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Bunco Themes For October

Updated on July 28, 2015

Fun Ideas For A Halloween Bunco Event

Every October one of our Bunco group members loves to host a Halloween Bunco event. She invites all the Bunco players to get into the "spirit" and wear a Halloween costume to the party. Our hostess decorates her haunted castle with all sorts of scary Halloween d├ęcor. She plans out a delicious menu full of Halloween themed snacks, food, drinks and dessert that any ghoul would enjoy.

I've had fun gathering a list of Halloween party themes and entertaining ideas for your own Halloween Bunco event. So, put on your costume and join the fun!

Halloween Bunco Themes

Halloween Bunco Themes
Halloween Bunco Themes | Source
Invite your friends to a fun night of Halloween Bunco
Invite your friends to a fun night of Halloween Bunco | Source

Start the party with a fun invitation.

Invite your family and friends to a fun Halloween themed Bunco night. Get the party started by sending your guests a fun Halloween themed party invitation.

Search For The Perfect Costume

Did you pick the Voodoo theme? Spooky-Chic? Vampires? Invite your guests to dress up for your Halloween party. Award a spooktacular prize for the best costume. Don't forget to have your camera ready to take a group photo!

Have fun with some vampire fangs, red candy wax lips and spider webs

Spray paint the white vampire fangs in shades of grey, silver, gold, orange, purple,green or what ever fits your color scheme. Use the vampire fangs as a napkin ring holder. Simply roll up the napkin and place it between the plastic teeth. You can also use the vampire fangs to prop up table cards or name cards.

Have fun with red candy wax lips. Don't forget to take some fun photos.

Spook up your Bunco party with some spider webs and spiders. Read my lens on how to make your own spider web which includes a free printable of black spiders.

Broomstick Pencil or Placecard
Broomstick Pencil or Placecard

Broomstick Place Card

Fly On Your Broomstick Table Card

Why not make a broomstick pencil or placecard holder to go with your Halloween theme?

To Make Broomstick Place Cards

First paint a dowel or pencil black for the broom handle. Fold strips of raffia in half and attach them to the handle with a piece of string and cut the looped raffia ends to create bristles. Write guests' names on pieces of ribbon and hot glue them to the handles.

HGTV Halloween cocktail recipes
HGTV Halloween cocktail recipes

Drink Up Witches!

Halloween Cocktails

Welcome your Bunco group with some To Die For Halloween Cocktails visit hgtv.

How about a fun "Monster Mash" wine gift box to use as a display or give as a prize or gift?

Spider Made From Bread Dough
Spider Made From Bread Dough | Source

Make A Fun Spider Using Frozen Bread Dough

Idea from Women's Day

Looking for a fun way to serve a dip or sauce? Have fun creating this festive spider made from bread dough. Find instructions for this cute recipe at Womens Day

Halloween Ghost
Halloween Ghost

Use an old spooky photo as a decoration for your Halloween Bunco Party

Find some old spooky photos and print them out. Display the pictures in picture frames.

Photo courtesy of

Headless Woman Photo
Headless Woman Photo

Photos of headless people

Put these amusing photos in some frames and display as a group or around your event.

Trick or Treat - Fun Halloween Foods Recipes To Make

Have fun and create some delicious Halloween treats for your guests.

For a cute recipe on how to make Halloween strawberry ghosts

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