the glory of full 3d and that really got the fans excited.

So you take your pokemon with you, with your chosen moves from the gameboy so hope you picked wisely, to the main pokemon

stadium were you can enter one of four tournaments and each is broken up into level brackets.

In each tournament you are put up against eight trainers and each of these trainers possesses one of the eight Pokemon League

badges if your Pokemon manage to come out on top you move a step up in the league basically to the next round if you lose

you'll have to use a continue which you dont get many of and if you wish you can also set up multiplayer tournaments.

Multiplayer tournaments is when you and a mate pick a team of pokemon and battle it out this for alot of people was tons of

fun as you could pick almost any pokemon you wanted and battled it out with a mate you could ritually do it for hours.

So this is what alot of fans didnt want how the fighting works people wanted to experience free roaming battles in the

stadium which i think would probably turn out to be the best pokemon game ever but instead the battles are turn-based handled

in the classic RPG style just as the Game Boy Pokemon games were before a round each combatant picks the attacks he's going

to go with or decides if he's going to recall his current Pokemon in favor of another.

Just like on the gameboy each Pokemon and its attacks are given types which are used to determine a certain Pokemon's

strengths and weaknesses bringing a bit of the rock-paper-scissors type of strategy to the proceedings, so is all this a

bad thing? heck no! You do it on the gameboy so why whould it make a difference doing it with better graphics like i said its

a huge step up some of the moves are such a joy to watch unfortunatly like i said what we really wanted was free roaming

(real time) battles thats what people expected on the N64 i guess because we all know it could deliver us it they wanted to

battle like they saw in it the cartoons they wanted to have battles where pikachu could still beat an onix if the player was

skilled enough and not just stand there and get your assed kick because of the diffent types they are and of course that

would still be taken into considuration but so would speed and agility maybe with certain environments pikachu could still be

a winner just like in the series, and yes its true that the N64 wouldnt be able to accommodate that sort of game for all 152

pokemon but even 50 or 15 would of made alot of people happy.

Actually now i will mention something that i do belive is a shame with the game and that is when you battle anywhere you dont

ever receive any experience for your hard work now i understand that with strict rules in the stadium you can only have

pokemon at certain levels but i honestly think people should of been given the options it would of been nice to say for

example kicking your mates butt at a multiplayer tournament and getting some experience for doing so that i must say is

disapointing that it wasnt included or another idea could of been exp for beating certain cups or gym leaders.

Another thing is i think the pokemon level retrictions didnt have to be so tight i think 10 levels apart in the later stages

wouldnt make much of a different.

Anyway moving on besides the tournaments where fighting is everything there is a small collection of minigames to have fun with

and trust me some of these are definitely dam fun to play they are basically abit like Mario Party minigames theres not

alot of them which is a shame so dont expect this to be he next best party game compared to mario but its still good fun.

What else does the stadium have well there is a mode that actually lets you put your Game Boy Pokemon carts Red, Blue, and

Yellow into the transfer pak and play them on your television yup thats right you can actually play those games now on your

TV big screen this is great for saving on batteries and limiting your eyestrain.

Another thing also is the sticker-printing mode from Pokemon Snap its been carried over to pokemon Stadium you can now put

any Pokemon in any of the arenas backgrounds and snap away until you got a photo you like then take the cart to a

participating Blockbuster Video and print out little Pokemon stickers very cool if you ask me dont see any other games doing

that another reason why this game is on this list i guess.

Overall the Pokemon look great in this game even better than they looked in Pokemon Snap the fighting animation is a little

drab as it sticks to standard RPG conventions meaning that when attacking the Pokemon they will merely step forward and

execute its attack then the opposing Pokemon will go into an attacked animation it would have been nice to see the little

critters actually get more physical while fighting.

The effects for projectile and other magic-style attacks are done very well the sound could of been abit better with some of


Tossing in Pokemon voices from the TV show would of been a no-brainer but alas there is none to be found well except the

announcer he gives the play-by-play of the battle but his speech is unfortunately very limited so you'll be hearing the

same few phrases repeatedly very very often and i will admit that on the odd occasion i did actually turn it off but it made

the battles seem of a lesser scale in addition to that the soundtracks are a little low on the frequency scale making things

seem quiet and dull i guess maybe fiddling with the options could be a good idea but honest guys this isnt really abit deal

as you can see again struggling to come up with anything really bad to say here.

Mario Party

Mario Party is i guess really intended to be played with a group of friends and for those people who can really take

advantage of that this game is really a must buy but honest when i brought this game i didnt intend of it being the fun

mulplayer that it was i started of by playing this game alone and had tons of fun but found it difficult to start of with

there was so many mini games to learn and the computer always seemed to beat me or all be against me but i guess this type of

game was still very new to me but after alot of pratice the frustration started to turn into even more fun, then when i got

my friends round wow what a barrel of laughs.

Mario Party was the first of several Mario games planned for that year that are being created by developers outside of


In this case the developer for mario party was Hudson a company best known for the Bomberman series and boy what a fantastic

job they done here with this first mario party, the others are HAL Systems the creator of the Kirby line which is handling

the Mario fighting game super Smash Brothers and the Hot Shots Golf maker Camelot which is doing of course Mario Golf duh.

