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Candy Crush Level 147 - Once Nearly Impossible, Not Anymore

Updated on September 23, 2014

Candy Crush Level 147

Perhaps this is the level that had driven a lot of players to quit. Candy Crush Level 147 used to be the hardest level in the game. Even hardcore crushers say that it was almost impossible to finish. Those pesky bombs and meringues just wouldn’t let you accomplish the objective of the level. But after a nerf in early 2014, level 147 has gone from insanely hard to a level with medium difficulty. It’s still quite challenging, but certainly not as much as it used to.

Read on and find out which strategies will help you beat Candy Crush Level 147.


1 Star: 125,000 points

2 Stars: 190,000 points

3 Stars: 230,000 points

Candy Crush Level 147
Gingerbread Glade
Level Type
Jelly Level
Jelly Squares
52 Double Jelly Squares
Passing Score
125,000 Points
Two-Layered Meringue, Candy Bomb
Number of Candy Colors

How to Beat Level 147 on Candy Crush

  • Following the nerf, the 3-layered Meringue got replaced by 2-layered Meringue and the 10-turn Bombs with 15-turn Bombs. As you might imagine, this means you can clear the jellies a lot faster and the bombs aren’t that much of a problem.
  • Don’t get too worried about the 15-turn bombs. They drop every 5 moves, but usually the cascades will take care of them. You should still be careful though and do not allow one to go off.
  • Probably the most difficult thing in this level is clearing the 2-layered Meringue on the sides. Using regular matches to destroy them will cause you a lot of moves.
  • Your best bet is to use special candy combinations. Try to get a Wrapped Candy + Striped Candy combo and set it off on the bottom of the board. This will eliminate the bottom three rows, clearing a lot of space and causing more candies to fall.
  • Also try to get a horizontally striped candy to the bottom row. If you activate it, it will clear the whole row, and that’s a huge load off the board in just one move.
  • Activating a vertically striped candy to remove the column of 2-layered Meringue in the middle of the board is a great idea, albeit hard to pull off. Try to use a Wrapped Candy + Striped Candy to clear that entire column.
  • Create as many special candies as you can. This will be hard at the beginning because there are so few candies to work with. But as you progress and make more space, there will be more opportunities to create special candies.
  • Color Bombs offer a huge boost in this level. Activating it with any special candy will clear a lot of jellies. Use proper judgment when deciding how to use your Color Bomb. This depends on the board you have and the remaining obstacles and jellies.

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