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Best Xbox Games for Kids

Updated on January 15, 2015

Best Xbox Games for Kids

As parents, we want to spend our money on Xbox games for kids that they will actually want to play over and over. There is nothing more frustrating than spending money on a game and watching it sit and gather dust. While this new game is gathering dust, your kids are complaining that they don't have any good Xbox games to play and telling you how bored they are.

Here are some of the best Xbox games for kids as rated by Amazon and another large toy store. I tried to find games that were not very violent, but could still hold a child's interest. Xbox games for kids that will hold their attention and leave you worry-free about what they see and hear. Although you will still have to make your own judgements.

Xbox Games for Kids Disclaimer

Although I did search for the bestselling games, I also tried to glance over the descriptions to eliminate the video games with violence or other things that might not be right for children. I am not familiar with a lot of these and do not claim that these are free from themes that may be offensive. Do be sure to check them out for yourself and make your decisions based on your own values.

I will say this. Super Smash Bros Brawl was reviewed many times as being super violent. But I don't feel it is horrible. Sure, Sonic the Hedgehog may fight Donkey Kong, but there is no blood or gore. I think it is fine with limits. But each parent has their own values and restrictions. This is just meant to be some helpful guidance.

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The Xbox Game My 5-Year-Old Wants

My son, who is 5 right now, used to be into two things: Thomas the Tank Engine and Cars. Now, he has a new fascination with Sonic the Hedgehog. He does not own a Sonic the Hedgehog toy or game of any sort, but he want this very bad. Maybe Santa will be good to him and has been listening.

His most wanted video game is, without a doubt, Sonic Generations. In his own words, "because it has classic Sonic and modern Sonic". I think that it means it has the older Sonic and the newer Sonic.

My Son's Most Wanted Xbox Game 2014

Sonic Generations - Xbox 360
Sonic Generations - Xbox 360

This is the one my 5-yr-old wants the most. Are you listening Santa?


I Can Not Leave Out Minecraft

If I tried to give you all of this information, yet left out Minecraft, most gamers would think I was crazy. Minecraft is HUGE. There are so many people, young and old, who play Minecraft. Any video game collection would not be complete without this game. Did you know that there are people on YouTube who make videos playing this game and people will sit and watch the videos for hours? It's true! People love to play and watch. If the person you are buying for does not have this game, you can't go wrong. My now 6-yr-old wants this and so does his teenage sisters.

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      Sondassa 5 years ago

      You can't go wrong buying your kid an xbox game