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Breathing Baby Dolls: Most Cute Real Looking Baby Dolls That Breathe

Updated on May 3, 2015

Cute collection of my favorite real looking baby dolls that breath

Have you ever heard of breathing baby dolls? I found them just few days ago and they did "WOW" me so much, that I had to make a separate page about them.

Some of these dolls can be very easily confused with a real living baby, believe me. Many of the dolls have the weight and length that is similar to real babies. Furthermore, they breathe, coo, you can even hear their heartbeat!

Browse down to find my selection of most adorable breathing reborn dolls that can be found on the Intenet today.

Please, browse really silently! Some of the dolls on this page are sleeping right now. :)

Meet Olivia, sweet lifelike baby girl doll
Meet Olivia, sweet lifelike baby girl doll | Source
One of many lovable lifelike breathing baby dolls
One of many lovable lifelike breathing baby dolls

The world of life like breathing baby dolls

You will very easily confuse them with real babies.

When I came across the breathing reborn dolls, my first reaction was: "Wow! Are they real?". Yes, these breathing dolls unbelievably similar to real babies.

For instance, their size is like the length of real newborn and ranges from 17" to 19" (38.1 cm to 48.3 cm). Similarly, the dolls are perfectly weighted, so when you hold the doll in your arms, you have the feeling of holding a real baby.

There are more features that will maximize the feeling of real baby even more. Did you know that the skin of some of those breathing baby dolls is made of vinyl and is soft exactly like the skin of a real human? This is incredible.

» See full list of breathing baby dolls on Amazon ...

Furthermore, in more high-end models, the hair on the little head is hand-applied and fingernails and toenails are hand-painted too. All the delicate newborn features make these breathing dolls look so realistic.

What strikes me even more is a fabulous interactive design that some models feature. If you lean towards the baby doll, you'll actually see her breathe and hear her coo or even feel her heart beat! This is sweet!

Well, in my opinion, if you decide to buy one of those lovable dolls, just be prepared for hearing lots of "Oohs" and "Ahhs" every time you show the little cutie off!

Andrea Arcello Ashley Breathing Lifelike Baby Doll

I simply adore this doll, and am pleased by the master doll artist Andrea Arcello. Baby Ashley will capture your heart, as she has mine. Plus, she actually breathes! When you cradle her loosely jointed 17 inch body and watch her gentle breathing for the first time you will fall in love.

Sweet dreams my Little BooBoo...
Sweet dreams my Little BooBoo... | Source

Crafted with baby soft skin, hand-applied hair, hand-painted nails, and delicate lashes, you will be amazed at how real she appears. Complete with a newborns hospital tee-shirt, cap, and a tiny diaper, you simply just cannot come any closer to a newborn baby than with Ashley.

Waltraud Hanl Hush, Little Baby Collectible Lifelike Baby Girl Doll

Waltraud Hanl Hush’s little baby collectible lifelike baby girl has an undeniably realistic quality about her. I am blown away at his ability to create such a doll. I love it!

With gentle breathing you can see and feel, hand-applied hair and lashes, hand-painted nails, and baby soft skin, this beautiful doll is guaranteed to captivate its new owner for years to come.

Shhh... She's waking up...
Shhh... She's waking up... | Source

Peacefully she lays sleeping in a delicate floral-print baby gown with a matching cap and diaper. Measuring 18 inches, you will love holding her in your arms and watching her sleep.

Watch them breathe! - Videos of cute breathing dolls

Watch yourslef how these adorable life like dolls breathe. It is incredible and you can easily get confused if you're watching a doll or a real living baby!

Linda Webb's Sweet Dreams Emily Doll

I have enjoyed watching the sweet, peaceful facial expression from little Emily that Linda Webb has captured. Emily will remind you of what's special about every baby girl.

She's so cute... like a real one...
She's so cute... like a real one... | Source

This full-size breathing baby doll features a 22 inch body frame crafted with Ashton-Drake signature RealTouch vinyl skin, hand-rooted hair, and hand-painted features.

Adorably dressed in a white eyelet one-piece jumper with a ruffled collar and cuffs, woven satin ribbons, and an embroidered matching sweater and headband. Very realistic and as cute as can be, Emily is truly a collectors dream.

