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The Blackest Night

Updated on March 19, 2014

The Blackest Night Event from DC Comics!

Hold Up! This information surrounds DC Comics and The Green Lantern. If you're not familiar with GL, start here!

In May 2009, corresponding with Free Comic Book Day, DC comics released their ominous, dark prophecy known as The Blackest Night, a 9-issue revelation surrounding The Green Lantern, which would culminate in The War of Light. During this dark tiding, heroes and planets would fall, lives would be shattered, and the very foundation of the universe would be engulfed by blackness.

Spanning two full years, numerous tie-ins, and achieving popular recognition among comic book fans, Blackest Night was followed by Brightest Day, a 24-issue, bi-monthly release detailing how the war drastically altered the lives of DC heroes. (The Brightest Day event concludes in May 2011.)

If you're a fan of Green Lantern, DC, or even comics in general, you've just hit the mother lode! Contained on this page is everything you need to know about Blackest Night and Brightest Day. These two events have been studied and compiled together for your complete enjoyment. And don't worry: spoilers are minimized.

Consolidated Reading for The Blackest Night - Graphic Novels bringing the Blackest Night together.

Below is a reading list that gathers many of the issues of The Blackest Night together; if you're already behind on reading this is the easist way to jump in!

The Complete Blackest Night Catalog (Amazon)

Blackest Night
Blackest Night

This Graphic Novel is the crux of the entire event; it covers Blackest Night #0-8, which is nine complete issues. Do no, however, that reading only this book gives you a basic following of the event. To really get in depth, you would need the other novels.


The Prophecy of the Blackest Night

This diviniation takes place in a Guardian held document called The Book of Oa, in the Cosmic Revelations: Verse 6.

Introduction to the Blackest Night - Meet The Black Lantern!

Black Hand, The Black Lantern
Black Hand, The Black Lantern

"...the armies of fear and willpower must come together, because across the Universe, the dead will rise."

~Teaser for the Blackest Night Event

Many heroes have fallen, but now the entire universe is threatened. The dead are rising thanks to a prophecy residing among the Guardians of Oa. Referenced as The Blackest Night, life as we know it will cease.

To start the Blackest Night, Green Lantern #43 is the true prologue, beginning The Blackest Night. In sector 666, on the dead planet Ryut, one Guardian of Oa has dared to open The Book of the Black, and summon the first Black Lantern! If you are a serious comic book reader, though, you'll pick up Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps. (#1-3). Those comics will (re)introduce you to the various members of the other lantern colors.

From this point on, we are led to The War of Light, a battled which absorbs every member, living or dead, aligned to one of the lantern colors.

Within The War of Light - And an introduction to the Guardians of Light

The New Guardians, or, "The Color-Coded Cavalry"
The New Guardians, or, "The Color-Coded Cavalry"

In case you were wondering, the vastness of this comic book event not only draws upon the champions of Earth, but also draws in every Ring-Wielder in existence. From the Guardians of Oa, we learn that this will be The War of Light.

And therefore, there is some preliminary knowledge that may help acquaint you to this Green Lantern Saga; before you dive in, it will help to know about the other Lanterns of the Color Spectrum. Hal Jordan, Earth's Green Lantern, called them the "Color-Coded Cavalry". In truth, that's as good as name as any. Those Lanterns are:

  • The Green Lantern Corps: Which, hopefully, you already know. They are the sworn protectors of the universe, gifted with the power of Will.
  • The Red Lantern Corps: Headed by Atrocitus, they are filled with Rage and Hate, consumed by their rings.
  • Agent Orange: A single ring, governed by the creature Larfleeze, controlled by the greed-given emotion of Averice.
  • The Sinestro Corps: Ruled by the overwhelming power of Fear, the wielders of the Yellow Ring are maneuvered by the once great Green Lantern, Sinestro.
  • The Blue Lantern Corps: Taken into recruitment by two former Guardians of Oa (Ganthet and Sayd), they are led by Saint Walker and empowered by Hope.
  • The Indigo Tribe: Little is known about this cosmic group. They are led by Indigo-1 and moved by the power of Compassion.
  • The Star Sapphires: Conscious and overwhelmed by the power of Love, they are championed by Carol Ferris, who has maintained her control over the Violet Ring of Power.

The Black Hand and Scar
The Black Hand and Scar

The Blackest Night Reading Order

The Chronology of the Green Lantern Saga: Blackest Night

If you're interested in reading through the Blackest Night Saga, you may have some issues figuring out where to begin. Don't be discouraged; provided below is a reading arrangement of comics, in order. The Key to following this event is through a check of the power levels of the Black Ring of Power.

But perhaps you don't quite understand what that means.

Basically, as the DC Universe event begins, a creature comes forth wielding the Black Ring of Power (similar to Green Lantern's ring, but yet, vastly different in abilities). Throughout the story, through the evil act of killing, the power level of the Black Ring rises, starting at 0.0%, until it reaches 100%. Once it reaches 100%, things get worse, of course.

The first comics to prelude Blackest Night are:

P01-P03 Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps. #1, #2, and #3. (An introduction to the various Corps.)

