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Camel Joe Premiums

Updated on August 30, 2017

Camel Joe Cartoon Character!

I am happy to say, as cute is he was, Joe is no longer a regular in our house (except for some premiums hanging around). I must admit, it was some campaign. My husband has been a non-smoker for over 12 years. However, I was the premium saver in the family (never smoked).

I guess we have all fallen to the "gimmick" of cute, lovable, icons at some point in our lives. But, as I look back now, and knowing the health consequences that cigarettes have contributed to over the years, it isn't as cute as it was once. On March 6, 2009, my husband had lung surgery. The doctors say it was due to smoking. He needed to have stopped sooner; better yet, never had smoked.

However, for our family it is history. And for the collectors of the world, it is just that, a collection.

Remember, if you have kicked the smoking habit, you are truly free from the addiction.

Camel Joe Premiums

In late 1987, RJR created Joe Camel as the mascot for the brand. In 1991, the American Medical Association published a report stating that 5- and 6-year olds could more easily recognize Joe Camel than Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, Bugs Bunny or even Barbie.

I sold this premium on E-bay. Nice beach towel but it was so colorful that I suggested it could be used as a hanging on a wall in a play room near a pool table.

Behind the Artist

Naked man

Of trivial interest is the image of the camel on the packet itself. According to legend, the artist who drew the image of the camel was Belgian and he did not like the Camel marketing manager[citation needed], so he placed a "Manneken Pis" in his image. When closely examined, the shading in the upper part of the leg defines the shape of a boy urinating (famous in Belgium). There is also an image of a lion in the camel's midsection; some even say there is an eagles' head in its neck. It is considered highly unlikely that these images were placed there on purpose, and that these phenomena are most likely a product of the imagination.

Credit: Wikipedia


Check out Snopes....

Credit picture: Snopes

Visit Snopes site!

A Smooth Character!

Sad, this thing they call psychology!


Context: Internal industry documents may shed light on how cigarettes are designed to promote youth smoking.

Objective: To determine changes in the design of Camel cigarettes in the period surrounding the "Smooth Character" advertising campaign and to assess the impact of these changes on youth smoking.

Data sources: Internal documents made available through the document website maintained by RJ Reynolds, manufacturer of Camel cigarettes.

Study selection: Electronic searches using keywords to identify relevant data.

Data extraction: A web based index search of documents targeting "smoothness" or "harshness" and "younger adult smokers" ("YAS") or "first usual brand younger adult smokers" ("FUBYAS") in the 10 year period surrounding the introduction of the "Smooth Character" campaign was used to identify Camel related product design research projects. A snowball methodology was used: initial documents were identified by focusing on key words, codes, researchers, committees, meetings, and gaps in overall chronology; a second set of documents was culled from these initial documents, and so on.

Data synthesis: Product design research led to the introduction of redesigned Camel cigarettes targeted to younger adult males coinciding with the "Smooth Character" campaign. Further refinements in Camel cigarettes during the following five year period continued to emphasise the smoothness of the cigarette, utilising additives and blends which reduced throat irritation but increased or retained nicotine impact.

Conclusions: Industry competition for market share among younger adult smokers may have contributed to the reversal of a decline in youth smoking rates during the late 1980s through development of products which were more appealing to youth smokers and which aided in initiation by reducing harshness and irritation.


CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ONE? - Is There A Doctor In The House?

Doctors promoting "Camels". This is so funny to watch. It just goes to show you, advertisers will do anything to sell something.

DOWN WITH THE DROMEDARY! - He ran a good 10 years (1987 to 1997)

They say it (icon Camel Joe cartoon) was detrimental to children smoking?

Should they have banned the Camel Joe cartoon?

Camel Cigarette Collectibles 1964 - 1995

Amazon Overview:

For the nearly all of their first fifty years of existence, Camel Cigarettes sat at the top of the marketplace. But a shift in consumer tastes toward filter cigarettes, beginning in the late 1950s, led to a slow erosion of Camel's market share. To stem this loss, R.J. Reynolds began one of the most clever and effective campaigns in advertising history. On its 75th anniversary in 1988 a suave, new character appeared in the Camel Advertising: Joe Camel. This began the most recent chapter in a tradition of fine advertising started by R.J. Reynolds himself. This book documents the Camel advertising from 1964 to 1995. In addition to traditional posters and signs, these years saw the introduction of hundreds of premiums and merchandise bearing the Camel logos that have found their way into collections of tobacco memorabilia around the world. Each piece is illustrated in full color and current values are given to help the collector.

Glasses - Premiums

These are very nicely done heavy plastic glasses. Perfect for use at the swimming pool. Take to the beach. Heavy and the pictures are inside the glass.

ROGER MILLER - Ain't Got No Cigarettes.

Californians - Are You Aware!


Smoking in Vehicles with Minor Passengers - Effective 1/1/08, it is unlawful for a person to smoke a pipe, cigar or cigarette in a motor vehicle in which there is a minor. Individuals may be fined up to $100 per violation (CA Health and Safety Code #118947).

For All You Country Western Fans!


Welcome Collector

They don't make Western heroes like John Wayne anymore! When the Duke rode into town you never had to wonder what side he was on. With a confidence unmatched by any silver-screen icon, he fought the villain and rode off into the sunset. Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of this great American screen legend with a Timeless Hero collectible stained-glass wall clock available only from The Bradford Exchange.

This unique limited-edition John Wayne® tribute showcases stunning portraits of this screen legend in luminous stained glass softly illuminated from the back. Encased in warm, walnut-stained wood, this handsome John Wayne home décor boasts accurate quartz movement and makes a timeless gift for any fan of the Duke. Strong demand for this John Wayne collectible wall clock is expected from his legions of fans around the world. Order now!

Myth About the Weed


Huron Indian myth has it that in ancient times, when the land was barren and the people were starving, the Great Spirit sent forth a woman to save humanity. As she traveled over the world, everywhere her right hand touched the soil, there grew potatoes. And everywhere her left hand touched the soil, there grew corn. And when the world was rich and fertile, she sat down and rested. When she arose, there grew tobacco . . From: Author: Gene Borio (

Camel Joe 007

James Bond Fashion

We have a Zippo Lighter premium with "007" inscribed on it. Note: It comes with a lifetime guarantee. Wind Proof, Solid Brass in excellent condition. Never used. In original case with papers

Traditional Camel Advertisement - Wall Mirror

This is a nice premium. The Camel on a mirror glass in a plastic frame. The picture has never been hung and the frame still has protective paper around the frame. Would make a nice hanging in a pool room/bar area. Picture is in mint condition.


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