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Build A Humidor

Updated on June 8, 2012

How To Build A Humidor

Do you know how to build a humidor? A humidor is basically a storage box which is ideal for storing cigars. It has the perfect humidity and temperature just as a tropical climate because this is where the manufacture of cigar takes place. You can get readymade humidor in the market but you might not get what you are looking for.

Therefore, if you wish to build it yourself then you can follow the below mentioned procedures. They will be more long lasting and also as per your preferred choice.

7 steps that explain how to build a humidor:

desktop cigar humidor
desktop cigar humidor

Build A Humidor With Spanish Cedar

Firstly you need to choose the perfect wood if you want to learn how to build a humidor. The most traditional and the best choice wood for constructing a humidor for your cigar is the Spanish cedar. Ensure that the cedar is dried to the kiln or else there are chances of sap leaking out from the wood which will ruin the cigars altogether.

If you need storage of 50 cigars you can construct a box with the size of 12x9x5 inches which has the internal dimensions consisting of 10.5x7.5x3 5/8 inches. You can use groove joints and rabbet.

In order to glue the box you should use waterproof glue then clamp them together and allow it to dry.

The box should be built in one piece and then the top part should be sliced open with a band saw. The procedure is very delicate and so you should be very careful. Use a blade which is half inch, 3 TPI (Teeth-Per-Inch) and has very little set. For making a smooth cut use masking tape.

quadrant hinges
quadrant hinges

Quadrant Hinges and Lining Your Humidor:

Strong Quadrant Hinges should be mounted so that the heavy lid does not move everywhere. This is how to build a humidor.

The interior part of the box as well as the lid should be sprayed with flat lacquer so that it slows down the absorption of moisture. After that you can line the cigar box with Spanish cedar pieces that is of 3/16 inches thick. All the 6 sides within the box should be lined with it.

Next the outside part of the box should be finished with several lacquer coats and after every 3 coats there should be a sanding in between. When you have applied the final coat of lacquer allow it to cure for at least a week. Later you can sand it with water and thousand grit papers, also auto glazing compounds of power-buff. When this is done let it dry for another week. Waxing the wood is the final procedure.

foam humidifer
foam humidifer

The Humidifer:

As soon as the box is ready for use you can add the cigar humidifier. You can purchase a good humidifier and then mount it on the inside of the lid at the center.

There are several humidifiers to choose from depending on the size of your humidor. The one pictured here is a low cost, small one that can be used for desktop humidors. For larger humidors it is recommend to buy an electric humidor like an Oasis.

One very important tip to remember is to season the humidor prior to placing the cigars in it.

For this you need to place a cup which contains wet paper towels inside the new closed humidor box. It should reach up to 70 percent of moisture content and then it is ready. Thus, you have learned how to build a humidor.

Unique Humidor Building Ideas

Did you know you can create a metal humidor? Now, don't get me wrong. You need to have Spanish cedar lining the interior, and it needs to be treated. But the exterior can be metal, which gives you many options. It will give your humidor a very unique look. And I am talking about a desktop humidor, just to be clear.

There are large commercial humidors that are made of metal, and they are high tech. These run in the thousands of dollars. But for building your own humidor, keep your creative juices flowing and think more about the exterior and what you can do with it. A nice metal exterior can give your humidor a unique look.

unfinished cigar box
unfinished cigar box

Tips On Building A Humidor:

To build a quality humidor requires time, patience, tools, and a set of plans if you don't know what you are doing. You can buy plans online in many different places. But before you go and buy a set of plans, why not follow these simple directions on how to build a humidor.

Or, you can buy an unfinished cigar box and take a shortcut. This way you can build one fast and get a feel for how they are made, and then move on to a more complex design or set of plans.

Good luck in your humidor building adventure!


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