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Bubble town (popular puzzle / strategy game) guide and review

Updated on February 20, 2012

Bubble town is a very fun puzzle game especially suitable for women and the older population. The reason I said that is more suitable for those groups is simply because more women and older folks enjoy the game. This game is free and available online (msn and bing both offer it) for play. However, you can choose to purchase the full version when you want even more fun. This hub is a review and guide for the game Bubble town.

What is this game about and how to defeat each level? It is a game where you shoot different colors of balls (one at a time) at the existing lump given in each level. You have to match three balls of the same color to make them disappear. For each level you have to make everything disappear before you run out of balls to shoot and in the danger zone. As you beat each level, it gets progressively difficult. This is where the fun starts, you want to beat the game through repeated practices.

What are the two playing modes? There are two game modes in which the purpose is the same. You have to get rid of everything on the screen to clear the level. The straight up and down mode is the traditional game play in which the game lowers the bubbles at you each time you finish up the given balls. The other game mode is a rotating game play in which it is circular and rotates each time you shoot. In my opinion, the second rotating mode is more fun. In terms of difficulty, both are hard in their own ways as you level up.

straight up and down bubble town game play
straight up and down bubble town game play
rotating bubble town game play
rotating bubble town game play

Power ups that help you clear levels. Without power ups, the game seems impossible as you progress through the levels. There are a variety of power ups that you can get in the game. Some power ups help you shoot exactly where you want to; others act as bombs to clear the way for you. Each power up is useful in its own way and can really help you in difficult situations.

Strategy, tricks and tips. There are ways to go through the initial levels quickly and increase your chances of defeating each level. You have to hit the anchor points where it will drop lots of bubbles at one time. By doing that, you get rid of lots of bubbles in one shot and prolong your game play by refilling the slots of bubbles. It is hitting two birds with one stone. You have to be careful of the boundary and make sure you don't shoot the bubbles in places where it stacks up. The first point that come in contact with the boundary will lead to your defeat. See below pictures for explanation of anchor points.

level 6 can get very hard.
level 6 can get very hard.

Who do I recommend this game to? This game is lots of fun for lots of different people. From my personal experiences, women and older folks tend to enjoy this game more because of the nature of the game. Young men tend to like games that are full of action; whereas women and the older population tend to like puzzle types of games that use more strategy. Overall, everyone should give this game a try to see if they like it or not. Buying the full version is recommended after you get addicted to the game like me.


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    • Mary Stuart profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Washington

      I am going to try this game. perhaps my grandson will enjoy it. It looks like his style, colorful and happy. Thank you for sharing this link.