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Borderlands 2 Enter Hyperion Info Stockade

Updated on January 13, 2014

Borderlands 2 Enter Hyperion Info Stockade

Borderlands 2 crank up the pressure in the eridium pipes they will crack and the hero can use them to enter the Hyperion Info Stockade
Borderlands 2 crank up the pressure in the eridium pipes they will crack and the hero can use them to enter the Hyperion Info Stockade

Borderlands 2 Data Mining Quest

In Borderlands 2, the hero must enter the info stockade to extract the information that holds the location of the captured Firehawk. This is the data mining quest. However, the way into the info stockade is blocked by the elevated bridge and lots of enemies. Even when the bridge has been lowered, the hero must find a way through the eridium pipeline to get into the info stockade. This will guide the mid level hero on how to get past the loaders and Hyperion soldiers guarding the wheels needed to create the pressure to crank up and cause the eridium pipes to burst. It will guide the hero to the point of facing the really nasty loader on route to entering the info stockade.

Tactics to Get to the Wheels to Increase the Pipeline Pressure at the Arid Nexus Boneyard

Before the hero embarks on this quest to enter the eridium pipe, he must be prepared. This means trying to get the highest level corrosive and rocket launcher type weapons he can get his hands on. It is possible to attempt to get into the info stockade at about level 25, but the hero needs to be very good at a few tactics – run, run, get hit, die and respawn.

Upon entering the Arid Nexus Boneyard, grab a vehicle from rent-a-ride and follow the rhombus sign on the map. When the hero reaches the rhombus sign on the map, he would physically have reached an area in the Arid Nexus Boneyard where there will be a pipe preventing the vehicle from moving forwards.

Alight from the vehicle and move gingerly and stealthily into position below the pipeline and hit out at the enemy loaders in the distance. One new type of loaders encountered here will be the SGT loader. Another new enemy is the stealth soldier. These can stealth and use sniper shots to take out the hero from far away. Anyhow, if the hero is relatively low level (ie much less than level 28), then this fight is difficult indeed, and the enemies will have a hard time dying.

Therefore the solution is simple – run! Go past the loaders and the Hyperion soldiers and make a mad dash for the wheels. The hero will likely perish the first time before he reaches the wheel needed to crank the pressure up in the pipeline. However, as the saying goes – “try try again”. The hero will respawn just outside the assault zone. Run for the wheel again.

Repeat this for the other two wheels. Eventually, the hero will succeed and the pressure in the pipeline is primed and ready. Grab a vehicle and ramp the vehicle into the pipeline. It will crack and the hero can enter the pipeline. Proceed through and make another run to enter the Arid Nexus Badlands.

Tactics to Get to the Big Boss at the Arid Nexus Badlands

At the Arid Nexus Badlands, the hero will have a much easier time, initially anyway as he continues to use the run and run tactics. Here the hero will start at the arid nexus badlands fast travel point. From here, the hero needs to run past level 28 skags and then run past some junk loaders to get to the big boss. Before making a run, use the map to plan the run (towards the waypoint).

The good thing about this tactics is that the hero can succeed easily at this stage. The trouble is that the hero needs to be at a decent level (around level 28 to 30) to take out the big boss easily. It is likely that before this, the hero needs to up his level and consequentially upgrade his weapons by taking on optional quests.


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