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How to Build a LEGO Dollhouse

Updated on January 5, 2015

Instructions, Sets and Ideas for LEGO dollhouses you can build

All you need is some LEGO and a little inspiration to build your own LEGO dollhouse. House instructions are available online for purchase and for free. Plenty of LEGO dollhouse sets are available and you can buy multiples of one set and mix with bulk LEGO bricks to create a custom dollhouse with furniture, a yard, whatever you wish!

When I say LEGO dollhouse, I'm basically referring to any LEGO house that is open on one side, usually in the back, for play. The "dolls" who can reside in the dollhouse can be LEGO Minifigures, the new LEGO Friends, LEGO Belville people or even real dolls!

LEGO dollhouses can be filled with furniture and decorations and can be as simple or as elaborate as your LEGO collection allows. The best thing about building a house out of LEGO is that you can customize, change, build and rebuild it however you like.

There are many sets available that I would consider to be in the dollhouse category if you are not feeling so creative. If you are the least bit creative, and have a decent LEGO collection, I will give you some guidelines and ideas on how to get started building a dollhouse without a kit!

Check out my blog,

FREE and printable LEGO Instructions

I found several instructions available in the LEGO archive on They may be hard to follow unless you have an excellent LEGO collection that spans a few decades, but they are a good start if you need a little inspiration. Start here if you are not feeling so creative or you just want some ideas. is a wonderful resource for LEGO instructions scans through the decades.

Want to see MORE instructions, first? - See Instruction booklets you can buy on

This is also the site to buy specialized LEGO bricks from various sellers.


Getting Started on your Custom Dollhouse

A Simple, creative approach with a little instruction

Whether you are starting with a miscellaneous collection of LEGO, some of the house sets or Brick Boxes. You will need at least one baseplate.

You can always get baseplates as well as INDIVIDUAL LEGO bricks at's pick-a-brick.

If you want to build a large dollhouse, line up a bunch of baseplates.

Next, you want to decide what color house you want to build. Sort your LEGO and make sure you think you have enough to build with the color you chose. You should have a variety of bricks and plates in this color.

If your house is going to have multiple levels, you will need large plates (maybe 6x8 or larger) mixed with smaller plates to build the ceiling/ floor on each level.

Then, pull out your doors and windows in the color you would like to use. Doors and windows make great space fillers to make your bricks last throughout your entire dollhouse build.

Finally, consider what color you want your roof to be, whether you will use slopes or bricks "stepped" in to make a roof, or maybe you want a flat roof. In any case, set aside the parts you think you are going to need to complete this area.

Get your LEGO collection going on Amazon

Basic bricks and base plates to get you started. You will need some house sets to get some doors, windows and special elements. If you find a small set that has some of the things you really like, you can buy several or more of that set and really kickstart your LEGO collection.


LEGO Dollhouse Building Tips and Tricks

Got your LEGO and ready to go?

I would always build my LEGO dollhouses out of white LEGO, because I had the most white LEGO. I'd get my inspiration from unique homes you can find online and I would not get too hung up on the details, instead focusing on finishing a house and getting on with playing inside of it.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to help you build a successful house:

- Start with your 2x bricks (measured in LEGO knobs or studs on top of the brick, for ex: 2x4, 2x6, 2x8). This will build a sturdy foundation and if/when you run out, move onto the 1x bricks.

Using Your 2x Bricks First


Make Your Plates Last by Mixing Colors for the Floors


- If you don't have enough plates in the exterior color for the ceiling/floor, just snap in what you have around the outside and use colored plates on the inside.

Locking Your Floor Together Underneath


- To construct a floor/ceiling with plates, configure the plates you have, like a puzzle and use your 2x plates to lock them all together at their seams underneath to make a sturdy layer to play on "upstairs". Use a color besides your main color(s) to do this, so you don't waste your main color pieces.

- Use fence pieces, windows, arches and other architectural elements to add interests and stretch your brick collection to the max.

- Get on, or out to a LEGO store to buy bulk of specific pieces you may need when you run out.

