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Caldari Ships on EVE Online.

Updated on February 11, 2013

Some of my favorite Caldari ships in the Online world of EVE.

EVE Online is a Space MMO that is massive. I appreciate the hundreds of ship designs in the game itself, and so I wanted to showcase them for people that are new to the game or just like the space genre. Since there are so many ships I have decided to limit the ship designs to my personal favorites of the Caldari race. So this Lens is about Caldari ship design in the Online game, EVE. Enjoy.

The Caldari Shuttle
The Caldari Shuttle

The Caldari shuttle

EVE Online Space MMO

The shuttle is like the regular old car in EVE Online. Caldari's version is neat because of its design. To me it looks like a space version of an old WW2 fighter pilot. Although it looks like a fighter, it is not. There are no weapons, just an engine a hull and a little space for you and some of your personal Items. The reason for these ships are for fast travel around the universe when all you need to do is get from point A to point B in a hurry without many encounters.

The Charon
The Charon

Caldari Ships of Industry.

EVE Ships of Industry

The Badger and Badger II

These ships are the basic freight and shipping vessels for the Caldari peoples. They are not pretty to look at but get the job done when hauling cargo around the universe. That are not mining ships, but the mining industry couldn't live without them. If you join a mining corporation in EVE Online, you will become familiar with the Badger and its bigger brother. Don't attempt to go it alone in dangerous territory in these unless you have a few guards to fend off any would be attackers.

The Charon

The Charon is a Freighter class vessel who purpose is to ship cargo around, and it can ship a lot of it. It cargo bay capacity is 783,000 m which hauls a lot of ore wherever you need it. Mining corporations and states of government need haulers like this to keep the Caldari people industrious. While this ship can make you lot of money fast it is also a big fat target for pirates, thieves, and opposing factions. Do not go anywhere without backup near by. Other wise your millions of Isk(EVE Currency) payload will be gone, and so will your millions of Isk ship.

Caldari Freighter "Charon" Highlight

The Drake
The Drake

Small and Mid-sized Caldari Ships

The Kestrel

The Kestrel is a small Frigate missile boat. It is a bread and butter mission runner ship in the early game. It’s missiles kill low level pirate with ease and can take the damage the dish out. It is a nice looking ship, but don’t journey to far out into the galaxy with this on. It’s a good ship early on, but once you start swimming in bigger and better ponds it will become obsolete fast.

The Drake

This Battle cruiser based Caldari ship is feared by small and large ships alike because it holds seven missile launchers that blast small ships to bits and large ships to chunks. It has got good solid armor and has special equipment to reduce 99% of CPU usage for Warfare link modules. You can even throw in a couple of combat drones for good measure. This ship by itself is a good escort ship for small mining operations.

The Oynx

Built as a heavy interdictor the Oynx is an offense powerhouse. Not only does its many weapons slots enable great Caldari missile warfare, it can install a warp distruptor, which doesn’t let your targets warp drive work. There is nothing like seeing the panic on the faces of your enemies when they realize they can’t run away from your wrath.

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Caldari Hanger

Video of Caldari ships flying in a hanger on a Starbase

The Scorpion and the Widow
The Scorpion and the Widow

Big ships that toy with the enemy.

Eve Online Caldari Fleets

The Scorpion

Do you want to laugh at income weapons fire? Then you need a Scorpion. This monster doesn't play fair, it jams sensors on your target so they can't get a weapons lock on you, meanwhile your six missile launchers wreak havoc on their hulls. Officially the Scorpion is classified as a Battleship, but pirates and foes might think of it more like a ghostship.

The Widow

The Widow is a black-ops Battleship that has stealth technology. It jams targets, it become invisible, it scouts enemy forces for weakness, and when it finds them, "Boom" goes the Cruise and Siege Missiles. These missiles are very powerful and light the target up like a Christmas tree. It also has a 75m drone bay for those times when someone tries to get up close and personal.

The Wyvern
The Wyvern

Capital Ships that inspire fear

Eve Online Capital Ships

The Leviathan

A Titan class starship, the Leviathan is truly a beast for the depths of space. Sporting a close vat bay, a jump port generator, and can be fitted with the Oblivion Super Weapon. Besides the seven largest missile batteries in the Caldari Navy that get a 125% bonus, a 7.5% bonus to gang shields (Which means it's a shield and armor tank), it is completely immune to electronic warfare.

The Wyvern

This mothership is a supercarrier. With 200,000m of drone fighter and bomber space aboard and a 200% bonus to fighter and bomber range you could defend a fleet of ships. The Wyvern also has the ability to transfer shields to other ships in it convoy. With capabilities like these its no wonder you find these ships at the center of battles of the highest ranking corporations in EVE Online.

Which Caldari Ship Design is your favorite?

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