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Bookworm Adventures: Great Game for Kids and Adults

Updated on January 23, 2016
Image courtesy of Phanlop at
Image courtesy of Phanlop at

Word Game of Fun and Skill.

Bookworm Adventures is a virtual game that was put out by Pop Can. The game is fun to play yet also educational. Players must help Lex the Bookworm as he goes on an adventure to save the great library along with the beautiful Cassandra. The game has three levels that involve different pieces of literature.

The first level is Greek Mythology dealing with such characters as Medusa.

The second level is a 1001 Arabian Knights, where Lex encounters characters such as Sinbad.

Then the final level deals with characters from horror and gothic fiction such as the Wolf Man, Frankenstien and Dracula.

Along the way, Lex receives help from certain treasures he obtains after completing a section of a level and potions that he receives from playing mini games dealing again with spelling words.

I have to admit that I personally like Book worm Adventures Volume one because not only is it educational, but its also entertaining. It can be fun and challenging to complete the levels. It can also be challenging to try to come up with good words, the larger the word the stronger Lex becomes. So, who is the true villain of Bookwork Adventures Volume 1? Sorry, that would be giving away too much of the game, let's just say it's quite a surprise when it's discovered.

I have played Bookworm Adventures Volume 1 several times over the years. Now, Pop Can has come out with volume 2 that seems to have taken care of a few of the issues I had with the first game. One of those issues being that you could only play the adventure once unless you change your username, the new game allows players to play as many times as they like with the same username. Another change is the mini games is the original game players are subjected to playing whatever game Moxie the mini game host chose for them in the new game we get the chance to chose the game for ourselves.

I have yet to download or even try volume 2 of Bookworm Adventures, but I have to admit that I am quite intrigued by it. I just know that like the original version it could end up being addicting and also time consuming so I tend to put off playing this one.


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