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Bloodborne Walkthrough Game Guide

Updated on March 31, 2015

In Bloodborne, a hunter is recruited to do things in the town of Yharnam. Not too sure what things, just to hunt monsters, one presumes. Armed with a pistol in one hand and a chain saw in the other, the hunter must fulfill his obligations and end the hunter's dream. The start of Bloodborne sees the hunter being transfused with blood, and then a vicious large wolf enters the scene and the rest is quite hazy. What just happened?

This Bloodborne walkthrough will take the hunter through the game, particularly in the initial stages of the game in Central Yharnam, and outside Isoefka's clinic.

The hunter has arisen, but has got no weapons. Words of wisdom are left on the floor of Isoefka's clinic, but words are no use against the wounded large wolf standing in front of the door. Barefist hunter versus wolf - what is the outcome?

  • Two simple words.

The hunter arises in the Hunter's Dream. This is actually a reality within which the hunter can extract knowledge, items, power and become more powerful.

  • There is an inanimate doll which will become a woman and allow the hunter to level up, as soon as the hunter gets the first point of Insight.
  • There is a pedestal that sells items to the hunter, for blood, of course.
  • The various spectres on the ground teaches the hunter what buttons to press to hunt effectively.
  • Later, the door to the house will open, allowing the hunter to store items and to fortify, repair and strengthen items.

"This place is the Hunter's Dream, quite aptly named."

At the beginning, the hunter is given some free weapons. This particular hunter opts for the chainsaw weapon and the pistol.

  • Pray before the pedestal opposite the doll to return to the clinic.

Armed with the chainsaw weapon and the pistol, the hunter strides forth and boldly faces the wounded yet vicious wolf. What is the outcome?

  • two simple words...

With enough practice, of course, the hunter proceeds outside Iosefka's clinic. There are two gates. One can be opened, and one cannot be opened. Go through the accessible gate and then turn right to face the first monster. A zombie like monster who thinks the hunter is the monster. Perhaps he is right. Slay the beast, and then proceed left and defeat two more zombies. Then find and operate a lever to allow a ladder to drop down. Climb the ladder and reach the first lamp save point outside the Iosefka's clinic.

Again, close to this save point are two gates. One cannot be opened and one can be opened. Go through the one on the right and proceed, slaying more zombies, until you reach the mass congregation of zombies by the large bonfire. Defeat them all.

Patience and tactics are the key here. Lure the zombies one at a time down the alleyway past the gate to the area just outside the clinic (where you slew the first zombie). Defeat each one in turn by dodging and using quick attacks. Eventually, the zombie number will thin out, until there are 1 or 2 zombies left.

  • In particular, there will be one zombie atop a carriage on the left. Proceed up the stairs and defeat this zombie, taking care of the step below.

This particular hunter fell, and destroyed the carriage below. Of course, there is a vicious hound beneath that.

  • The hound can be defeated by using the pistol and then quick attack when the hound is stunned by the pistol.
  • Defeat the remaining zombies by the large bonfire, and then proceed up the stairs and beyond the passageway on the left to the grounds beyond.

New monsters are afoot in this part of the grounds, including -

  • raven birds which hug the ground. However, given a chance, they will fly up and repeatedly wound the hero. Dodge and execute a quick attack.
  • a large hunchbacked beast with tattered clothing. Obviously, this is a signal to use fire.
  • groups of zombies paired with hounds. Isolate the hounds and finish each in turn before attacking the zombies.

Go up the stairs beyond the large grounds and find yourself face to face with two large agile wolves. These wolves are troublesome, particularly if you miss them with your molotovs.

  • to defeat the large wolves, lure them all the way back to the end point where the wolves will stay around the spot but will not descend past the stairs downwards. Defeat them using the stair railings as cover.

Note - be sparing with the blood vials. The area outside the clinic is large indeed. The hunter has only covered a fraction of the grounds, and has yet to see the sewers.

The bridge way that the wolves are guarding can be divided into a few areas -

  • to the left lies a drop down to the sewers if you are the roll happy type hero. If not, then a sane way down is viable through the ladder.
  • to the right, if you proceed through to the end, past the huge beast with bricks, and then the raven birds, is actually the infamous mist doorway made famous by Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. However, the mist doorway here is invisible to begin with, that's right, it's invisible. So this particular hero walked right through, and then the mist blocked the entrance. It's the hunter versus the first boss of Bloodborne - the Cleric Beast. What is the outcome when the hero is unprepared?

  • again, to the right of the stairs that leads to the bridge way past the wolves, there is another way into a dark church. If you defeat the monsters within the church, and then go through the doorway, you will reach the other gate besides the first lamp save point in Central Yharnam.

Of course, the alternative way past the wolves is to run past them. The running here is easier than in either dark souls version, because the hunter can be chosen to be one who is very agile.

Bloodborne Get to the Sewers

Once the hunter opens this gate, go to the save point and go back to the Hunter's Dream to level up. The hunter would have obtained at least one Insight point, and the doll will become a woman. Go level up and then come back to this area. Go forth past this opened gate, and then head down and start going for the sewers part of Central Yharnam.

  • The sewers part is massive, and harbors a really really nasty "mini-boss".

No time to speculate what this pig like beast is, or what the ending is. The outcome is obvious.
No time to speculate what this pig like beast is, or what the ending is. The outcome is obvious.
  • The Sewers allow you to pick up the Madman's Knowledge, which the hunter will use to get Insight.

Bloodborne Defeat the Pig Hog Like Monster in the Sewers

To defeat the Giant Pig in the sewers, go to the back of the hog monster first and then lure it to the hole or to a corner of the corridor and hammer it to death.

Bloodborne Defeat the Cleric Beast

Arm the Hunter with -

  • 20 blood vials
  • 10 molotov cocktails
  • 20 throwing knives
  • 20 quicksilver bullets and the pistol (if you didn't get this for free, it costs 1600 blood echoes at the Bath shop in the Hunter's Dream)

then use ranged attacks first, and then finally melee attack. Dodge the swipe and jump attacks from the Cleric Beast.

Bloodborne How to Defeat Father Gascoigne

Again, the hunter needs to stock up on blood vials and molotovs.

  • When father Gascoigne is in "human" form, use the tombstones as shield to attack him.
  • When he is in "beast" form, run! And then turn around and burn him with molotovs until he is defeated.

Defeating this boss allows you to get to the other parts of the game,notably -

  • the Cathedral Ward
  • Old Yharnam

The boss in the Old Yharnam area is the Bloodstarved Beast. The hunter can get to him via the long way or the shortcut.

Bloodborne Defeat the Blood-starved Beast

The best way to defeat the Blood-starved beast may be to enlist the help of a friend or co-operator, using the Beckoning Bell.

  • Open the gate to Cathedral's Round Plaza, and get to the man needing the password.

  • The boss in the cathedral ward area, and round plaza of the Grand Cathedral is Vicar Amelia.

Bloodborne Defeat Vicar Amelia

The Vicar is powerful indeed, being able to deal lots of damage. However, a distraction and attack offensive plan with a fellow player will put down this monster fast, and dramatically.

The Bloodborne walkthrough will continue in the form of videos and succinct points.


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