Each of the games focus plays to what the developers know best in this case Hudson's knowledge of good multiplayer game

modes gleaned from producing countless incarnations of Bomberman in a seminal party game series also think bomberman 64 the

multiplayer death matches, for the people who say they are rubbish honestly i never had so much fun trying to kill my mates

honest guys get some freinds over learn all the tricks and iam sure youll change your mind.

Super mario a bourd game how the hell did they do that?

Well basically they start by setting up Mario Party as a video game taking on a traditional board game style of rules then

having one to four players compete against each other and have computer opponents come into play if there are fewer than four

humans present.

In these bourd maps instead of reaching to the end the fastest by getting the highest numbers from your dice you will be

competing for coins, stars, and bonus points.

Instead of going the route of Monopoly's little dog and top hat assortment Mario Party does something really cool it offers

each person a handful of Mario characters intead of the traditional game pieces yup thats right instead of a game pieces you

pick characters such as Mario, Yoshi, Wario, Peach, Donkey Kong, and Luigi they are your game pieces.

Then you need to pick a board and each of the title's boards is based on the series as well as others like Donkey Kong he

gets the first stage which is the jungle stage, Yoshi gets the island map, and so on, and each differs in prominent ways

there are all sorts of things going on in these boards its almost like they are alive trust me way more fun then any other

board game i have ever played yup its basically playing a board game on your Tv screen very cool.

Anyway so once you have chosen the characters and board of play you vie for the order of turns you'll proceed through the

game by stopping a rotating number blocks which reappears at the beginning of each turn for each character in play, it

decide how many spaces you'll move yup thats right if you haven guessed it yet its basically their version of throwing the


What you want to mainly hope for is landing on your normal plain spaces as it provides you with a number of coins while

specially marked spaces will draw you into bonus minigames that are needed for much needed coin you are also introduce in

these bourd maps to friendly and unfriendly nonplayer characters such as Toad, Shy Guy, Boo and of course the one you least

want to bump into in a dark alleyway is of course Bowser yes hes in the game also causing lots of trouble he will either

steal coins from you outright or engage you into forced minigames where you don't gain any coins if you win and err if you

lose well many coins will be lost.

So i have now been going on abit and havent even said what the main goal of the game is well its basically to have the

largest total number of stars at the end of the game the player with the most stars will essentially win the game these

needed stars which can be bought along the way from Toad or by paying off a Boo to steal one from one of your opponents but

doing this costs more than twice the regular price of 20 coins but can be much more fun because its so sneaky.

The minigames are Mario Partys main feature and most take advantage of the 3d engine as its not being set on a flat plate of

cardboard so essentially its a 3d game where as most bourd games were all in 2d so a fantastic job here a bourd game as

seriously never been so much dam fun this game is just fantastic especially if you never played anything like it before.

After everybody as had a chance to play roll the dice you enter a round or you enter a mini game by landing on marked spaces on

the board, the games come in various shapes, sizes and even in configurations of every player against each other, two vs two,

or three against one, so yes there are many mini games about 50 in all so if your a mini game fan youll be in heaven here

surprisingly iam not a mini game fan but mario partys mini games are too good to pass up on so if your not a fan honest give

it a go guys.

Some of the the most noteworthy examples are probably the Bobsled Run which is reminiscent of the snow race in Super Mario 64

but with two characters sharing a sled and trying to control in from fallin of at the same time very funny and lots of fun,

Face Lift you try to drag around a mushed face a la Super Mario 64 intro type to the same face pictured in the middle the

closest looking face wins this game it will have you laughing, Mario Bandstand a distant cousin of Parappa the Rapper, Lava

Boardin you race down a collapsing platform on a skateboard jump over obstacles and hoping your fast enough, and Cash

Bash one player is dressed up as Bowser and the others hit him with hammers and steal his coins the poor person in the bowser

suit not fun lol hot rope jump is also tons of fun.

Some are skill based which is normaly my type of mini game while others require button mashing or superb joystick twirling.

After each mini game round the winner or winners gain coins depending on the type of game, while the losers pay out or just

leave with what they came into the game with nothing more nothing less.

Playing with a group of friends makes this game shine there are enough random elements at work that enable huge upsets to

happen about once every other round which continues straight up to the end when bonus stars are given out that can nudge

second or third place players to the forefront, and going after the lead player or teaming up against the computer is

superfun especially when you're trying to garner stars for the collective total get enough and... things happen the same with


Well i guess i need to say something bad here so on the negative side some of the minigames aren't very fun to play either

because of controls or the perspective of the play or you just downright dont like it for whatever reason most people have

different games that they like and dislike it all depends on the person its just like some games can either be your strength

or a weakness which makes the game i think even more fun like for example i know that its rare i can beat one of my mates at

shy guy says but i know i can beat him any time at bumper balls and i know it will be a tough competition between us on hot

rope jump all this makes the game super fun it really does deserve to be on this special list.

Its expected with the 50 odd mini games that some people will find some of then just plain boring but that's to be expected

with the sheer number of games available.

Meanwhile some people find the games that are enjoyable to play in multiplayer mode are nowhere near as good in the

single-player mode id say if you like a mini game you will still enjoy it, it's just that the multiplayer competitive spark

of the screaming and cheering for your friends is what injects life into these little games and without it they're just

maybe not as much fun its completly understable and i agree.

