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Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Begins

Updated on September 21, 2012

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Begins

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Begins with the choosing of heroes and the meeting of the sidekick Claptrap.
Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Begins with the choosing of heroes and the meeting of the sidekick Claptrap.

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Begins

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunters are introduced as the borderlands 2 walkthrough begins. The vault hunters hunt for treasure, precious elements like eridium and adventure within the vaults and lands of Pandora. This will provide a brief synopsis and guide on how the hero can choose his warrior or avatar in the Borderlands 2 game and explain how to survive the first few hours of the hero in Pandora.

Borderlands 2 Choose Your Hero

The rail tracks or the train carrying the vault hunters are tapped with explosives, and they explode, causing the vault hunters to be expelled onto some wastelands in Pandora.

Then it is up to the gamer to identify which vault hunter has survived....... just. In other words, it's time to choose your hero. The heroes or vault hunters come in a variety of forms -

  • Axton the commando - the "standard" gunslinger in Borderlands 2, using cover (where available) as shield, and then using weapons (mostly in the form of guns and explosives) to defeat enemies.
  • Maya the siren - the tactical and possibly psionic class in the game, using tactics to maximize her fighting prowess.
  • Salvador the gunzerker - more guns means more firepower; and the ability to use them all belongs to Salvador.
  • Zero - the assassin sniper stealth class in Borderlands 2.

Once the hero is chosen, it's time to meet the hero's sidekick in Borderlands 2 - Claptrap.

Borderlands 2 Basic Repeater

The Borderlands 2 Basic Repeater is a basic pistol weapon used for basic enemies. It's basic, and here are its stats.

  • Damage - 11
  • Accuracy - 89.3
  • Fire Rate - 12.5
  • Reload Speed - 1.5
  • Magazine Size - 7

Special - When zoomed, can result in a short burst of fire.

Follow Claptrap Home and Find the Gun

Claptrap is an A.I. Although from the way that Claptrap talks, it's hard to classifiy him as that. Follow Claptrap back to his home, and be amused by his words of "We are safe in here." For just after he says that, Claptrap and the hero are attacked by a beast. The hero must find the gun in the cabinet. This is located somewhere to the left of the hero when facing Claptrap in the room where he was attacked.

Borderlands 2 Chapter 1 Blindsided

The borderlands 2 initial walkthrough continues as chapter 1 starts. Chapter 1 is aptly called Blindsided as the hero must emerge from Claptrap's place into the Windshear Waste and find the Frostbite Crevasse to retrieve Claptrap's eye. The way to do this is simple - simply follow the rhombus sign on the mini-map. Note that there is a fast travel station in Claptrap's place.

Claptrap will open the door for the hero. Before leaving, look around for ammo, and then head into Windshear Waste and the Frostbite Crevasse. The strategy here is simple. Aim and shoot at the monsters monglets and brat bullymongs with the basic repeater. Reload and fire again and again until they are all dead.

When descending into Frostbite Crevasse, Claptrap will fall head first into the snow. Dig him up and follow the directions on the mini-map into the first boss of the game - the Knuckle Dragger.

Borderlands 2 Tactics to Defeat Knuckle Dragger

  • Dodge Knuckle Dragger's boulder throw attacks and then fire at Knuckle Dragger.
  • Knuckle Dragger will jump, fling himself and claw at the hero. Try to avoid this and then run away; get some clear ground between Knuckle Dragger and the hero and fire again.
  • Be aware of the insta-health (health restoring equipment) and ammo around the battlefield.
  • Remember the second wind and how to get it.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Knuckle Dragger

Knuckle Dragger is a larger version of the monglets and the bullymongs. There is not much strategy at this stage of the game, given the hero only has the basic repeater and his legs. Dodge and fire. Reload and fire. If the hero is hit by Knuckle Dragger repeatedly and succumbs to his wound, there is a chance that he can get a second wind. There will be minion monglets around Knuckledragger. Remember to wound them, but not defeat them. When the hero's health drops to a minimal and he is forced onto the ground, attack and defeat the wounded monglets and the hero will be revived again. This is the second wind. Run away from the fight at this point, and pick up health injections and ammo around the grounds. Then reengage Knuckle Dragger.

Eventually the knuckle dragger will be defeated, using a variety and repetition of the above techniques.

Next bosses - the explosive brothers and their big weapon.


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