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Buy Vintage Fisher Price Toys Online

Updated on November 18, 2012

The Scoop On Old Fisher Price Toys!

Its amazing to think that toys that were popular even during the 1980s are highly sought after now. Vintage Fisher Price toys are very collectible. Fisher Price has been making toys since 1930. Their first toys were made of metal and they were designed as a toddler toy. Those early toys were push pull type of toys and based on the literary characters of Dr. Doodle and Granny Doodle. Later on the toys made by Fisher Price were constructed of wood and eventually were made out of hard plastic.

The classic toys that Fisher Price made early on are now being remade for the children of today. The toys have retained their popularity through the years and are sought after by both collectors and current users.

Fisher Price manufactures both play sets and individual toys. The toy sets such as the farm, airport and school house were sold including the popular little people which are also very collectible individually.

Where To Buy Vintage Fisher Price Toys

You can't just walk into a store and buy vintage Fisher Price toys. I have seen them for sale at garage sales, flea markets and estate sales but the best place to buy them is on Ebay.

If you look at the items shown on this page you can see some of the vintage toys that are available for purchase right now on Ebay. There are literally hundreds of old toys for sale on Ebay.

Whether you are looking for vintage little people to complete a set or an old wooden toy you should be able to find it on Ebay. Once you are on the Ebay site you can search for the exact type of toy that you are looking for.if you don't see it on this site.

Vintage Fisher Price Little People

Since 1959, Fisher Price Little People were included with all Fisher Price Toy Sets such as the farm, the circus train, school house or airport. The classic little people measure about 2 inches high. The earliest people were made of wood with lithograph paper but from 1960 to the early 1970s little people were all wood. After Quaker Oats bought FIsher Price, little people had wood bodies and plastic heads and after 1975 they were made entirely of plastic.

My kids loved to play with Little People. They would carry them with them and play with them wherever they were. They were very portable and good in imaginative play. It didn't matter if the sets were around as long as they had the little people or the little animals. The plainness of them were appealing to little kids plus they were easy to hold and didn't break as they have no movable parts. A classic kid-friendly toy that have always been popular with kids.

Collectors who buy vintage Fisher Price Toys often are looking for people to go along with the playset they have. Ebay sells them separate from the sets or if you are lucky you can find Little People included with the sets. Take a look at the ones I have listed.

Wooden Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Many of the early vintage Fisher Price toys are made out of wood. The base of the house or buildings may be out of wood.  You can also find he little people made out of wood along with the older pull toys. Wooden Fisher Price toys are pretty hard to find but Ebay does have an extensive selection available to buyers.

If you like an item that is being sold on Ebay you can bid on it and if you are the winning bidder and it will be shipped right to you. It is a simple shopping process because you get to look for the vintage toys from the comfort of your home. Plus Ebay is a very secure place to buy online and Ebay sellers provide great customer service.

Collecting Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Fisher Price vintage toys are very popular and may be hard to find. Prices of the toys are based on age, scarcity, quality and availability. Supply and demand have a huge effect on the selling price of the toys and accessories.

Collectors use the serial numbers of the toys for establishing the manufacturing date. Generally model numbers between one and three digits long are pre-1990. Model numbers that are three to four digits long are between 1990 and 1995. Model numbers between four and five digits long are post-1994.

Some Trivia About Fisher Price Toys and the Company That Makes Them:

  • The first plastic toy was Bizzy Bee.
  • During World War II, Fisher Price helped with the war effort rather than make toys.
  • In 1959 the Safety School Bus was the first Fisher Price toy sold with Little People.
  • Snoopy Sniffer was the first pull behind toy that made Fisher Price popular.
  • Fisher Price holds an annual toy fest and attendees are given a toy that is only available there.
  • Fisher Price made their first baby toys in the 1970s.

Collecting vintage Fisher price toys is a hobby for kids of all ages and you will have great fun hunting for vintage pieces on the Ebay site.

If you like to collect vintage toys check out vintage shopping online.

Vintage Fisher Price Play Family Sets

Fisher Price manufactured a lot of play family sets that came with accessories such as vehicles, furniture and animals. They also included character people such as Mom and Dads, teachers, farmer, policemen and pilots. The older Fisher Price play sets are hard to find as complete sets but you can find them on Ebay if you search around and are patient. You may also be able to find individual pieces to complete sets that you already have.

It is fun to shop around on Ebay to view the many vintage Fisher Price items that are for sale on Ebay right now. The ones I have listed are a sampling of what is available and the current bid is also listed so you can get an idea of what they go for.

Vintage Fisher Price Toys
Vintage Fisher Price Toys


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      6 years ago

      I totally forgot about the fisher price airoplane, that is a blast from the past, I pulled that around with me everywhere.


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