Mario Party is intended to be played with a group of friends and for those people who can really take advantage of that this

the game is without a doubt a must buy but saying that this game is also tons of fun for the less-social gamer honest guys

get this game.


Extreme G is good infact its very good a solid title that stacks up really well in a future environment where every need

and desire is provided, it's no wonder that many simply want to go very very fast and heck maybe shoot each other no

malevolent interplanetary dictator forces drivers to compete for the fate of their world and so i guess you're far from being

an evil psychotic with a twisted mind Acclaim's Extreme G is really just flipping awesome.

Extreme G's developer Probe seems to really know something about packing titles with value you might remember Fox's

Interactive Die Hard Trilogy which had a great shooter game, a gun game, and a driving game all jammed into one title while

this game is clearly only about driving and shooting, Probe as put a few different modes into it, the meat and potatoes of

of Extreme G is of course the racing aspect of it in other words the Extreme Contest you can have one or two players enter

which makes this even tons more fun.

Players when entering can choose from a pool of eight different futuristic bikes all which seem to have hard nut names lol

such as Grimace and Khan and of course things arent that simple each bike is varying in acceleration, top speed, handling

around corners, turning, shield strength, and fixed weapons.

How the game progresses is three tracks open up to each of the four different environments theres desert, city, mines and

canyons, ah and of course the space station but thats a secret, as you qualify if you do well youll get extras such as

alternative gameplay modes like play as a rock or as through a fish-eye lens, case in point, the high performance Roach, all

become available later.

Other modes available for the single player are practice mode once you reach a course in the Extreme Contest it's open for

you to rehearse it all you like, theres time trial basically beat your best times without any explosive distractions lets say

lol, and shoot em up a weapon power-up-filled run yup basically lots of blastic.

Lets take a look at some of the multiplayer options that they include, we have of course head-to-head two to four contenders

compete with the others being computer controlled bikes, cup challenge a racing cup for two to 16 much along the same lines

as Mortal Kombats Trilogy tournament mode, battle arena abit like mario kart i guess two to four players in four different

open environments, and flag game basically a moving target version of Capture the Flag.

All the various multiplayer modes are well worth exploring and taking a look at, personally for me i never took much notice

of these multiplayer mode options as i found just the pure racing to be tons of fun but like i said give them a chance take a

look and you might really enjoy them they all have their own separate merit though the single-player variations don't come

close to the Extreme Contest.

The Extreme Contest can get pretty fast and furious the Extreme G gameplay is much different from similar-looking

racing titles the bikes are firmly planted on the ground giving it that cool heavy feel, for example you must pull up for

jumps and hug the track on dives.

The game is as much about battling opponents as it is about racing giving it a very competitive feel in more ways than one

but to be honest if your a good racer theres a chance you wont need the weapons as often as youd think.

As you move up the different difficulty levels all the bikes get even faster hehe no joke and the enemy vehicles become

smarter and more deadly you have been warned this was showen really well in extreme G 3.

The wide array of inventive and destructive power-ups makes for some strategically minded competitions for instance the

tractor beam will slingshot you past an opponent, the static pulse produces an energy wave that momentarily disables weapons

and reverses the bike's controls which i really dont like reciving, the ion side blast creates a streak of plasma that pours

out the bike's sides to hold opponents at bay love the look of this but wish i could hit more opponents with it, multiple

needle missiles produce a shower of tiny rockets that rain down from above always satisfying to see opponents stop

dead on their tracks when hit by this, and the wally warp can send racers back to an earlier point in the track funny to hit

them but sad when it hits you lol.

In no time you will find yourself hanging onto your turbo boosts its abit like F-Zero-X's boost power except three are

provided in each race, at first you will probably hold on to them until you get stuck in a lurch but as you get better and

make less mistakes you will learn to use them wisely for example in long stretches of track, youll be running for power-ups

to recharge shields and fixed weapons, and discarding unnecessary power-ups for ones more suited to the place in the currunt

race its all in a days work with extreme G.

The lead position can surely be a tough place for you to get to and maintain with an angry horde of seven other racers

bearing down and firing from your rear on you all at once If it's too frustrating theres an option that exists to leave the

weapons off and just drive your best instead, personally i never really had to fiddle with this option as i used mainly my

racing skills to win then i did weapons i also noticed if i left weapons on the computer would battle each other out as you

would expect in a real competition and that often times lead to and advantace for me.

Extreme G has all this gameplay and it's nice to look at too the graphics and level design improve with every track until

the main payoff at the space station courses with Mile-high drops and track-splits meet up with visually intense pulsating

walls and burning lava making the courses both a sight to see and a challenge to drive the music is also fantastic especially

the first track its mainly techno and gives you a great sense of speed, rush and competitive spark the sounds are also really

good but what wins here is the music hands down.

The frame rate still keeps up very well with two players although some slowdown occurs at times when four players compete and

mainly on the last level when doing the Mile high drops but it doesnt really cause a problem in the game its pretty

excusable though since all 12 tracks are available in multiplayer mode its no mean feat so well done to the producers again

hard to write down anything bad about extreme G but ill just mention that sometimes that difficulty may be to hard for some

players but the game is just way to much fun.

