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Betsy McCall Paper Dolls, I remember

Updated on September 8, 2013

Betsy McCall - Vintage Paper Doll and My Best Friend

I loved Betsy McCall paper dolls. Back in the 1950s Betsy McCall and I were great friends. She was a famous paper doll. Even though I was older than Betsy, she helped me learn about the world. We were both children of the 50s.

Betsy McCall and I have shared history

Betsy McCall came into being in 1951. We shared the same birthday month as McCall's Magazine announced Betsy McCall's creation in April. When she appeared in the May issue, Betsy was an immediate hit.

Betsy McCall had a family and a dog, a dachshund, named Nosey. I lived with my grandmother who had a dachshund, too, named Mitzie.

While Betsy went on to have a vast family with brothers and sisters, I remained an only child, but Betsy and I both had three cousins, all girls. Betsy McCall lived in a place with snow as did I. She lived near New York City and I lived nearby in Philadelphia.

Betsy McCall from 1958

Betsy McCall from 1958
Betsy McCall from 1958

Betsy McCall achieved star power in the 50s

1950s vintage paper doll became a role model for young girls

My life with Betsy McCall

Betsy McCall traveled across America as did I. She had many adventures on her own; however, we shared many road trips together, along with my family's German Shepherd in the back seat of the car, as we traveled across the United States.

I have strong memories of Betsy McCall and how I eagerly waited each month for the delivery of my grandmother's McCall's Magazine. I couldn't wait to flip through the new pages to Betsy's to see what she was up and what she was wearing.

It was exciting. Sometimes she'd go to the beach or maybe she'd collect four-leaf clovers or even have a tea party. Other times she'd be having fun with her siblings and extended family. Whatever she wanted to do, I was ready to do it, too. In many ways, you could say that dear Betsy was a role model for all the little girls growing up in the 1950s.

McCall's Crafts Pattern 8207 Betsy McCall Flat Fabric Doll, Clothes, Carrying Case
McCall's Crafts Pattern 8207 Betsy McCall Flat Fabric Doll, Clothes, Carrying Case
Make your own flat fabric Betsy McCall doll with doll clothes and playhouse. The pattern or the completed doll can be a gift.

Share your thoughts about Betsy McCall and vintage paper doll cut outs

Did you play with Betsy McCall or other paper dolls when you were a child?

Baby Boomers revive Betsy McCall and vintage paper dolls

Today the Baby Boomers are looking back and bringing things forward from their childhood, paper dolls being one of them. That's caused great interest in Betsy McCall and her friends as well as many other vintage paper dolls. People are interested in them and not just boomers.

20th Century Paper Dolls, Identification & Values
20th Century Paper Dolls, Identification & Values
This is a great and inexpensive book that provides a wonderful introduction to the world of paper dolls.

Today's children play with paper dolls, too - Boomers introduce new generation to playing with paper dolls activities

Even today children play with vintage paper dolls.
Even today children play with vintage paper dolls.

Share your Betsy McCall or paper doll experience

Betsy McCall entertained children for more than 40 years and was not limited in her influence upon children only from the 1950s.

Did you play with Betsy McCall paper dolls when you were a kid?

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Pop Culture Trivia - Betsy McCall fashion from the 50s

This video offers a slideshow presentation of the various Betsy McCall pages form the 1950s. You'll see the fashions, the stories, the activities, the family members, even the puppets.

Paper doll art in vintage toys - Original Betsy McCall paper doll art found in McCall's Magazine from the 1970s.

Collector shares his passion for the vintage paper doll Betsy McCall and the original artwork from the pages of McCall's Magazine.

The new paper dolls of today - Popular woodland characters come into paper doll play

These paper doll collections are new compared to Betsy McCall. If you're looking for a vintage inspired type of paper doll, then the Little House collection is a great one. The paper dolls are based on Laura Ingall Wilder's classic book The Big Woods.

The other collection is definitely more modern taking inspiration from the popularity of fairies. Much different than dressing up regular boys and girls, these paper dolls are woodland fairies.

Flower Fairies Paper Dolls
Flower Fairies Paper Dolls
Series of paper dolls that are woodland fairies with two girls and two boys. Sturdy and easy to use, these paper dolls receive high praise from both children and parents.
My Book of Little House Paper Dolls: The Big Woods Collection
My Book of Little House Paper Dolls: The Big Woods Collection
Inspired by the popular classic Little House series, this paper doll collection not only has all the main characters from the books but also the bulldog, Jack. These paper dolls also come highly recommended. and are quite sturdy.

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