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Buy Bananagrams

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“I love playing Bananagrams so much that my old Scraable Board is starting to gather dust!”

“I loved this game so much that I bought it as a gift for everyone I know. I highly recommend it to everyone, and I will continue to use it as a gift.”

“Its very well made, and everybody enjoys playing together!”

“Bananagrams is a very fast paced and vigorous game to play! It also solves the problems that many other board games have.”

“I definitely would encourage everyone to buy this game. Your money would be very well spent.”

"Great way for kids to learn new vocabulary. We bought it as a birthday present for our kids."

Click Here to Buy Bananagrams

You are going to travel with your family, but your kids keep complaining that there is nothing to do. You would bring a board game, but those are too big. Or maybe you want to help teach your kids to spell better and have a good time doing it. What do you do? Why, you buy Bananagrams, of course! Not only is the game super easy to carry, but also it requires no board, no writing, and no paper! All you need to play Bananagrams is the game and a flat surface. Best of all, EVERYONE can join in on the fun, because the game is even fun for adults (However, it isn’t recommended for children ages 3 and under)

Unlike other word games, Bananagrams is based on speed and quick reflexes, not on point squares. One turn can be played in less than 5 minutes! In the game, players use the lettered tiles (there are 144 tiles in all) inside the banana pouch to make words in a crossword style format. The first person that uses up all of their letters is the winner of the game! The game is also perfect and ideal for teaching beginning spellers. However, more advanced spellers will still enjoy the game just as much as everyone else. There are also multiple ways to play the game. Or, if you want, you can adapt your own special set of rules. Whatever the case may be, everyone will love playing the game and spending quality family time together. You are sure to go bananas for Bananagrams!


  • The game is very small and easy to carry
  • The pouch can easily fit into backpacks or purses
  • The pouch contains a total of 144 lettered tiles
  • No pencils, boards, or paper is necessary to play the game
  • The game is perfect for educational purposes


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