All in all Extreme G is a very good solid title that stacks up in both single-player and multiplayer game modes with superb

speed, music and track environments that i recommend you should definitely experience, the handling is also so much better

then most of these other fast paced racers out there and trust me thats another very good reason why this game is so


If you're still starved for titles for your Nintendo 64 here's one of the few that won't leave you feeling upset honest guys

i really recommend this racer go play it now its Extreme Good and Extreme Fun and the Music will have you

Extreme Pumped.

Banjo Kazooie

It doesn't stray too far away from the typical platformer formula but it makes the logical progressions you would expect

Nintendo to make.

A lot of people are writing off Banjo-Kazooie as a Super Mario 64 clone now let's think about this for a bit Mario 64 was a

revolutionary game at its time it redefined what people expected from a platform game big time, Banjo-Kazooie follows in the

footsteps of Mario 64 yes it doesn't stray too far from the formula check.

The storyline is fairly typical Banjo's sister named Tooty has been kidnapped by the evil witch Gruntilda sounds familier


Gruntilda is hoping to use some wacky contraption to steal Tooty's youth it's up to Banjo and Kazooie the grumpy bird that

lives in his backpack to venture into Gruntilda's crazy huge lair and stop the witch before it's too late.

Once you managed the few trials of getting to the lair inside you'll find an insanely huge overworld and nine levels to

contend with and challenge you big time.

Basically Mario's stars have been replaced with jigsaw puzzle pieces these golden "jiggys" as they call them are used to open

each level thats had a piece missing without these the picture frame just like it mario 64 will be missing a part of the

image giving you an incomplete world which cant be accessed.

Coins have now been replaced by musical gold notes you'll need to have a certain number of notes to... gain a life? nope to

proceed throughout the overworld.

Marios red coins have been replaced by birds Jinjos collecting all the birds in a level will give you a jiggy each level

contains ten jiggys, 100 notes, and five Jinjos.

One of the first things you'll notice about Banjo Kazzoie apart from the crazy humour and characters is its size the game is

bigger than Mario 64 and as i said the overworld is huge and the levels are spread pretty far apart usually the puzzle that

opens up a level isn't even near the level's entrance.

The gameplay in Banjo-Kazooie follows Mario but Banjo and his bird have a lot more moves than Mario ever had luckily there

are some great tutorials in the beginning that teach you the basic punching, jumping, and swimming maneuvers and you'll learn

the rest like flying, how to use certain items, etc as you need them Banjo has about 7 different attack moves all together.

Graphically Banjo Kazooie takes it to another level the game maintains the look and feel of Mario 64 but instead of flat

shaded polygons Banjo kazooie uses a lot of textures you think that the amount of texturing and the size of the levels would

slow the game down a lot, but it runs nice and smoothly.

The camera control has remained the same but due to Banjo Kazooies many tight enclosed areas the camera sometimes fails to

show the action from a playable perspective expect to miss a few things that would normally be incredibly obvious due to a

bad angle but this is all rare stuff that you will encounter.

The sound and music are extremelly well done the soundtrack tunes are infectious years later you will still be playing them

in your mind or humming them on your way to work, the funny character voices are very cool you will definitetly be copying

banjo, Bottles or captain blubbers speech and many many more there are so many chararters its crazy all the speech is done

in a Charlie Brown's teacher sort of style.

If you were a fan of Mario 64 then it's pretty apparent that you're going to like Banjo Kazooie also.

Banjo Kazooie may be a Mario clone but that isn't exactly a bad thing in fact it's a pretty good thing and to be honest i

would say that theres alot of things that make banjo a worthy title of its own without being compared to mario especially

in a world filled with mediocre N64 games it's nice to see another truly great game on the system this is one of the best

games on any console guys Banjo is a superb game that i suggest you buy even if you didnt like mario 64 this games different

style and way of looking at things could very well change your mind.

In this game you will definitely find many smooth animations, glittery effects, and over-all awesome level eye-candy.

Yea the controls may take a little while to master but you shouldn't have trouble for anymore than 5 minutes to be honest

they have laid them out much better then other n64 games.

As with most Rare games you may find some parts way too hard it wasn't a walk in the park but think back to the old snes days

the Donkey kong Country games should give you some idea.

Yes it's a classic story that doesn't go too much into depth but makes it fun to play for all ages there could have been more

story scenes aswell which would of made it slightly more interesting but i guess the talking between characters covered that.

The characters are humorous and the levels provide hours of enjoyment this is also a game that you can play time and time

again Banjo Kazooie provides memorable characters and is a great addition to the Nintendo franchise at the time.

There are hours worth of extras to complete if you decide you want to do more than just reach the end of the game this is

because there are vast amounts of collectibles you can go out of your way to collect them providing much challenge and fun.

For its era Banjo Kazooie is a standout game and anyone who played this game when it first came out could appreciate the

effort put into it.

Banjo Kazooie was at the prime of its time and still offers more fun than alot of the newer games coming out today Rare even

made more effort those day then they do now so if you want one of their true masterpieces go get this now.

The Legend of Zelda

Majora's Mask

Ah yes After the great MasterPiece that was Ocarina of time we get Zeldas Majora's Mask this might be the toughest Zelda to

talk about because its so much like ocarina of time yet nothing like it hmmm.

