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Gift Ideas For A 10 Year Old Boy

Updated on September 2, 2011

In my experience, ten is quite a tricky age - particularly when it comes to choosing a gift for a birthday or Christmas. Suddenly, toys are often no longer played with - at least, not half as much as they once were. A ten year old boy is no longer a small child. Ten is almost a transition between 'tween' and 'teen'. He is beginning to reach out into the wider world. He may be starting to become influenced by popular culture - he might even know more about it than you! What pleased him before, probably won't anymore.

This is a guide for choosing a gift for a ten year old boy. Of course, the following ideas are only a suggestion - the likes and dislikes of children can vary a lot. However, I do hope that, should you be stuck for ideas on what to buy, you might find at least a little help here.

Radio Control Helicopters, Cars and Boats

Yes, technically this is still a toy. But if the performance is good, then most boys (and even men) like all things remote control.


Many of the small remote control helicopters are inexpensive and perform well. They only last for around ten minutes before it needs recharging, but this is true for all model helicopters and planes. The recharge time is short, so the fun is not interrupted for long. Helicopters are great fun as they can usually be played with indoors as well.

Radio Control Boat

If you are lucky enough to live near a model boating lake, then a radio control boat is a great gift. Do bear in mind, however, that boys like boats that go FAST. Fast is cool - slow is not. There are plenty of good value speed boats around, if you shop about a bit.

Radio Control Cars

The same goes for cars - if it's not fast then it ain't cool! Boys like the sort of fast performance car that will run well outside - say in the local park, for instance. Think off-road truck, monster jeep. Some run on petrol, but petrol cars are quite expensive.

Remote Controlled Helicopters on Amazon

Old Comic Annuals

Comic annuals, like the Beano and the Dandy, Batman or the Simpsons, have been around for decades. If your ten year old has a favorite comic - perhaps he receives the annual each Christmas - then there are a whole load of back copies that you can purchase second hand. The Beano has been in production for 70 years, for instance.

Second hand annuals can be purchased on-line through sites like Amazon, for a cheap price, if you shop around.  You could also scour second hand book shops and stalls.

Things to do with Sport

Not all boys like sports, but lots do. If your ten year old supports a favorite team, then why not buy him some of the official merchandise. Aside from the latest team outfit or ball, you could purchase hats, clocks, framed photos, biographies of players, even slippers.  Another idea is a portable goal, or a basketball hoop for the backyard.

Or what about a subscription to a magazine? Details can usually be found at the back of current issues, or on-line.

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Skateboard, Scooter or Waveboard

 Lots of boys love skateboards and scooters, especially around this age.  Skateboards can be quite tricky - buy them too young and they might be too defeating.  A cool design is usually important.  The best scooters to buy a ten year old are often the ones which are also geared up to do 'tricks, like 'bunny hops', for instance.  JD Bug, Razor and Micro all make these.

Wave boards are quite like skateboards, except that they move from side to side.  They have recently increased in popularity.


Let's face it, boy's like battles. No matter how much you may have tried to deter them away from it when they were little, boys seem to naturally gravitate toward fantasy worlds of blood and guts.

Warhammer is officially designed for children of twelve years and over, yet many younger children enjoy it. Though the game itself is very strategic and there are many rules, ten is not really too young at all to get involved with Warhammer. If you do purchase Warhammer sets for a younger child, then you should be aware that the best way to prepare the models is by using a black spray paint which is not really suitable for a ten year old. This is easily rectified by getting an adult to administer the spray paint - all the other paints are perfectly fine. You can buy starter sets with a few paints and around five figurines at a fairly reasonable price, although for those who get serious then there is no doubt that Warhammer is an expensive hobby. The Assault on Black Reach Starter Set is excellent value for money as it contains 46 Warhammer figures, whereas many of the smaller sets cost half the price, yet only contain five figures. The Island of Blood Starter Set (pictured) is another great choice.

Before you can play the game you have to assemble and paint the figures, and a ten year old boy can become very absorbed in this task. It makes a great change from wanting to play computer games or watch TV.

MP3 Player or Ipod

Often, children of this age are just beginning to get interested in music.  Probably they will like the most current pop music, that adorns the charts.  MP3 players are reasonably priced and hey, boys love gadgets, don't they?  Ipods, like the ever popular Ipod Touch, can also be used by children - however, they are much more costly.  The Ipod Touch has internet access but this can be disabled if you do not want your child to be unsuperivsed on the internet.

 Hope you have found some ideas!


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