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Best Board Games For Family Gifts

Updated on April 5, 2013

Group Gifts For Everyone

Family gifts are a great way to save money and still buy for those that you love. Things such as board games that they can do together is the best type of family gifts to give. When looking for the right board game take into account the age of the kids, the parents hobbies and the kids' hobbies.

You can give one board game and wrap it up nice or make a nice family game gift basket for your family gift. You can include other small games or things such as snack or trinkets that the family would like.

My family received a family game basket from my boss a few years ago that went over well with my boys. It had a small superhero game along with each boys favorite candy bar. For us adult they included a sausage roll with cheese and crackers. It was all wrapped up in a rustic tin bucket with a pretty red bow.

Angry Bird Board Game

The Angry Bird board game is a great family gift for families with children that varies in ages. The game box suggests age five to nine, but many children have been reported to love in of younger and older age range. It would also be a fun game to play with adults while wasting time. The game does come with small parts so is not idea for kids that put things in their mouth.

This would make a great center piece for a Angry Bird Gift basket to give a family. Pair the game with a Christmas basket or tub, some family snacks size treats and maybe a plush angry bird just for the fun of it.

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game
Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

My three year old first started playing this on his Dad's iPhone and quickly got the whole family in to it. It got so into it I thought it would not hurt to try out the Angry Bird Bird Game even though is suggests players should be a little older. We found the Angry Bird Game to be fun for the whole family, even the youngest.



A game of dice a game of Luck, Farkel is a fun family game that will not be to old for the young ones and will not be to childish for the older children. Since it is more of a game of luck then skill it is a safe bet that it would be a great gift for a family with lots of kids that range in different ages.

Make a gift basket of it by pairing it with some fun playing cards and a box of popcorn.

Farkel Party Game
Farkel Party Game

My kids first started playing Farkel at their grandmas house, then we found a game on their iPod of Farkel. They got the game in their stockings last christmas and it has been used several times when friends have been over or when they was just wanting to play a fun game.



Qwirkle is a fun strategy game that is similar to the idea of Sequence and Scrabble. It is a fun two to four player game that can also be played in small groups.

Pair the Qwirkle board game with smaller strategy card games with dice and crossword puzzles for a fun family gift basket.

Qwirkle Board Game
Qwirkle Board Game

My son got this from the store with his Christmas money because he thought it looked kind of like Dominoes. While it is not really anything like Dominoes it is fun to play with the family, I would probably not recommend this to anyone under the age of five.


Beat The Parents

To give a give that will add a lot of laughter to Family Night, choose Beat The Parents board game. It is a game where the kids go up against the Adults with questions the kids will probably know the answer to first.

This would be a great gift by it self, but if you decide to pair it as part of a gift or bag consider adding a book of family friendly jokes, and a book of stickers for the younger kids.

Beat The Parents Board Game
Beat The Parents Board Game

The first time I played this game was with a some second graders and yes they did know as many or more questions then I did. This is a perfect game that makes it fun for the whole family to play, you may be surprised who will win.


Classic Family Board Games - Classic Board Games To Give A Family

Don't discount the classic family board games for Christmas especially if your buying for a growing family. Classic board games are classic for a reason, they are time tested to be some of the best family board games.

Best Classic Family Board Game

Best Classic Family Board Games
Best Classic Family Board Games

I really enjoy the classic board games. My family loves playing monopoly, Farkel and dominoes, but you can also have a lot of fun with new board games. We also play a lot of Angry Birds and other newer board game ideas. Some of the board games that get played over and over again are electronic board games.

What Is Your Favorite Classic Family Board Game

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