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Bullseye vs. Deadshot

Updated on August 23, 2017

The Two Supervillains Who Never Miss Their Target

Among villainy, among the sociopathic criminals who dodge the clutch of justice, there are two bad guys who spark their reputation on accuracy. Their banter is that they never miss their target; their skills are so incredible that they have risen to the ranks of Super-Villain-hood with opponents the likes of Daredevil and Batman.

From Marvel Comics, the trademark killer carries the infamous target on his mask and forehead. Anything in his hands is a lethal projectile, a weapon to reach the thrower's mark, exclaiming his trademark "Bullseye!" after success. Bullseye is his name.

From DC Comics, the key instrument of precision and death is known by the "Crosshairs" symbol stamped on his suit. Said to "never miss", he is reverently respected as Deadshot and said to be the World's Greatest Marksman.

Gathered before you are two of the most prominently regarded villains, known for their skills in accuracy. Each comes with their own backgrounds, advantages and weaknesses, and a range of potential scenarios that will give you - the expert in all things comic-book related - the ability to determine which one is the best.

Bullseye Origin and Powers, excerpt from Thunderbolts #123 (2008)
Bullseye Origin and Powers, excerpt from Thunderbolts #123 (2008)

Profile: Bullseye

Origin: With an extremely misleading beginning, coupled with lies and tall tales, very little is known about Bullseye's origin. It has been speculated that he was involved in sports (Baseball) when he threw a pitch that killed the batter. That's all been ignored lately because "Lester" - his only known alias right now - admits to making stuff up. One productive fact is that Bullseye does have a father; he's a rich man and both want the other dead. Most of any information on this super-villains is based on madness and his battles with heroes like Daredevil and Captain America.

1st Appearance - Daredevil #131 (1976)

Bullseye's Powers

Marksmenship - Bullseye has a mastery skill over marksmanship and seems capable of using any of the known firearms.

Ricochet Strategy - In some of his feats, Lester throws the object in arcs that appear to miss, but accurately find the target after subsequent impacts.

Deadly Objects - One of Bullseye's most amazing feats is his ability to turn ordinary objects into killing weapons. He does this with incredibly precise throwing arcs and precision strikes. In the past, he has used playing cards, pool cues, baseballs, paperclips, mouse cords as garrotes, and so forth. This is his trademark skill.

Adamantium Skull/Spine - Bullseye's spine and head are laced with the indestructible metal known as Adamantium. Although it is known to cause poisoning in the blood system, somehow he has avoided that side effect. Other side effects include resistance to mind control and some mental attacks.

Bullseye: Greatest Hits (Daredevil)
Bullseye: Greatest Hits (Daredevil)

Attempting to get into the mind of the killer, this Trade Paperback delves into his past and his exploits against the likes of Elektra and Daredevil while trying to uncover the whereabouts of weapons Bulleye has currently hidden. This could serve as an origin issue, but so far, no true origin has ever been verified.

Deadshot, Origin and Powers, excerpt from Deadshot #1 v2 (2005)
Deadshot, Origin and Powers, excerpt from Deadshot #1 v2 (2005)

Profile: Deadshot

Learn About The Man Who Never Misses

Origin: Floyd Lawton, as a young child, grew up in an abusive and confusing environment with his brother until, one day, his mother asked the boys to kill his father. Floyd refused and was locked in a shed by his brother. Escaping, he took a rifle and perched on a branch intending to shot his brother's gun from his hands. Unfortunately, at the last moment, his balance was thrown off and he kills his dad. From this moment, Floyd's mind began taking on the framework of the villain he would become; that day forward, he began training in marksmanship every day, until he could boast that he "never misses". As his prowess in the villain community grew, Floyd's experience and psychology proved that he was one of the most sought after killers of all time.

1st Appearance: Batman #59 (1950)

Deadshot's Powers

Marksmenship - Deadshot is capable with any form of aiming weapon at mastery level. His main form of attack is firearms.

Wrist-Mounted Guns - Compiled into a set of wristbands, Floyd maintains a set of guns that have targeting systems linked to his scope. These are advanced caliber weapons with high firing rates which can be fitted with numerous types of rounds.

Armor - Floyd now wears a suit covered with layers of armor. Some of it is padded, synthetic fibers and other parts are plated.

Specialized Scope Mask/Helmet - Although the details of the circuitry in this device are unidentified, it's clear that the scope offers additional spectrum analysis to aid Deadshot with his targets. It is speculated to scan the infrared range. In addition, it also gives Lawton a comm-link and access to radio frequencies.