Majora's Mask is a great game no doubt but of course like all games it isn't for everybody.

Originally slated to appear on Nintendo's ill-fated Nintendo 64 disk drive add-on the (64DD) as an ocarina of time side quest

but as we know this never happend as the 64DD was out too late and there wasnt a point shipping it outside Japan sinse soon

the GameCube would be revealed all this aside in the end the main Legend of Zelda storyline eventually made the jump to the

N64's standard cartridge format the idea was to present a new adventure for Link that kept the same basic gameplay and

engine elements as the last Zelda game Ocarina of Time as a result Majora's Mask is about as different as you can possibly

get without changing the core elements that make it a Zelda game so i am not sure if this was part of the plan or nintendo

just lost the plot however it happend iam thankfull for this awesome game.

Majora's Mask opens shortly after the completion of Ocarina of Time Link finally gets back to his youthful self after

defeating Ganon and decides to leave his familiar surroundings not to sure why he does this maybe in search of adventure,

maybe he just wants to get away from everything that happend, maybe like the curious fellow that he is he wanted to explore

a side of the land his not seen before, or the one i most belive in is link was simply exploring further into the lost

woods since it really does seem to hold alot of secrets and thats when all this mess started.

So anyway while riding through the forest something seems to be running along side Link as if something is following him

eventually his ocarina and his horse are stolen by one of those really weird and mysterious Skull Kids.

Link of course being brave gives chase and eventually discovers that the Skull Kid is under the influence of some sort of

weird Mask.

While giving chase link accidentually fall into a treepit a weird place deep within the forest he luckly ends up meeting the

same Skull Kid with the weird mask that he was chasing, the skull kid tells link that the horse he stole from him wasnt

obeying his commands and that hes got rid of her for him, link is of course very angry but before link can do anything the

Skull kids uses hes powerfull powers and turns link into a a helpless Deku scrub link is horrified and chases the Skull kid

in hope of braking his terrible spell.

Link makes it past what looks like some sort of underground mechanism to some sort of machine as he is about to leave Link

meets the happy mask shop owner from ocarina of time for some strange reason he as been following link and seems to know ALOT

about whats going on so many questions arise here but the basics are he promises link he can turn him back to his normal self

if he promises to get the mysterious powerful mask back from the skull kid theres a little more to it but thats basically

your starting struture to the game.

When you start the game you have 72 hours (game time) to find the Skull Kid and return the mask to the wierd shop keeper

after about 2 trials and almost being succesful of your main mission you make a shocking discovery that the Skull kids is

planning to cause the moon to crash into the planet's surface well more specifically first the village of Clock Town.

The skull Kid's plan will come to fruition in three days so it's up to Link to use those 72 hours to stop the Skull Kid's

evil disturbing plan but it will take a lot more than just three days to succeed that's where the Ocarina of Time comes in

once you've managed to retrieved it from the Skull Kid playing the song of time warps you back to the beginning of the three

day period allowing you to save your progress and essentially take as much time as you need to finish the game well kinda.

Well you see turning time back robs you of certain items such as money, arrows, and bombs also any progress you've made in

any of the game's dungeons is reset so you must basically complete a dungeon in atleast the three-day period given very

thankfully one of the later ocarina songs allows you to slows the flow of time it really helps level down the time related

stress but even doing that might not be enough to get everything you want done.

Since you'll be reliving the same 72 hours over and over again you'll eventually know where alot of the important

inhabitants of Clock Town are at most times just because it fun to follow people around for the three days its really cool

because certain conversations happen only on certain days, at certain times during the 3 days the most important item in the

game might very well be the notebook as it keeps track of these people and their habits once you've obtained the book it's

easy to figure out when and where you need to be in order to trigger certain events.

This kinda rings into reality if we could do what link does its amazing how you can change peoples path by simply talking to

others quiet an amazing idea to integrate into an n64 cartridge somehow nintendo gave us a taster i honestly think this

concept and idea should be used again.

Apart from all that cool stuff at the heart of the game's main quest lies four dungeons which are just as puzzle-ridden as

the dungeons found in Ocarina of Time but some of the puzzles are much tougher this time around because your inventory gives

you a lot more options and in Majora's Mask its all about collecting different masks some masks have simple and specific

effects such as making you run faster or increasing your sense of smell but the three most important masks actually

transform you into different creatures.

The different creatures have different abilities for instance, the deku mask lets you burrow into flowers and launch out of

them to reach higher platforms, the goron mask lets you pound the ground and execute a rolling attack and throw nasty punches,

the zora mask lets you walk underwater and swim like a dolphin which is very cool.

The masks are handled just like any other inventory item but sometimes the constant switching of items during some situations

makes dealing with the masks and other items become fairly tedious, luckily you can skip the transformation cinema that

occurs each time you use one of the major masks but i think they did make the dungeons and puzzles somewhat harder this time

round which gives you the added stress to the time you got left id say its a good thing and it also ruins it, its hard to

explain what i mean is the time given gives the game challenge but the reason its bad is you feel rushed to complete the game

and sometimes not even taking the time to see the sights.

