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Virtual Villagers - The perfect game for children and adults adverse to violence

Updated on September 26, 2011

Playing online games are a very popular pastime. There are tons of games available online and there are millions of people all across the world playing these games.

In this hub, I will focus on one game that appeals to individuals who are fun-loving, with a preference for strategy, non-violent, intellectual and witty games. So if you are NOT a fan of shooting, war, high intense adventure games, you have found yourself in the right place!

To begin with, my favourite place to go for games is Big Fish Games. At Big Fish Games, you get the widest range of games that are available for both PC and Mac users, at an affordable price (sometimes even US$2.99 although most of them are US$6.99). There are several genres of games such as adventure/arcade, hidden object games, card games... and I have totally enjoyed playing these games. The best thing about Big Fish Games is that you can 1. play these games online, or you can download them for FREE and test drive these games for 1 hour before deciding whether to purchase it or not. As there are thousands of games available in Big Fish Games, it is virtually impossible not to find something that you would absolutely love! Besides, Big Fish Games releases new games everyday single day!

Here is my top favourite game that I highly recommend to anyone out there who is looking for a great game to indulge in, or give as a gift - girls will totally love it. And even guys too!

1. Virtual Villagers


This is one of my all time favorite games, and it is highly popular among the gaming community. In this game, you get to rebuild a little village that was shipwrecked. This game is full of lovely surprises and great fun - it has a great balance of entertainment and intellectual engagement. The characters are absolutely adorable and cleverly designed, and the graphics and music are also pleasing and the least bit irritating, unlike other games.

It is your job to train the villagers and to build up the village, to make it into a large bustling developed city. Some of the villagers will have to be scientists, healers, parents, farmers, builders... and all these skills can be developed simultaneously if you so wish. Usually, the best strategy to adopt is to use make as many scientists as possible, as these villagers will be able to learn technology points which help to increase the pace of the game. (Virtual Villagers runs real time, so even when you are not at your computer, the game will continue to run by itself. This is rather cool, as when you get back on the game, you often find that the villagers have figured out a puzzle or reach a milestone.

In fact there are various puzzles and milestones that the villagers will have to achieve. These are all very fascinating and intriguing kind of puzzles that can be most amusing, entertaining and unexpected altogether. I shall not let spill any more beans, except that I absolutely love playing this game.

In fact, for those who already know what I am referring to, there are 3 installments of Virtual Villages, and the pictures on the right are a combination of screenshots from all 3 of these episodes.

Virtual Villagers: A New Home

Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children

Virtual Villagers: A Secret City

Know what I am talking about? Do leave a comment if you are a virtual villagers fan!

If you are a Virtual Villagers fan, check out Gemini Lost! You will love it, and I have written a review about Gemini Lost here.


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