Specialized Rounds -Deadshot uses explosives for area effect, but also uses various types of rounds for his guns, including high explosive and concussion.

Affiliations - Deadshot has special access to the resources of Amanda Waller and her contacts through the government. Typically, this results in his secondary affiliations, which are super-villainous groups such as The Secret Six and The Suicide Squad.

Mattel DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Deadshot Action Figure
Mattel DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Deadshot Action Figure

For the last few years, Deadshot has been been coming increasingly popular in the DC Universe; his level of expertise, coupled with no actual super powers has made him a favorite when he out-thinks his opponents. To commemorate his popularity, This collectors figure was released for the Justice League Unlimited series, from which he appeared.


Scenario #1: Arsenal - The Tools of The Trade

Who has the advantage with Tools? Bullseye or Deadshot?
Who has the advantage with Tools? Bullseye or Deadshot?

Being a super-villain with accuracy and precision as your trademark means one thing: Ammunition. Whether it's bullets, knives, needles, or even thumbtacks and paperclips, both Bullseye and Deadshot are limited by the numbers of toys they can use. Knowing this delves into a few facts:

Bullseye is not only known as a killer who can never miss. He often points out that anything in his hands is a weapon. To support that statement, he has used playing cards and random household objects in truly deadly ways.

Deadshot is different in this area, and plays with mercenary-based weapons. His primary tool is his wrist-mounted guns, but he also uses knives, explosives, and calculated traps to take out his opponents.

The different between the two is obvious: In a weaponless fight, Bullseye is going to turn common items into weapons. In a full-out battle, Deadshot will bring the full arsenal.

Which Super-Villain has the advantage with Tools, Ammunition, and Arsenal?

See results

Scenario #2: Psyche - Mental Conditioning and Fortitude

Bullseye and Deadshot: Battle of the Psyche
Bullseye and Deadshot: Battle of the Psyche

One thing common or fairly similar about these two villains is their state of mind. They are both sociopaths. But there are also some exceptions:

Bullseye is also a psychopath, meaning he goes beyond the ease of killing and is often portrayed as needing the emotional release of his victim's screams or public infamy. While this gives him an easy advantage in killing, it also plays a disadvantage when facing someone capable of using psychology and misdirection.

Deadshot no problem killing, but he seems to be more mentally stable. He's clearly a sociopath, but does not appear to have a need to kill beyond the enjoyment of the mission. This may give him an advantage since he'll be able to coordinate his trap, but against Bullseye, this level of entrapment may backlash and fail.

Which villain has the more advantageous pyschological state of mind?

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Scenario #3: Unique Advantages - The Additional Powers or Benefits

Bullseye and Deadshot: Who has the most resources?
Bullseye and Deadshot: Who has the most resources?

Aside from their uncanny skill with weapon accuracy and killing, you always have to see what makes the villain a true super-villain. In this scenario, you're being asked to look at these two characters without their prime abilities. This usually means a look back in history, seeing if they have resources or skills beyond what they normally use.

In Bullseye's case, there's very little known about his background. It has been speculated that he was once a highly-skilled Baseball player that killed another player with the ball. This gives him a bit of a sports advantage, but little else. And finally, one very important asset his the adamantium lacing his skill and tracing his spine. After a near fatal accident, he's gained a virtually unbreakable skull and back.

Deadshot would be an interesting asset without his weapons. He's clearly a trained merc and has militant training from his work with The Secret Six and The Suicide Squad. He likely would have survival techniques, including some medical-emergency tricks up his sleeve. Other than that, there's less known about him except that he enjoys hunting.

Which Super-Villain would have the advantage without their primary abilities?

See results

Prepare For Battle: Bullseye vs. Deadshot - Who wins in a no-holds showdown?

Prepare For Battle: Bullseye vs. Deadshot
Prepare For Battle: Bullseye vs. Deadshot

Are you ready to put your opinion down for all to see? Let's do it! This is the final section of the Prepare For Battle match-up between Bullseye and Deadshot. This is the no-holds barred section where anything goes. Here's where you can use any issue to reference for any feat you've seen, and ultimately provide it as proof that you're choice is the right one.

Who wins in the ultimate showdown?


Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! This is a Prepare For Battle matchup; I try to release one every month. If you've seen or heard anything pertaining to Bullseye or Deadshot - or any information which would be useful for this page, please feel free to sound off. Your constructive criticism and opinions are also requested. All are welcome; just remember to be courteous because this is a free resource.

Comments? - Ready. Aim. Fire!

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