Between the game's time sensitive nature, side quests and minigames it's tough to really get involved in the game's whole

storyline, your fairy which gives you hints from time to time only really helps out with the main quest usually pointing you

to the next dungeon it won't however detail the three or four things you may need to do before you can gain entry to that

dungeon so it's easy to spend a lot of time wandering around figuring out what you need to do but i guess some people would

say thats what a zelda game is all about and i have to agree with them, so you will find yourself with minigames and side

adventures in hope that one of them will at least point you in the right direction.

However even though it isn't as engaging as Ocarina of Time the game is still a masterpiece the controls which are identical

to that of Ocarina of Time is amazing and the dungeons and puzzles are extremely well thought out.

Graphically the game has been bumped up a notch and of course thats largely thanks to the Expansion Pak which now required

to play the game.

This allows for a greater variety in textures though they still get a touch blurry up close but nothing to worry about.

The sound and music throughout the game is mostly composed of the sound and music from Ocarina of Time even some of the

ocarina tunes are reused, the new music that there is however fits in perfectly with the rest of the game's already

outstanding soundtracks.

Majora's Mask is a great game but it isn't for everybody even though it uses the same engine that drove Ocarina of Time

and the gameplay is the same on the surface the adventure is extremely different, some people will appreciate the game's

differences while others will find the game's focus on minigames and side quests tedious and slightly out of place while

the game definitely has a lot going for it and in the end it comes together in a pretty tight package.

This is the very best zelda game ever for some fans as we have never seen a zelda like this before it's very twisted it's

dark, it's emotional in a non-cheesy way and most of all its innovative some fans have also pointed out to me something i

noticed early on was the strange purple colours used for the Zeldas tittle letters and id have to agree without a doubt this

is the most weirdest zelda to this day and you really have to love this game i strongly recommend you buy this game you will

loved its new twisted and mysterious way.

The main thing i didnt like about majoras mask was how it made you feel like you had to rush to the end i would of prefered

taking the game at your own pace mainly to enjoy it and appreciate all the art and work put into it.

For nintendo i would say please please bring back the strange mask as so much is still not known about it plus i think majora

was one of the best zelda baddies ever very cool character just like ganondorf so common nintendo think about bringing majora

back please.


Turok Rage Wars

Feel like playing abit of Quake on the n64?

Then this could well be the next best thing its not excatly Quake but it does sort of come close to it with the gameplay

surprisingly not being a quake fan i actually liked this game it did provite alot of fun and especially with mates on

multiplayer mode.

Some people will complain that even on the most difficult settings the AI bot can't stand up to any steady handed human

players but these players are maybe quake players as i think the difficulty is fine you know when your facing the hardest

opponent compared to the easiest and unlike most games the hardest settings are basically impossible to beat which doesnt

seem human at all and i really dont see the fun of trying to beat something that cheats or acts nothing like what a human

can actually do so its actually a relieve to see a game that almost does it right.

Turok Rage Wars at the time seemed to be following in the footsteps of the current PC first person shooting trend rather than

having a separate single player and multiplayer game the single-player mode in Turok Rage Wars plays more like a training

session for your multiplayer games.

The multiplayer mode will hold up to four players be they human or computer-controlled and of course this is where alot of

the fun happens.

There are of course different battle types which are available, you can fight your typcical free-for-all battles, team battles,

tag battles which as a slight funny twist to it one player turns into a monkey and must change himself back at a switching

station before he gets smoked by one of the other players, and capture the flag again its got a little twist Unlike most

versions of capture the flag this one features only one flag and one capture point there are some who find the original

capture the flag abit too confusing so for players who may not understand the original way may find this a simpler option to

comprende for those who are doubtful i did find this version to be fun.

The game makes it all simple you'll pick a character, elect which five weapons you want to carry, and then get dumped into

one of the game's many arenas turok is about getting to the fun fast.

Anyway speaking of characters and weapons when you start the game you will only have a few chracters to pick from but that

wont last long if you play the trial mode you will start to unlock many characters, the single-player mode is meant mostly to

facilitate the unlocking of secret skins and hidden characters, It puts you through all the game's modes on a variety of maps

challenging you to complete tasks like scoring ten kills before you have died ten times, capturing the flag five times, or

tagging the monkey three times.

The game has a ton of weapons also each with a secondary firing mode abit like perfect dark but id say only a few of the

weapons are truly useful but this may depend on the situation you are in for example many of them, like the inflator,

emaciator, and freeze gun, are neat ideas but they don't really perform aswell as they should but basically i guess this all

comes down to strategy as you can configure each of your character's five weapon slots, so you won't be stuck with any

weapons that you may find lame or not very useful.

I guess i should mention then that since you'll be choosing weapons before the match actually starts there aren't any guns

lying around the arenas Instead what happens is you'll be grabbing ammo which respawns quickly this is good and bad as in

some cases it can cause a bit of a camping problem since in some levels you can just sit near the explosive rounds and shoot

rockets at anyone who comes near you to add even more to this nice package you'll also score some limited-use weapons, like

bear claw traps, turrets, and mines theres alot of ideas here.

There are a lot of different levels, arenas, maps or whatever it is you want to call them for each type of game most of them

get the job done but there are a few levels that arent that good because either they are to confusing to straight forward not

giving you any hidding space or just to dangerous where you may fall of the edge and die instantetly.

