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Candy Crush Level 76 - Teleporters, Why You So Confusing?

Updated on September 23, 2014

Candy Crush Level 76

Level 76 is one of those levels in Candy Crush Saga that has tricky teleporter mechanics. A lot of people get confused why their cherries do not fall even if they are already at the bottom part of the screen. But even if you have already pinned down how the 3 sections of the board work, this level can still prove to be very challenging.

If you can’t seem to get past this level, then these tips might come in handy for you. Read on and find out how to clear Candy Crush Level 76.


1 Star: 30,000 points

2 Stars: 60,000 points

3 Stars: 100,000 points

Candy Crush Level 76
Easter Bunny Hills
Level Type
Ingredients Level
3 Cherries
Passing Score
30,000 Points
Number of Candy Colors
Considerably Hard

How to Beat Level 76 on Candy Crush

  • The first thing you have to understand is how the 3 sections of the board work. The bottom left is actually where the candies start. If you make matches in this section, the candies fall to the right section. From the bottom of the right section, the candies fall into the top left. See those little arrows at the bottom of the top left? That means that’s the only place where your ingredients will fall. The real “bottom” in this level is the top left section.
  • You only have 33 moves to bring down 3 ingredients. The cherries will have to travel a long way to reach the bottom so make use of your moves wisely.
  • Spend your first few moves on the top left section. This will bring down candies from the other two sections of the board.
  • If there are no more moves left on the top left, start working on the right section. Never touch the bottom left unless you can create special candies.
  • Striped candies are your best friend in Level 76. Vertically striped candies are particularly useful as they can bring down an ingredient all the way to the bottom with just one move. Just make sure you use it when it’s positioned in the same column as the ingredient you want to bring down.
  • Horizontally striped candies are also helpful when trying to “unstuck” the top left section. Create a horizontally striped candy on the upper part of the right section of the board. Activate it to get things moving on the top left section.
  • Remember that if your top left section gets stuck, the game is pretty much over. So it’s important to keep making matches here.
  • Special candy combinations aren’t as useful in Level 76 compared to other levels. Yes, they can clear a lot of candies but ultimately, your ingredient is to bring down the ingredients to the teleporter. It’s not recommended to waste your moves trying to create special combos. Striped candies may be all you need in order to finish this level.

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