P04 Titans #15 (Tempest returns in this issue; it also includes a prelude to Blackest Night.

The Rise of Black Hand and the Beginning of the Blackest Night (Power Level 0.00%)

001 Green Lantern #43 (The Rise of Black Hand)

002 Blackest Night #0

003 Starman #81 (Black Ring finds Starman)

004 The Power of Shazam #48 (Black Rings find Osiris and Sobek)

Tribute Day: (0.01% to 0.02%)

005 Blackest Night #1

006 Green Lantern Corps #39

The War of Light Begins: (0.75 to 1.20%)

007 Green Lantern #44

Power Level 2.63% to 3.43%

008 Blackest Night #2

009 Blackest Night: Batman #1

The Resurrection of Hawk: (3.44% to 3.82%)

010 Blackest Night: Superman #1

011 Blackest Night: Titans #1

Power Level 45.43%

012 Green Lantern #45

Power Level 45.96% to 46.31%

013 Green Lantern Corps #40

Power Level 46.65% to 47.01%

014 Blackest Night: Batman #2

015 The Question #37

Power Level 50.32% to 56.59%

016 Blackest Night #3

017 Adventure Comics #4

018 Adventure Comics #5

019 Justice League of America #38 (Dr. Light is a Black Lantern)

020 Blackest Night: Superman #2 (Psycho Pirate is a Black Lantern)

Power Level is 57.01%

021 Suicide Squad #67

Power Level is 57.03%

022 Blackest Night: Titans #2

Power Level is 75.25%

023 Green Lantern #46

024 Blackest Night: Batman #3

025 The Phantom Stranger #42

026 Catwoman #83

Power Level is 85.26%

027 Green Lantern Corps #41

Power Level is 93.01%

028 Blackest Night: Superman #3

029 Blackest Night: Titans #3

030-032 Outsiders #23. #24, and #25 (Black Lantern Terra)

033-034 Justice League of America #39 and #40

035-036 Teen Titans #77 and #78

037 Weird Western Tales #71

038 Solomon Grundy #7 (He receives a Black Ring, and his story is intermingled with Blackest Night throughout this point.)

039-040 Superman/Batman #66 & #67

041 Green Lantern #47

Power Level: 100%. Nekron Rises and Barry's Message.

042 Blackest Night #4 (Nekron Rises)

043 Blackest Night: Flash #1

044-045 Secret Six #17 & 18

046-047 Doom Patrol #4 & #5

048-049 Booster Gold #26 & #27

050-051 R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 & #11

052-054 Blackest Night: JSA #1, #2, and #3.

Power Level is 100% is exceeded and moves into BN #5

055 Green Lantern Corps #42

056 Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1

057 Green Lantern #48

The moment to "Die!"

058 Blackest Night #5

059 Green Lantern Corps #43

060 Green Lantern #49

The New Lanterns are Deputized

061 Blackest Night #6

062-063 Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 & #3

064 Blackest Night: Flash #2

065 Green Arrow #30.

066 Green Lantern Corps #44

The Race to the Spectre

067 Blackest Night: Flash #3

068 Green Lantern #50 (Rebirth of Parallax).

069 The Atom and Hawkman #46.

070 Adventure Comics #7

071 Green Lantern #51

072 Green Lantern Corps #45

Rise of the White Lantern

073 Blackest Night #7

074 Green Lantern Corps #46

075 Green Lantern #52

The Final Fight and Epilogue

076 Blackest Night #8

077 R.E.B.E.L.S. #12

078 Green Lantern Corps #47

The Rise of the Black Lanterns - The Tie-in Graphic Novel for The Blackest Night

This Graphic Novel represents the "Tie-in" comics that appeaed during The Blackest Night. What makes them so special is that it shows many of the dead heroes who arose as Black Lanterns. Of all the GNs, this one can be avoided unless you want the most complete, detailed, experience of this event.

Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns
Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns

Includes Power of SHAZAM! # 48, Catwoman # 83, Suicide Squad # 67, Question # 37, Phantom Stranger # 42, Weird Wester Talks # 71, Atom and Hawkman # 46, Starman # 81


Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

The next picture provided below indicates some insider information.

Spoiler: Meet the Deputy Guardians! - Subtitled: "Why is The Flash blue?"

The Deputy Guardians
The Deputy Guardians

If you were on the fence about this event, this picture should serve as a teaser. Say no more!

Greetings, stop by, drop in, and feel free to comment about any of the material you've seen pertaining to this DC event. The Blackest Night is actually a pretty complicated piece of work and has taken quite a bit of research. (I'm still not sure it's prefect.)

If you enjoy this information, or see anything lacking, please let me know. All criticisms are welcome!

Reader Feedback - Show some love for The Blackest Night

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      how sure you that this order is correct...i need to know...i am bout to start

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Awesome work, Blackest Night is an epic event to try to cover. The New 52 have had some good crossovers (my favourite is probably Trinity War) but I think it'll be awhile before we see anything like this again. Hopefully not too long, though.


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