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Updated on January 26, 2015

Series I Silver Dragon Coin

This is a Perth Mint Series I silver dragon coin, part of the Lunar Coin series.
This is a Perth Mint Series I silver dragon coin, part of the Lunar Coin series. | Source

Bullion Coins in Gold and Silver

Bullion coins are now being produced with not only the investor, but also the coin collector, in mind. Many major mints are making bullion coins. Among the more popular is the American Eagle, the Austrian Philharmonic, the Australian Kookaburra, Koala, Kangaroo, and Lunar, and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Bullion in coin form has several advantages over bullion bars. The purity and weight are guaranteed by a mint, often a mint with a stellar reputation. Coins do not require the added expense of an assay when being sold. And, coins are easily stored.

Coins do have a slight premium associated with minting, and they are not easily traced if stolen.

Please note that each coin has its unique markup.

Coins are often available in much smaller sizes than normally associated with bars, and are readily available in a multitude of sizes.

For the best bargains, consider that the markup is generally a smaller percentage of a larger coin.

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Most 2015 coins are out,

Many of the 2015 coins are now available, especially the bullion coins.

Lunar, koala, and kookaburra

The Perth Mint has annually released the lunar, the koala, and the kookaburra. For all Perth Coins please visit our lens that specializes in coins of the Perth Mint.

Perth Mint Bullion Coins for 2015

Buying Gold Bullion Affordably With Fractional Coins

With gold, and silver, reaching high prices, many people would be prevented from investing, except that some major mints have responded. Fractional pieces are pieces less than one Troy ounce. Gold, silver, and even platinum coins are available in fractional form. Silver is not yet common in sizes below one-half Troy ounce, but the Perth Mint koala can be had in one-tenth Troy ounce size. There are also one gram silver coins with Maple Leaf designs, so be careful when buying a Canadian Maple Leaf.

Kilogram Coins

For large coins, both the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint produce coins in kilogram size.

Silver Bullion Coins With a Little Extra

To enhance your coins' value consider proof coins. Coins with Certificates of Authenticity, display cases, and boxes are also higher in value.

Buy higher grade coins, and they just might have a numismatic value beyond the bullion value.

Are All Bullion Coins the Same?

Different countries produce more or less desirable coins. While several coins might all have the same quantity of a precious metal, the images on the coins, the quality of the production at the mint, and trust in not having counterfeit coins all are important.

What Coins Do You Recommend for Silver?

The Australian lunar series and the Australian kookaburras are very nice. The Canadian Maple Leaf usually brings a nice amount over the spot price. Look for something that sets the coin apart, such as new annual designs or the extra purity of the Canadian Maple Leaf.

What About the American Eagles?

The United States Mint certainly has a following, especially in the United States. And the coins are attractive. Unfortunately, there is a design that could be changed for added interest. Not doing so misses a golden opportunity.

America the Beautiful 5 ounce Silver Quarter

Five Ounce America the Beautiful Silver Coins

Our favorite bullion coin is the five ounce silver America the Beautiful coin, a greatly exaggerated quarter. At the five ounce silver the details really show, and at 0.999 purity the coin really reflects light. These do also come in proof, but the uncirculated coins are much more affordable. The uncirculated coins cannot be purchased retail from the mint, so it is necessary to go to a secondary source like a dealer or online seller.

New from the United Kingdom

The Britannia has always been a bullion coin capable of attracting collectors. Indeed, the silver Britannia often is among the highest priced silver bullion coins. In 2013 the Royal Mint added a snake privy marked version of the Britannia. This was followed in 2014 with a silver horse two pound denomination, or one ounce fine silver, coin, and the privy marked Britannia was struck with the horse. These issues are, for 2015, a sheep coin and a sheep privy marked coins.

The New Wolf Fine Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a 3/4 ounce fine silver wolf coin. This is a new bullion series, and the wolf is the first of that series that is being started in 2015.

From 2011 through 2013 the Wildlife series of one ounce fine silver coins were released two per year, and concluded after all six coins were out.

Wolf Silver Coin from Canada

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      Great lens on gold and silver coins. This topic is so apropos right now - for collectors and investors alike. Even China is currently encouraging its citizens to purchase gold and silver.

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