Finally theres of course power-ups that deliver random effects, like invulnerability, invisibility, vampire, speed burst, and

many many more.

Some people say the speed of the game isnt right that the combatants just move too slowly, yet they turn fast enough to keep

any running character in their sights, i see what they mean by the AI keeping up with you which technically they shouldnt but

still manage to shoot you or find where you are but i dont think the game is slow to the point that its ruined again i think

these are people who are more used to quake i think the games speed is ok.

When with mates chucking some bots into the mix really helps things get funny as you and pals either work together or have a

free for all blast up.

There are a few times when the AI messes up, the bots for example may run right past you without firing maybe they have no

bullets left who knows,they may wander past ammo and power-ups without picking them up this could be to being aready full but

not sure, and during team games when the AI run into one of its AI-controlled teammates while walking through a door they may

end up getting stuck on each other until you get them loose with a shot or two but i must say this seems to happen more when

they fall on each other from higher ground but yea they should be able to get themselves unstuck well it shouldn't happen


Rage Wars supports the 4MB expansion pak which enables a hi-res mode and the standard lo-res mode, the low-res looks mushy

and abit ugly probably too dark sometimes also but it runs at a good frame rate, the hi-res modes looks pretty good with

crisp, clean textures and well-defined models but of course the frame rate takes abit of a nosedive here.

Also it should be noted that the game's sound doesnt have much going for it its a composition of grunts, yelps, and explosions.

There is lots of fun to be had with Turok Rage Wars its got plenty of maps, lots of modes, and enough hidden stuff to keep

you playing for quite some time along with some cool weapowns and power ups id say turok is when your in the mood for some

great arcade style shooting and you can double that fun by getting mates round playing it, if your looking for a deep

story with lots of emotion then please look somewhere else like perfect dark hint hint the only thing turok is about is

turning on your N64 setting a match up and blasting away which means turok is about just getting to the fun asap.

Star Fox 64

Lylat Wars

Star Fox 64 is a rail shooter you take control of Fox McCloud in his ship the Arwing this may not sound like much fun for the

N64 but trust me it is as you're trying to beat your high scores,well speaking of that let me tell you something for most of

the enemies you kill you get points but you can also use a lock-on shot that is self-explanatory to give you more points as

it has a blast radius that kills enemies if they're grouped together this trick adds to the number of enemies you have killed.

This classic air and spacecombat game has aged better than you'd think and despite its relative simplicity it's still a blast

of fun to play, well while it lasts.

Lylat wars is simple so ill make this simple, the Good, simple but enjoyable space shooting gameplay, lots of voice acting and

a great soundtrack you really got to love the starfox music common, still a nice enough game to look at even for today it

could of been alot worse really, certain things in the game have alot more detail for example your Combat ship looks really

good so can tell alot of effort was put into it but yea despite the age of the graphics engine its still all good, finding

hidden story paths adds replay value to this short game.

It's addictive, colorful, intense, and the overall scenario of the game lets you feel like you are in a Star Wars battle.

The Bad, ok to keep this sort some people complain about the N64 controls for the game to be honest maybe abit fiddly at

first as your learning them but once you know them there shouldnt be a problem and the other simple and quick complaint is

yes the game is just too sort that it wont take long to complete.

The controls are flawless A is to shoot B is to use a smart bomb Z is to tilt the ship left R is to tilt the ship right C-up

is to change between 1st and 3rd person perspectives which is very cool btw guys, C-left is to boost, C-down is to brake, and

you can use a combinations of buttons to perform all sorts of pilot moves and thats where sometimes you may have a problem

trying to do to much to fast, but apart from that the controls are normaly very responsive.

One thing that i think is a shame is that there is no level selection option if you want to play a level you like you have to

play through the beginning of the game again.

Another thing is the flight restriction what i mean is in the Star Wolf dogfights they will sometimes fly above you and you

can't shoot them due to the restrictions not a major problem but just thought id add it.

If you're too young to have properly experienced the SNES you might wonder why anyone would have any sort of fond memories of

the Star Fox series franchise and not understand the wow factor of the snes days and that's understandable but a shame.

Star Fox 64 sees the titular hero and his band of errr well animals Falco, Peppy, and Slippy in space fighters taking on the

large armies of Andross who for those who dont know an evil scary looking ape harboring galactic takeover plans.

Your basically fighting on the side of the Cornerian military and your job is to hit a number of planets, asteroid fields,

and defense grids, oh yea and of course take down the whole Andross fleet.

As you go through various levels depending on what path you take the story intensifies in-game giving you different possibilities

on what could happen during the game.

These paths determine what kind of ending you'll get, youll want to of course eventually get the hard levels as you get a

more satisfying ending.

The game itself is a simple on-rails shooter you can basically fly anywhere you want around the screen but the game is

always carrying you forward in one direction or another in all the primary stages but periodically the game does breaks up

this formula by putting you into arenalike stages against the enemy fighters of "Star Wolf" they are cool also the stages

are preatty good and get your heart racing its something of a dogfighting scenario while some people dont like these i think

they are loads of fun.

In either situation you'll find yourself flying around like a crazy person, doing barrel rolls and loop-de-loops while

blasting bad guys into oblivion so while it does last youll be having tons of fun i would say the game isn't terribly

difficult but there are a few parts that could very well give you big of trouble there a couple of tricky fights here and

there so be prepared its not a complete walk in the part but most of it will be.