The Rose Castle Flower Shop - Pink and white LEGO dollhouse opens up so you can play inside

This LEGO house is made with a collection of very rare and older parts. It opens up for play inside and out. With the new LEGO Friends sets, you could collect A lot of girly parts similar to the one's used on this house and build your own girly little dollhouse.

Tons of pics HERE

LEGO Storage for Easy Dollhouse Building - Have all your special pieces at your fingertips

A little fun dollhouse

Simple Custom Castle "Action Figure" House


This house is an example of using castle wall pieces, and a second color (black) as filler to accommodate the large scale this play house needed to be for the height of the action figures that it was built for.

- Use more than one color on your house to maximize your LEGO collection. You can make the roof one color and the rest of the house another or add accents around architectural details with a 2nd color.

- If you run out of pieces or don't like your design, take it apart, break it down and start over! That's the fun of building with LEGO, there is no wrong way to do it

Simple Custom White Dollhouse Front


Note the grey castle wall pieces (with the little window and stone printing on them) were used for the foundation and as filler because I did not have enough grey or white to waste on my "basement".

Simple Custom White Dollhouse Interior Rooms


Note the use of the colored plates on the floor. I didn't have enough white plates to do the floors, so I used the white around the outside and the colored plate on the interior.


LEGO Dollhouse Vintage, Older Sets for Larger Figures

Homemaker, Scala and Belville

Back in the 70's, there was a fantastic line of LEGO "Homemaker" sets that were everything in the dollhouse, without the "house". There were room specific sets, like the Living Room, Kitchen and Kid's Room and there were sets that had furniture you could build. The people were fully poseable and just about 5" tall.

The Homemaker Bungalow is the closest thing to a house, minus the roof. The rest of the sets could be set up together to get the dollhouse feel.

LEGO Homemaker Room Set Instructions on

LEGO Homemaker Furniture Set Instructions on

Nowadays, these sets and furniture ideas are great for inspiration if you are building a house for the more modern Belville family (tall doll-like figures) or other dollhouse dolls.

The Belville family, although living in a more modern and modular LEGO dollhouse, with a little more of a LEGO feel than the doll figure Scala line dollhouses, before them, still make a nice dollhouse, for the less creative folks.

269 - Homemaker Kitchen Set - 1979


232-1 Homemaker Bungalow Set - 1978


Minifig Scale Dollhouses

With Modular Buildings and Creator Sets

The Modular Building series, with the Cafe Corner, Green Grocer, etc. can certainly be considered dollhouses. Although each level has to be unstacked to play inside, these can easily be customized and built to be open in the back for play.

Many people (with deep pockets) buy more than one of a particular building, supplement with extra parts from their collection and create a larger dollhouse from their imagination or architectural inspiration.

With so many little pieces in these Modular sets, one can create an intricitely detailed and furnished dollhouse with the parts, but if you just want to snap something simple together and get to playing, Creator sets are a great way to go.

Supplement a creator set or 2 with a bunch of basic brick, windows and parts from other sets you may have laying around and you are ready to break ground on a dollhouse that is perfect for your Minifigs to move into.

10211 Grand Emporium - Modular Building Set


5891 - Apple Tree House - Creator Set


Creator Set 6754 - Family Home


Modular Buildings and Creator Houses For Sale on Amazon


LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315

The latest dollhouse to enter into the LEGO collection is the NEW LEGO Friends Olivia's House.

This satisfies all the criteria for a dollhouse and is a great jumping off point for a little girl's creativity.

The inside of LEGO Friends Olivia's House


How I Organize My LEGO - Akro Mils bins are my Bins of Choice for my LEGO

Hands down, these are the best shelves to organize all you small little LEGO parts!

Buy Akro Mils Bins Amazon

These are the best ones for organizing your small LEGO parts for your dollhouses.

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    • pennyhart lm profile imageAUTHOR

      pennyhart lm 

      7 years ago

      @kristalulabelle: Thank you! Believe me, I know plenty of adults (besides me and my husband) that still play with their LEGO... It is one of those toys that you can always go back to!

    • kristalulabelle profile image


      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      WOW! What a fantastic lens! I would have loved these instructions to build Lego dollhouses as a child and I am tempted to go out and get myself some Legos even now!


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