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Borderlands 2 Defeat Buzzards At Inferno Tower

Updated on October 25, 2012

Borderlands 2 Destroy Buzzards At Inferno Tower

Borderlands 2 Destroy Buzzards At Inferno Tower
Borderlands 2 Destroy Buzzards At Inferno Tower

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Buzzards At Inferno Tower

In Borderlands 2, the hero must defeat the buzzards in order for Brick’s men “the Slabs” to get hold of the explosives. The explosives are needed to lower the bridge. The bridge will allow the hero to pilot his vehicle into the Arid Nexus Boneyard. This will guide the hero on how to ascend Inferno Tower, defeat the buzzards and get the explosives.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Mortar

Before ascending Inferno Tower, the hero will be at the bottom of the lift. Here the hero would have activated the lift, and incurred the wrath of Mortar himself by destroying his Doombringer. So fight Mortar. Mortar is really a very mobile mini-boss with lots of weapons and relatively little health. So move the hero around to avoid being hit, and always use cover. And then switch to shotgun and when Mortar is relatively stagnant at a point, throw a grenade and move forwards to eliminate him. This way, even if the hero perishes, he would be able to quickly end Mortar and get a second chance.

Borderlands 2 Ascend Inferno Tower and Defeat Enemies

Upon ascending Inferno Tower, the hero will come up against more Sawtooth bandits. Stay within the lift and use it as additional cover. Now head out and finish off the remaining bandits. When they are defeated (use a fire based weapon against the bandits), change to a corrosive sniper type weapon, and then aim for the buzzards.

The buzzards will be flying overhead above the hero, and they are mightily difficult to aim and maintain aim against. However, if the hero can find some cover, then concentrate on one buzzard and use cover to prevent fire damage from the other buzzards. Follow and then predict the projected trajectory of the buzzard and keep firing at it until it is downed. Aiming at the buzzard’s propeller’s blade will hasten its demise.

Once the buzzards are destroyed, run around the top of Inferno Tower and loosen the explosive packages so that Brick’s men can take them into their own buzzards.

Time to head back into the Arid Nexus.


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