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Buy Nintendo 3DS Games

Updated on September 7, 2013

Nintendo 3DS Games - Great Gifts for Kids Age 5-12

I love playing my Nintendo 3DS. Over the year I've had it, I've used it so often, it doesn't leave my side for a second. But a 3DS isn't any good without any games on or with it. On This squidoo, I'll highlight some of my favorite games for the 3DS, and explain (for those who don't know) what a 3DS is. I'd note that the games listed on this page will be most popular with children ages 8-12.

Great reviews on 3DS best sellers

Below are my reviews on many of my favorite 3DS games

Nintendo 3DS system - 3DS game system

Before you can play any Nintendo 3DS games, you'll need a Nintendo 3ds system. They come in 5 different colors, blue, black, red, pink, and purple. (Blue being more of an aqua marine). Many people decide not to get a Nintendo 3ds because they already have a "perfectly good" DS, DSi, or DSiXL. I can tell you, I had a DS, and I would NEVER go back. Not only can you play games in a glasses free 3D, (DS games cannot be played in 3D, but can still be played) but there are additional applications like a 3D camera and recording features. that's not all! There are also free apps like swap note, pokedex 3D, and Nintendo video you can also download from the nintendo eshop.nMany people think that the 3ds is like a miny wii. You can create you're own miis, connect and search the internet, and see what you're friends are doing. Some of the most unique software to the 3DS are AR cards and Streetpass. AR cards lets you take an AR card (6 come with the system) and, using the cameras, bring the image on the card to life in your environment, letting you take pictures of your favorite game characters and miis, play games and more. Streetpass is a special software that interacts with other 3DS systems. If you pass within about 10 feet of another 3DS, you'll exchange miis, greetings, puzzle pieces, and be able to use their miis to play a game where you deafeat ghosts to save your mii dressed up as a king. For a price, you can download DSi ware and some DS games like plants vs. zombies for under 10 dollars. Can you're DS do that?! No, it can't.If you're thinking of buying a new (or used) 3ds, Amazon is the place to do it! Great deals, and though a local game store may be convenient, you'll find that prices on Amazon can sometimes be better, and be in better condition. If you're interested, click one of the links below.

My favorite 3DS games

Below are the game cards that are most popular with gamers today!

Kid Icarus Uprising - Kid Icarus 3D

My absolute, most favorite game is Kid Icarus Uprising, only for the 3ds. If you enjoy shooting games with strange enemies, amazing bosses, Beautiful, and dangerous, worlds to explore, interesting characters, amazing 3D graphics, and a Greek twist to the whole game, this is the game for you! You play as Pit, an angel, who serves Palitana, the goddess of light. Medusa, queen of the underworld, has been reserected, and her mission is to wipe out the earth, and the heavens, destroying all that stand in her way. As the commander of Palitana's guard, it's Pit's job to stop her. There is a total of 26 levels, or chapters in the game, each more challenging than the one before. One of my favorite features of the game is the Fiend's Culdron. You can bet hearts (the $$ of the game) to make the level you're playing more or less difficult. the higher the difficulty, the more hearts and items you earn. Another great feature of the game is that you can take two of the weapons you have and combine them to form a completely new one. this helps to expand you're weapon collection, and get rarer, and better weapons. There are also features that tap into the 3DS's street pass and AR card abilities. (Look at the games how to videos and manel for more information. Like I said earlier, Amazon is a cheaper way to buy you're games, new or used. Click the link below to check out this game!)

