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Minecraft Is Life

Updated on February 8, 2015

Minecraft is Life

Minecraft is life for many fans worldwide
Minecraft is life for many fans worldwide | Source

If like many, you want to incorporate your everyday gaming into your life just to become happier, then comicon is the way to go. Like these in the image to the right, it's a hobby worth doing right.

What's better than to immerse yourself in a world that is ready to be molded by your ideas. Or if you want to Just have fun in game then i suggest taking a few days out and getting to know red-stone.

It can become useful if you use it as a trap or even to light your house, force spawn enemies by turning lights off in a room and then using a red-stone switch to turn them back on and get some quick experience. Great to do if you need to make a cobblestone production line or even just to fire eggs at people from a dispenser.

Lego Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft 21116 Crafting Box
LEGO Minecraft 21116 Crafting Box

Set your imagination free with the LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box! Create your own LEGO Minecraft models, build from the 8-in-1 instructions or follow the inspirational pictures and scenarios to complete other awesome LEGO Minecraft biomes.

Use the periodic table poster to identify the LEGO Minecraft elements. You can even try out a diamond pickaxe! This set really boosts your creative potential! Includes a Steve minifigure with an accessory, plus a skeleton and a mooshroom.


Includes a Steve minifigure with an accessory, plus a skeleton and a mooshroom

Features redstone and lapis elements, plus torches, plants, oven, TNT, and mature wheat

Includes skeleton’s bow

Includes 521 assorted LEGO pieces

Build your own LEGO Minecraft creations!

Rebuild using the 8-in-1 building instructions or inspirational images and scenarios for more LEGO Minecraft adventures


Remember building with Lego?

In just one idea you could easily remember your old box of Lego and all the fun you had. Now take it one step further and we shall explore the possibilities.

Just like Lego, you can build with blocks and use the combination of blocks to make fortresses and kingdoms but without the mess around the floor.

Try one of these sets and see how a micro world can build up to take over your room. I would first start of with the set of four to have the village and the nether world, Not only them you also get the over world and the end.

More adult size fun needed?

Try going to a common or meadow (big grassy area of land) with a group of friends with a few items (see pictures) and recreate your favorite scene from Minecraft.

I am loving the creeper hoodie and diamond sword. But mix it up an have the best time building a fort and fending off creeper attacks and also skeleton hordes.

Even if you do not have any foam accessories then just use wooden or paper/card. There are lots of templates on the internet to print off but if you can not find them drop me a message and i can always get them for you.

Here is how to make that delicious cake from minecraft!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Minecraft torch to buy from amazonghast costume all is needed is waterbombs!!
Minecraft torch to buy from amazon
Minecraft torch to buy from amazon | Source
ghast costume all is needed is waterbombs!!
ghast costume all is needed is waterbombs!! | Source

Gaming is good for your health!

Playing brain-teasing games for just two hours a week may help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the natural ageing process, according to a study this year from the University of Iowa.

A study of 681 healthy individuals ages 50 and older revealed that playing 10 hours of a specially designed video game was able to stall the natural decline of different cognitive skills by up to seven years, in some cases.

so when your parents say get off the couch and go outside either tell them the facts or even take gaming to the next level!

Oh and the tools that you will need to get crafting, Great for party ideas. Lets get crafting!!

Now do remember to first start out with the wooden items first and then move on to make the complete set, if you are even more creative then why not make the armour to match and have an adventure with the siblings or even children to make it more fun?

Personally though Minecraft is more than a game, It is in fact as you can see a way of life for some.

4 stars for Torch, Head and Sword

Can't make a torch? Buy one!

If you do not have much time on your hands to craft the items yourself then have no fear, On the right is a torch you can buy or if you want the sword and head you can buy all three by using the frequently bought together option on Amazon.

Redstone Dust
Redstone Dust | Source
Simple redstone Lights
Simple redstone Lights | Source

The secret to minecraft is.


Redstone is essential in building structures in Minecraft whether you are building a lift or even setting up lights inside of your safehouse. Setting up lights is relatively hard until you know how to use these redstone items.With a little bit of creativity you can even make a redstone lighthouse with an automatic redstone light with repeater!

Hardcore Gamer?

Are you a hardcore gamer?

if the answers yes then what are you waiting for? if your on Xbox360 then why not try the seed Batman for a world of pain in the hardcore survival island. Now I have tried this island map and to tell you the truth I failed within the first day because of the lack of food and no animals to farm.

Try it yourself and put a bonus chest on to ease your pain, but do not use it until you are near close to failing. That way you can at least say you have tried to survive and if you do survive then get farming and create a farm to get resources.

Which minecraft mob is your favourite?

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