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Bridge Base Online BBO

Updated on August 9, 2014

Play Bridge Online

Bridge Base Online BBO is a website where you can find a game anytime from anywhere. Bridge is a card game that used to be very popular but the number of new players learning the game has decreased for decades. Will the ability to play online help it make a comeback, we'll see?

BBO offers duplicate matchpoints, duplicate IMPs, ACBL, rubber bridge, duplicate tournaments, robot tournaments, free tournaments, and team matches. Also chat rooms and several ways to learn to play better bridge. Join it is free.

Bridge Online

These days, the Internet is becoming bridge's fastest growing venue, and for good reason. Drop by at any time, play as long or as little as you want, and you are guaranteed a game at virtually any level.

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Video on How to get started with BBO - Simple and Free!!

How can Bridge Base Online help You? - BBO

  • Learn to play better by having the opportunity to play more
  • Watch and learn from others
  • Learn different conventions and try new systems
  • You can play with your own partner or even bring the whole table and not have to shuffle or keep score
  • Watch or even compete against some of the best in the world

Jargon used on BBO (Bridge Base Online) - Abbreviations

  • BBO -- Bridge Base Online
  • BRB -- Be right back
  • p -- Partner
  • Sry -- Sorry
  • Thx, tks, ty --- Thanks or Thank you
  • sp -- Sorry Partner
  • glnr -- good luck next round
  • wdo -- well done opponent
  • vgtp -- very good try partner

Playing with the Robots

BBO Robots

Bidding conventions are explained for every bidding option. You just hover your mouse what you are thinking to bid and it is explained what it is supposed to mean. Never played 2/1? RKC? Great way to learn!!

The robots do not help as much human defenders. Thus your declarer play cannot help but get better.

Things I have learned:

I am not as huge a fan of Notrump as I used to be. I have gone down 3 more times then I would like to remember against the robots.

Robots do not understand competitive bidding so you need to be cautious when bidding again or just going to game.

European Youth Talking about what they like about Bridge

If you are already on BBO leave your Username and we can be friends. I am OconDad and usually play in the WP Refugees Room

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    • chateaudumer profile image

      David B Katague 2 years ago from Northern California and the Philippines

      I used to play on BBO, For some reason or another, I stopped. Enjoy this hub and voted up! Have a great day!

    • profile image

      Joan 3 years ago

      You didn't mention one of the best and most helpful clubs on BBO - Beginner Intermediate Lounge (BIL - BILies Retreat, Public Club). If you join the BIL you can get a mentor, lessons, special events and tournaments...the best club for beginner and intermediate players.

    • Joanne Reid profile image

      Joanne Reid 5 years ago from Prince Edward Island/Arizona

      It's been ages since I played on BBO -- I will have to look up my username. Great lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Olá Pessoal. Estarei jogando com Armando, outro campeão, rsrs.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago


    • profile image

      gosmart 6 years ago

      Sry can't tell u my BBO name.

      BBO is the best and largest place to play bridge online. With thousands of players from all around the globe, any one can have partner to play any time of the day.