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Caillou Toys, Plush, Games, and DVDs

Updated on August 1, 2013

Just About Everything You Can Imagine for a Caillou Fan

Caillou is a fun educational show that is geared towards toddlers and preschoolers to help them learn all kinds of new things. Caillou is a little 4 year old boy who has a big imagination and loves going on adventures with his friends.

Kids seem to absolutely adore Caillou and fall in love with the little boy. If you have a fan of Caillou at home, there are several different gifts that you can buy for them that will put a huge smile on their face.

Check out the different dolls, toys, playsets, books, DVDs, puzzles and games that all feature Caillou.

Caillou Plush Dolls

Caillou plush dolls are great for little boys or girls who enjoy learning with this character. These dolls are completely soft and look just like Caillou. They are sure to be a big hit during playtime and naptime.

More Caillou Dolls

If you are interested in a vinyl or harder doll for your little one, check out these Caillou dolls. They make great toys for preschoolers who want to play along with Caillou and who want Caillou as their best friend.

Caillou Toys and Play Sets

Your little Caillou fan will love these toys and playsets featuring his or her favorite little guy. There are all kinds of different toys to choose from bath toys to little figurine playsets. Check out the Caillou toys below to see what your little one would like to play with.

Caillou Backpack with FiguresBUY NOW

Caillou Learning Train ToyBUY NOW

Caillou Wind Up Truck ToyBUY NOW

Caillou Bathtime Wind Up BoatBUY NOW

Caillou Squeaky Bath ToyBUY NOW

Caillou Sand Truck and Toy SetBUY NOW

Games and Puzzles

Continue the learning fun after Caillou is over with these puzzles and games. Puzzles are a great way to help your preschooler learn in a fun way. The games are also a great educational tool to teach things like cause and effect and even social skills like manners.

Caillou Wood Alphabet PuzzleBUY NOW

Caillou Dress Up PuzzleBUY NOW

Caillou Match It Memory GameBUY NOW

Caillou My First Backyard PuzzleBUY NOW

Caillou My First Amusement Park PuzzleBUY NOW

Caillou 6 in 1 Wooden Games and PuzzlesBUY NOW


What could be better than being able to watch your favorite Caillou episodes whenever you want? There are several Caillou DVDs that are available and I have picked out the most popular ones for your little one below.

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