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Buy Squinkies Squishy Toys Bubble Pack And Playsets

Updated on June 20, 2013

Buy Squinkies Squishy Toys Bubble Packs And Playsets Before They Run Out

Squinkies Toys Bubble pack series 1 to 9, the Cupcake Surprise Bakeshop and the Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse are still available to buy online here for USA or UK deliveries.

Squinkies Toys by Blip toys are in such big demand by Squinkies collectors that stores are having a hard time keeping them on the shelves - will they be able to keep up when the holiday season shopping really gets underway?

With the run up to the holiday season, the bubble packs will soon be on series 9. What are Squinkies? Kids love them and to be honest I had never heard of them until my niece asked for a bubble pack series 6 for her birthday. To save you the trouble of trying to find out all about these cute squishy collectibles I have put all the information about these fun toys in one place.

Find out all about the latest 'with the surprize inside' bubble packs and playsets, and how to purchase yours.

The links are to Amazon US. Use this link if you want to purchase them in the UK Squinkies Available In The UK

Squinkies Bubble Packs
Squinkies Bubble Packs

Squinkies Bubble Pack Series One To Three

Buy the original series before they retire them

Squinkies come in bubble packs just like surprises out of vending machines and each pack contains a variety of the cute little collectibles.

Kids (especially girls but boys enjoy them too) like to collect and trade them. They are made from a non latex squishy plastic and come in a little bubble.

Here is where you can buy series 1 to 3. There are rumors that Blip Toys may eventually retire some of the older series making them rare.

**** Personally I would not recommend these for children under 3 due to their size ****

Buy Squinkies Bubble Pack Series One To Three - Not Retired Yet!

I was really pleased to find out that they have not yet retired the first three sets.

I had a special request from a little girl who so desparatly wanted them to complete her newer sets and was worried that I might have to dissapoint her. She loved them.

Blip Toys Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series One
Blip Toys Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series One

The originals - collectors love to get their hands on the first series.

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Two
Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Two

Series two is perfect for boosting your collection. Love them.


Buy Squinkies Bubble Pack Series Four Five And Six

This series is very popular and there are a few nice gems in these packs.

Catch up with the originals and get ready to order the new ones when they are released.

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Four
Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Four

This is a lovely pack to add to your collection.

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Five
Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Five

What collector would not love these!

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Six
Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Six

Yeh number six is available.


Squinkies Pencil Toppers

Below are the current Pencil Toppers playsets.

They are great fun to collect and play with for both boys and girls.

Since they are cheaper than say the larger playsets they would make great stocking stuffers or party favors.

Squinkies Pencil Toppers

These are cute pencil topper sets that make great gifts for the Squinkie collector.

Kids love to get these in their party gift bags, birthday gifts or for the holidays.

Squinkie Playsets Are Very Popular

Squinkie collectors love the playsets and these are flying off the shelves.

Below you will find the most popular ones that are going to be this years 'hot toys' and will make fantastic gifts.

Cupcake Surprise Bake Shop

The Cupcake Surprise Bake Shop is one of the most popular items.

On a recent trip to a large department store I noticed they had sold out again. If you are thinking of getting one of these then you may want to grab it when you see it available.

I have already got one for my niece - she is not getting it until her birthday though!

Squinkies Video Review - Video Of Squinkies And Gumball Surprise Playhouse

This little girl loves them so much she made a video.

You'll connect with your readers. If you type a sentence here about why you love this video.

Gumball Surprise Playhouse

The Gumball Surprise Playhouse holds a whole bubble pack.

I love the Gumball surprise because your kids have to put money into the slot to get out a Squinkie.

They can then play with their Squinkies in the Playhouse.

So, it doubles as a savings bank and could be used as a reward or treat.

Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse Series 2 - model 37125
Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse Series 2 - model 37125

Fun playhouse and helps your kids save money.


Now You Know All About Squinkies - Do you love them?

Will you or a lucky child you know be getting Squinkies as a gift?

You love Squinkies and want to collect or give them as gifts

Vote For Your Favorite Squinkies

Ummm which one do you like best. Go ahead and vote.

Buy Squinkies In The UK

All the above links take you to Amazon US. If you want to buy them in the UK then here is a link direct to

Amazon UK:Squinkies For Sale In England and UK

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about these cute little toys and that you have a squishy Squinkie lover on your gift list.

I have had fun finding out all about them, and the Playsets and after watching my niece playing with hers I now understand why kids love them so much.

Please feel free tell us about your sets or just say hi.

Thank you for visiting.

Do You Love Squinkies?

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