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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips and Strategies

Updated on May 22, 2011

Great example of excellent playing.

Being the best player on your team playing online multiplayer is probably one of the most important things about playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is important to understand the strategies and trends that online players learn. As nerdy as it may sound, there is an art to playing online and not knowing that art can be the reason you are killed every second during a match. Of course, that makes it very frustrating to play the game and have a good time.

I am going to try and give you a few quick tips to help you be a better player. Hopefully, with these few tips and a bit of practice, you will be the top player in a every match.

Call of duty

patience young grasshopper
patience young grasshopper

Have patience.

This is probably the best thing you can learn. In Halo, you are welcome to run wild all over the map. In fact, that's actually the best strategy you can use. However, it is not good to use that kind of strategy with Call of Duty. Pick a spot to hide and stay there.Your hiding spot should keep you safe from opponents sneaking up behind you.

Even though there may be no action around you, wait a few more moments. Waiting is just is just a good practice. Many times, when you leave your hiding spot, an opponent will sneak up around the corner and have the advantage.

Many people discourage hiding in the same spot--it is called, "camping." For beginners, it is a great way to understand the opponents playing psychology. In other words, camping lets you see the routes your opponents use most.

in the heart of the battle
in the heart of the battle

Find the heart of the battle

In every game,--assuming we are playing a normal death match game--there are areas of the map that are called, "Hot Spots." Hot spots are the area that at least a few people of each team are fighting. Hot spots are formed like this: Players die and return to the spot they died. If a few players die and return to the same spot, it creates a hot spot for the match.

You should be able to quickly identify the trend of movement where that hot spot is going, how long the hot spot will stay there and the safest way of fighting in that hot spot.

quickly identify the trend of movement where the hot spot is going.

Eventually, the hot spot will move. Typically, hot spots move a few times in every game. For example, in the terminal, the first hot spot will usually always be just above the escalators in that main lobby. The second hot spot will usually move to the hallway with all the windows. The third hot spot will usually be on the far right of the map inside--where all the metal detectors are. The last hot spot is usually outside around the planes.

You can usually see where the hot spot is trying to move by either paying attention to your team mates and your enemy. Where are they trying to move the battle? Are they provoking movement by baiting people to a part of the map? These are all signals that you should identify to effectively know where the hot spot is moving.

How fast is the trend moving?

Often times, the hot spot returns to the same place three times in one match! It may be difficult to know how fast the trend is moving. The best way to know how fast the trend is moving is to pay attention to how often the spot changes. For whatever reason, the hot spot tends to change around the same time during a match.

what is the safest way to the hot spot.

Not everyone is interested in fighting in the hot spot. Some players will camp and wait for players on their way to the hot spot to pass by. Try to guess where your enemy will be camping. Where would you hide? What are the hot routes in the map? You should take the road less traveled to get to the hot spot. If you take a popular route, watch your radar for enemies. Your radar will sometimes warn you of nearby enemies. always be ready for a close quarters melee attack, or trick them out by approaching and backing off. This usually forces the enemy to melee and miss allowing you a clean shot without resistance.

this would be a great time for a harrier air strike
this would be a great time for a harrier air strike

perks and kill streak rewards

I'm going to start by giving you my settings in case you wanted something to go by.

perks: Marathon, stopping power (or lightweight) and commando.

kill streak Rewards: care package, harrier strike, attack helicopter.

This is personally optimized for me. I don't like using AC 130 or chopper gunner because it takes away from the time I could be killing people on foot and maximizing my kill count.The harrier and helicopter kill from above while I kill enemies on foot. Depending on what gun I'm using, I'll use the stopping power perk for weaker guns, or the light weight perk for guns that have power. I use commando because I like the extended reach I get with the melee attack. I use marathon because I race to hot spots; however, if I decide early on that I will hide, I will equip a perk like ninja, hardline and bling.

My death streak perk will almost always be final stand. I don't use this as a normal kill perk because I feel that Something else will be more useful.

battle tips

.when you run out of ammo, quickly switch to a second weapon..when possible, run out from a corner and wait for them to start shooting.

.wait for the reload from your enemy and start shooting.

.don't be afraid of using your flash or stun grenades.

.stick with your team mates. It confuses the enemy when they have to decide who to shoot in a skirmish.

.keep focus on one person. If there are more than one enemy present, focus on killing one of them and only one of them. If you kill him, then move to the next enemy.


I hope all these tips and tricks will help you be a better online multiplayer at call of duty: modern warfare 2. If you found any of this helpful, please comment and share this with others!

Visit my blog for morer tips and tricks like these and video game information.


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    • profile image

      Josh 7 years ago

      This game is freakin awsome. Dont think any FPS could match to it atm other than BFBC:2, which in its own way is a completely different type of FPS TO COD:MW2. Anyways, thanks for the tips and I will give out those perks you suggested a shot and see how they work out.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Vote UP....I love this game. It looks real for me. And I enjoy every time to try the new game like this one. Nice review. Thank you very much