MarioKart 7 - Buy Nintendo 3DS Games

Do you like racing? Do you like Mario games? Than this game will suit you well! MarioKart 7 is the latest game in the MarioKart game franchise, and in my opinion, the BEST. You can race like you would on a regular DS, the only difference to the controls is using the circle pad to steer instead of the plus pad. That is, if you play in the regular mode. For people used to the wii style of racing, you can press up on the plus pad to go into first person mode, which you can drive in either standard or the new gyro mode. Gyro mode let's you use the 3DS as a steering wheel, giving you the feeling of really being in the game. The 3D graphics of the game are absolutely AMAZING. If you ever played either the DS or the Wii versions of MarioKart, a good way to describe the graphics would to imagine them 20 times better, then turn them into 3D. You're first impression would be OMG!! This is too awesome!! There are several new courses, along with old courses, slightly changed to fit the new abilities of the Karts. In MarioKart 7, the Karts can glide with hangliders attached to their tops, and go underwater with propellers attached to their rears. Take the wii course Koopa Kape for example. The course is the same, but with places you can glide from, and the green tube you go through is filled with water. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up on YouTube.) Also new to the game is the ability to customize your Kart. Choice your kart's body, wheel types, and hanglider, to customize not only the looks, but the speed, weight, handling, off road, and acceleration abilities of your kart. As Before in MarioKart Wii and DS, you can battle and race online, but a new option has come. There is now the option of communities. Communities are groups that people do a specific tpe of race or battle. You can create a community and invite your friends to join it so you can do private races together and such. There are also communities created by nintendo that many people play on to earn points and be the best. This game is very good by my standards, and is worth buying. On Amazon, you can get this game for 35 dollars instead of 40. Click the link below if you're interested.

MarioKart7 - Buy Nintendo 3DS games

Mario Kart 7 armor for the 3DS - Mario Kart 7 case

YES! FIRST AGAIN! If you're a winner, look like one with this Mario Kart armor for the 3DS!

PDP 3DS Crystal Armor - Mario Kart 7
PDP 3DS Crystal Armor - Mario Kart 7

This is a great gift for boys age 5-10.


Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time 3D - Buy Nintendo 3DS Games

For those out there who are Zelda fans, this is the game for you. This is a remake of the popular Zelda game for the Nintendo 64. We venture to the kingdom of Hyrule, into a forest where the fairy Navi is told by the Great Deku Tree to go and be the partner of the only boy in the forest who doesn't have a fairy, Link. The Great Deku tree tells him of a great evil that is coming to Hyrule, and tells him to go to Hyrule castle, and talk to princess Zelda. Together, Link and Zelda try to deafeat the evil Gannondwarf, before he can get the triforce and take over the land. This game has amazing 3D graphics, and has a great story line. For those who know of the original Ocarina of Time, this game is the perfect reproduction of it. If you defeat the game, you unlock the master quest, the harder version of the same game. What makes the games harder? Well, for starters, the entire world is a mirror image of the first one, making it harder to navigate. Also, the dungions (mazes) of the game are completely different. So, technically speaking, you get two games for the price of one. The link below will take you to Amazon, where you can check out the game. Keep in mind that at GameStop, the game is 35 dollars.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS

Are you a Zelda fan? - Legend of Zelda 3DS armor

If you love the Legend of Zelda game series, you'll love this 3DS armor! Look like a Zelda fan, and protect your 3DS too!

3DS Maintenance

All Game Systems have shortcomings, so take the steps to perfect your system!

The Nyko Battery Pack - 3DS matinence

All game systems, even if they come from the best company in the world, have minor issues. The 3DS is the most advanced form of all the "DS" systems available, but their are two main concerns that costumers comment about.

#1: The battery life is short

#2: The 3D makes my eyes hurt

I have never personally experienced the latter, but the former I have had problems with. My family travels a lot, and the 3DS is essential to keep our kids quiet. Yes, a car charger does work, but I prefer not to have wires crisscrossing my car. Thus, my husband discovered the NYKO charge base and battery for the 3DS. This battery is good because it changes the 3DS's hours of power from 3 to 6 at a time. Yes, while the battery does double the battery life, it also doubles the size of the thickness of the base as well. My daughter seems to actually like it better this way. She says it gives better handling to the 3DS, making it easier to play MarioKart 7. The battery also comes with a new charging base. After you apply the new battery, the old charging dock will be useless. Well, if's she's happy, I'm happy. Overall a good investment.

3DS armor

If you want to look stylish and protect your 3DS at the same time, here's how you do it.


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