Andrea Arcello Tiny Miracles Ashley Collectible Lifelike Miniature Breathing Baby Doll

A miniature lifelike Ashley baby doll! Small in stature, but big on details. I’m extremely pleased with this tiny little doll that perfectly fit into the palm of my hands, and amazed at all the great features and details that she has and was not compromised due to her size. Especially the breathing mechanism that works perfectly.

Sweet little beauty...
Sweet little beauty... | Source

10 inches long, but as true to life as can be, Tiny Miracles Ashley is created with Ashton-Drake RealTouch vinyl skin, tiny hand-painted nails, micro-rooted hair, and wispy eyelashes.

Perfectly dressed in a pink knit tee shirt with little satin bows, matching cap, cute miniature booties and a fabric diaper, Tiny Miracles Ashley is a must-see, must-have doll.

Linda Murrary's Ashton-Drake Sadie Interactive Baby Doll

Created by award winning master doll artist Linda Murray, Sadie is a So Truly Real interactive baby doll from Ashton-Drake. Captured on Sadie you will find the most precious baby facial expression, guaranteed to put a smile on your face time after time.

From the baby coo’s that she softly makes, to her gently breathing, life-like weighted poseable body, and subtle heartbeat, she is as realistic as a doll can get.

Hey Sweetie... How are you doing?
Hey Sweetie... How are you doing? | Source

Plus, with all the fine details know by Ashton-Drake; RealTouch vinyl soft skin, hand-applied hair, and hand-painted nails, shes is a must-have.

Arriving in a darling pink footed sleeper and ruffled jacket bodice, Sadie’s simply irresistible!

Marcus African-American "Breathing" Baby Boy Doll by Ashton Drake

Expertly made by master doll artist Fiorenza Biancheri, Marcus is a super cutie! I find his playful cream and blue pup sleeper so adorable, and perfectly paired with a matching hat and slippers, he is truly irresistible.

This African-American baby boy doll is as life-like as a doll can be. With a breathing mechanism securely tucked away, you can watch his little chest make subtle up and down movements.

Hey Little... time to wake up...
Hey Little... time to wake up... | Source

His life-like look can also be attributed to his delicate wisps of hand-applied hair, RealTouch vinyl soft skin, and hand-painted nails. Measuring 19 inches in length, to craddle this precious realistic doll will bring pure joy.

Photo gallery of my favorite breathing reborn baby dolls

Click thumbnail to view full-size
One of the realistic breathing baby dolls
One of the realistic breathing baby dolls | Source


The world of breathing baby dolls

Breathing baby dolls are truly special toys. Oh, or maybe these are not only toys? Yes, there are people who actually collects these lovable dolls and their attitude to their "babies" is special.

I'm not one of those collectors and if I were to buy one of these cute dolls, I would make it a birthday or Christmas gift. I have two daughters and I know they would love to get one (when they grow up a little).

Breathing baby dolls come in so many adorable variations, sizes, designs and... yes, prices, that there's a doll for every taste, age and budget.

» More breathing baby dolls on Amazon ...

I hope you liked my selection of real looking baby dolls that breath. I would be very happy to get a comment from you, even few words with your opinion or feelings. Comment section is right below. Cheers!

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    • profile image


      12 months ago

      These dolls are so cute and so real

    • profile image

      I like one that breaths and coos and drinks out the bottle i am living on a fixed incime and i love to have one in payments a gurl please please send me what cellection you have and i will pay down a  

      3 years ago

      Hi my name is ana helen i lime a breathing cooing bottle drinking baby girl that newborn look i live on a fixed income and i translat to i get paid seekly from that i want to do intallments and until i pay please o want one for me they are stress relieving for me these things save my life from so much comfert ot gives

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      How do I go to order one and pls let me have prices

    • profile image

      Maria bonzon 

      3 years ago

      I want to order how much are the breathing dollls

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love reborn baby dolls

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      How do I order one

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      i nead one for high school

    • bettyshares profile image


      4 years ago from Lighthearted Musings

      These baby dolls look really natural, amazing!


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