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Borderlands 2 Characters and Classes - 2014

Updated on January 15, 2014

Get to know your characters and classes!

The classes available in Borderlands 2 are totally brand new, although some of them might share many similarities with the playable characters in Borderlands. The four original Vault Hunters from Borderlands will be relegated to being in-game NPCs in Borderlands 2. They aren't playable characters, but they will help flesh out of the world and add some character development into the mix. The new classes in Borderlands 2 I'm talking about are are Salvador the Gunzerker, Zero the Assassin, Maya the Siren, Axton the Commando and Gaige the Mechromancer.

Every character has their own advantages and specialities. If you play multiplayer with your friends,you will find having different characters in a party can bring a lot of advantages for your team. I will give brief explanation about each of the new characters so that you can decide which characters fits you the most. Scroll below to learn more about them!

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5 New Characters to Pick

Salvador the Gunzerker - Class ability: Gunzerking

Salvador the Gunzerker
Salvador the Gunzerker

Skill trees: Gun Lust / Rampage / Brawn

The barbarian archtype, Salvador is big, brawny, and is about as subtle as a freight train. He loves his guns and when he 'Gunzerks',he's able to dual-wield any weapon in any combination. A rocket launcher in one hand and a gatling gun in another No problem. Salvador's skill trees boost weapon damage (Gun Lust), stat modifiers (Rampage), and tanking abilities (Brawn), allowing him to dish out a much as he can take.

Maya the Siren - Class Ability: Phaselock

Maya the Siren
Maya the Siren

Skill trees: Cataclysm / Motion / Harmony

The spell caster, Maya controls the battle with surgical precision. Her phaselock ability lets her lift and lock enemies from battle, making them bulnerable to attack, and acts as a beacon for her team in multiplayer. Her skill trees revolve around this ability, and focuses on either enhancing its elemental damge (Cataclysm), crowd control effectiveness (Motion), or adding support and healing abilities (Harmony).

Axton the Commando - Class ability: Sabre Turret

Axton the Commando
Axton the Commando

Skill Trees: Guerrilla / Gunpowder / Survival

The ranger of the group, Axton's special ability is a deployable turret, but the Sabre Turret is quite a big upgrade from the Soldier's Scorpio Turret from the first Borderlands. Like Maya, Axton's trees are all about modifying his class abilities for different playstyles. He can configure the Sabre Turret for higher health and cover fire in close combat (Guerrilla), long-range battles and deplyment (Gunpowder), or support and buffs such as an energy shield that teammates an shelter under (Survival).

Zero the Assassin - Class Ability: Deception

Zero the Assassin
Zero the Assassin

Skill Trees: Sniping / Bloodshed / Cunning

The classic rogue. Zero is about strategy, cunning, and knowing where to hit up close and personal to do most damage. Zero is the only character whose class skill has no real offensive ability; Deception merely throws down a holographic decoy to confuse enemies. Putting points into his skill trees, however, will determine how Zero uses his extra times= bought with Deception. Will he focus on hard-hitting ranged damage stacking (Sniping), fast-hitting melee killing sprees (Bloodshed), or being a team player and exposing weak points for all (Cunning)?

Gaige the Mechromancer - The Pet Class of Borderlands

Gaige the Mechromancer
Gaige the Mechromancer

Skill Tree: Best Friends Forever / Little Big Trouble / Ordered Chaos

A fifth playable character is the Mechromancer class. Her class ability is to summon D347-TP, a robot to help her fight. She also has a cyborg arm that's said to be linked with D347-TP. She can also summon a destructive robot called Deathtrap. However, The Mechromancer is unfortunately a paid DLC that cost you 9.99 USD. Gamers who pre-order Borderlands 2 and received the premier club content will get Gaige for free.

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