There are power-ups in the game such as health, laser upgrades, smart bombs, health bar increases, and extra lives.

The game does move at a quick pace constantly tossing enemies at you to blast away however it's not all simply blowing

everything up and in hope for the best there are some secrets to be found here and there if you give each stage a more

careful look the structure of the game is such that there are multiple paths to be taken through the story so by fulfilling

certain conditions within a stage you'll get to move on to a different and sometimes more challenging stage let me give you

a simple example if you manage to save Falco from getting gunned down near the beginning it will take you to a different boss

fight at the end of that stage, as well as a new planetary level (in other words your basic level) on the next stage after

beating the boss, as opposed to the asteroid field you'd travel through by default and this is what gave Star Fox 64 much of

its replay value, as half the fun was going through and figuring out how to get to each stage, of course it's still a pretty

short game, so it won't take you more than a couple of hours on each try to beat it but in my opinion that still wasnt enough

they should of had 2 or 3 unlockble Lylat space system maps.

While all of this is going down your wingmen the other members of the Star Fox team are flying about and they tend to get

into trouble with enemies in most cases they will ask you for help to often save their hides, this can get annoying but

doesn't become a problem until you're overwhelmed with enemies which doesn't happen often when they need your help but i

recon most of it is just part of the game to make it seem more relistic and the space battles more epic.

When you reach the end of a level you'll most likely find a boss for the first time around these bosses may be difficult

but after playing for a while though you should find some of them to be relatively easy, but still get beaten on some of the

the later harder level ones, the bosses always explode when defeated some of the better explosions can be found in this game

compared to most N64 standard games.

Even some of the presentational elements of Star Fox 64 still holds up today the game was one of the better looking titles

and while some of the game's early 3D visuals do look a bit crusty now the game is still mostly pleasant to look at.

The frame rate holds up nicely, and the character art is nice some of the level designs are flipping awesome the game also

holds quite a bit of spoken dialogue for the N64 era the voice samples don't sound like they have been compressed to death.

However Star Fox 64 is one the best rail shooters i've ever played it has an arcade feel that makes you want to replay it over

a few time if you own a Nintendo 64 this game is essential for a quick space arcade shootout.

30 More Games to Come Guys So Stay Tuned

30 More Games to Come Guys So Stay Tuned

Let Me Know If You Think Theres A Game Missing From My List - Any Comments Memorys from any of these games would be much appreciated

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    • Miljana LM profile image

      Miljana LM 

      5 years ago

      Bomberman hero<3.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The old N64 is still a gem in my eyes and I think Goldeneye was the greatest multiplayer game and I would say Ocarina was one of the greatest single player games. This is a great lens and has brought back memories of playing the N64.

    • MVKilgore profile image

      M. Victor Kilgore 

      5 years ago

      Mario Brothers is my most my kids are enjoying it on the Wii...good job on a nice lens.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great selection of games and in depth reviews, thanks!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I definitely agree with Yoshi's Story and Mario Party. They are some of my favorites for N64. Check out my lens on my top 5 favorites! Pokémon Stadium is really fun too.

    • marktplaatsshop profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't think I miss any, I realy like all Zelda games.

    • Cynthia Haltom profile image

      Cynthia Haltom 

      6 years ago from Diamondhead

      My memories are of my children teaching me to play Mario Brothers, They wouldn't tell how to play so they could win.

    • centralplexus profile image


      6 years ago

      Oh, this lens is full of memories,thanks for gathering all these together and sharing with the rest of us!

    • loveanime22 profile image


      6 years ago

      great lens thanks for share

    • floppypoppygift1 profile image


      6 years ago

      What a fun and nostalgic article. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Cheers~cb

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Castlevania 64 and starfox 64 bring back great memories, Starfox in particular was an awesome game... do a barrel roll!

    • rooshoo profile image


      6 years ago

      Ocarina of Time is my favorite.

    • sus1974 profile image


      7 years ago

      Good list, only a couple of games in the list that I never played. I recently bought myself another N64, so perhaps this time around I'll give those ones a go!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great list of games!

    • Alana-r profile image


      7 years ago

      I had Bomberman on the SNES, so addictive, Golden Eye was very good. Very well written and extensive lens.

    • shanktoofs123 profile image


      7 years ago

      Yea this is an awesome lens you have some of the great obscure n64 titles as well as the obvious ones.... definitely liking this page

      Super Smash Bros., Golden Eye and Donkey Kong 64 were some of my favorite n64 games

    • shanktoofs123 profile image


      7 years ago

      Yea this is an awesome lens you have some of the great obscure n64 titles as well as the obvious ones.... definitely liking this page

      Super Smash Bros., Golden Eye and Donkey Kong 64 were some of my favorite n64 games

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      All time favourites for Nintendo 64, great for game lovers.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Gotta get "Golden Eye" on here. Nice lens!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Good choice of games. I would of added mariokart. You put a lot of cool interesting games on it. Id like to try some of the lego ones. Anyway have a good one.

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      7 years ago

      Fun list! The only one of these I've tried is Castlevania. I think you may have left out a few greats too but of course it's all a matter of opinion. :) Squid Angel blessings for you.


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