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Fantasy LCS Love/Hate: Spring 2016 Week 4

Updated on February 4, 2016

Fantasy LCS Love/Hate: Spring 2016 Week 4

Things are starting to stabilize in the standings, but don't get comfortable! It's still too early to assume you know the strength of every team. As subs swap in and new teams face off against each other for the first time, you have to force yourself to evaluate every matchup objectively and identify the best players to start in Fantasy LCS. That's what we'll try to do this week once again, while skipping over the obvious starters like those seemingly unstoppable fantasy gods on Immortals. Good luck, friends!

For Fantasy Week 4, We Love...

H2K's Odoamne (vs. SPY, EL) The good: Odoamne and Lourlo sat high above the rest of the top laners last week in Fantasy, averaging 23 points/game while everyone else tried to hold onto 17 or lower.

The bad: Before that, Odoamne had been a bit underwhelming, and his scores are still far from consistent.

But I like his chances this week as he faces off against SPY's Wunderwear and EL's Steve. SPY has done a good job of keeping opposing top laners in check so far this split, even in their losses. (Cabochard's 21-point-game is the one exception.) I think Odoamne is closer to Cabochard's skill level than any of the other top laners SPY has faced so far -- and H2K is similar in level to VIT -- so I'd expect a similar score.

EL, on the other hand, have been giving up points to top laners much more freely, especially in losses, and Odoamne should have no problem carving out his share.

NRG's Altec (vs. TIP, C9) GBM's Zilean got all the attention in NRG's big stomp of TSM last week, but Altec was actually the biggest fantasy star on the team. He scored 31 points in that game, enough to carry him up to the #12 overall position despite his weak performance the day before.

TIP and C9 have some decent upset potential in their matchup, which might scare you away, but I'm willing to take on that risk for the potential points party that'll happen if NRG wins both matches. Both TIP and C9 gave up close to 20 deaths last week, despite winning one of their games. On the flip side, NRG took 26 kills from their opponents while ending with the same 1-1 record.

Those two stats combine make me eager to see how many kills Altec and his pink-and-black buddies can drain out of these two teams. Bring out another pocket champion pick if you have to, GBM!

OG's Amazing (vs. G2, GIA) Amazing is playing in his prime right now. Like TL's MVP Dardoch, Amazing is picking playmaking champions and forcing initiations and ganks to make sure his team gets kills early and often. Origen got 31 kills last week, and Amazing got credit for 24 of them (78% kill participation!).

G2 is starting to look like one of the best teams in Europe, on the back of their mid laner Perkz, but they definitely showed weakness when they gave up a lot of kills to the surprisingly coordinated UOL last week. OG is a snowball team that needs a few early kills to get going, and Amazing will be the man to make that happen if G2 shows similar sloppiness this week.

And, even if that match doesn't work out perfectly, we've learned that you really can't go wrong picking from a team that faces Giants that week. They've been giving up the most reliable fantasy points to opponents of any LCS team so far.

But We Hate...

EL's MrRallez (vs. VIT, H2K) Here's a riddle for you: Would you rather your starting ADC face off against a team that's given up 8.7 points/game to opposing ADCs or a team that's given them 10.6 points/game?

It's a trick question. The only correct answer is "Dear heavens, I hope I have another ADC on my bench because this one is completely hosed."

That's the predicament that MrRallez owners are in this week. Despite MrRallez looking better than expected and turning in some decent stats in wins, there's just no way you can risk starting him against such a monster schedule. If you need to Trade for a free agent ADC to fill this week, UOL, FOX, and DIG have decent schedules to consider.

TIP's Mash (vs. NRG, CLG) Team Impulse has certainly been the biggest surprise of the last few weeks, as they won three games in a row with their finally-assembled roster. But they showed some weakness against TL last week, when they were unable to turn an early lead into a win.

And they face two solid teams this week, who have a history of not giving the enemy team points in wins. CLG only gave up 6 total deaths last week, and NRG kept TSM from scoring even a single kill in their Zilean-led stomp!

Even if you're a true believer in TIP, this schedule of two death-stingy teams is fantasy suicide for Mash, who's been a low fantasy-scorer on the team so far -- which is very unusual for an ADC, which typically leads the scoreboard.

Josh Augustine's favorite champion is troll Zilean, he's never enjoyed a Darius, and he will always go for the kill, even when he knows he shouldn't. He currently works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.


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