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Captain America vs. Batman

Updated on July 20, 2012

The First Avenger vs. The Dark Knight

In the annuls of comic book history, two fantastic legends still penetrate the overwhelming forces of crime and corruption, pursuing justice and saving the world time and time again. Figures of great renown, they have rarely met! Each dwells in a different domain; while one captivates the fans over at Marvel Comics, the other draws multitudes to their rival, DC Comics. And what's more amazing is their unique differences; each represents a contrasting ideal symbolized and incorporated into their very core beings.

One is the emblem of freedom, born from the hopeless Depression era with the determination of the Greatest Generation. An inspiration of strength, he wields an unbreakable shield crested with an iconic rendition of the Stars and Stripes. Known as The First Avenger, he is Captain America, hero of the second World War.

The other is an enigma of fear created from the tragedy of murder. His is a mind sharpened to root out evil; a deliverer of darkness, wrong-doers look over their shoulders as his mythical shadow passes. In lowly circles they call him "The Bat"; to us, he is Batman, The World's Greatest Detective.

And so it comes to you. There is a score to settle! Who would win this match-up, Captain America or Batman?

Don't worry! We've assembled a full dossier; provided below is tons of information. You'll have profiles, examples and constructed scenarios to mull over. In each instance you'll be able to fully gauge the superhero...and in no time at all, you'll have the matter settled.

And with no further reservations: Let the challenge begin!

Meet Captain America! - An Introduction to the Sentinel of Liberty

Captain America
Captain America

"Explosions littered the field, the ground rocked in tremors. I remember my men moved forward, the rattling of gunfire sprayed the line; bodies were dropping all around. We...we were lost.

And then he appeared.

Wrapped in the star-spangled coat-of-arms, he took one step and charged the Nazis. He was a blur of red, white, and blue. We couldn't believe our eyes; I was stunned. Buckled over his arm, a shield; nothing could touch him. He threw it like a living weapon...every time it hit, he broke them. He broke their will! I tell you, he was more than my hero that day; he was my country..."

Born during the Great Depression, Captain America was originally a frail, sickly child known as Steve Rogers. His was a struggle from the beginning, smaller and weaker than most. It was this childhood--one painted with bullies and hard times--that formed a man who never gave up, and never yielded to hopeless odds.

Through fate and possibly luck, Steve was allowed to participate in the Super Soldier program, a secret project designed to help the Americans fight the Nazis. And although the smallest of the candidates, his will and resolve outshone them all. He was excepted and treated with the Super Soldier serum and process.

From that moment forward, Captain America was born.

America's Patriot, Captain America
America's Patriot, Captain America

Captain America's Powers

The Makeup of a Shield-Slinger

Physique: Through the super-soldier process, Captain America has attained the highest strength, speed, agillity, and reflexes humanly possible. He is also immune to diseases and fatigue.

Mentality: Coupled with his physique, Cap has unshakable mental stamina and fortitude. This correlates to "American Exceptionalism"; he never gives up.

Shield: Captain America wields an unbreakable shield made up of adamantium and vibranium components. Because of his skill level, he can throw it to ricochet--hitting multiple targets--and return to him.

Training: The Captain is skilled in multiple forms of combat. He has displayed karate, judo, akido, and variants of mixed-martial arts, allowing him multiple options for taking down, or taking out, his opponent.

Leadership: Because of his experience in World War II, Captain America has attained a sound, complete understanding of mass warfare and strategy. He has also commanded and led troops in covert and invasive attacks. So skilled are his abilities, that he is (and has been), the unequivocal leader of groups such as The Invaders and The Avengers.

Enter: Batman! - The Origin of The Bat


"I ran into him...once. There were six of us late one night; we were hauling Falconi's shipment from the docks. Everything was going fine...

And then he took us.

We never spotted him. Not directly. It was the screams; he wanted us to hear them. One by one each man disappeared, pulled into the night. I was so scared I ran off before I slammed my head into a poll. I was on the ground before I passed out; all I remember was the darkness coming closer. It...he had wings, landing next to me. That was the last thing I saw until the police found us."

Batman's true identity is Bruce Wayne, beloved son of billionaire Thomas and Martha Wayne. A child of fortune and resources, his world was shattered on the night when his parents were gunned down before his eyes in a dirty alley. This was the moment that changed his destiny.

Never resolving his grief and loss, Bruce became an embattled soul, searching for the heart of corruption and seeking its eradication. His life sank into a state of uncertainty on the brink of destruction.

But fortunately, Bruce's brooding ended on the eve of his parent's death; it appeared in the form of a night-flyer, the bat, a creature of inspired fear and haunting. Adopting that mantle, Bruce Wayne decided to deliver fear to the criminal world, coupling his keen, sharpened wits with his incredible resources.

From that moment on, Batman was among us.

Batman, The Dark Knight
Batman, The Dark Knight

Batman's Powers

What makes him The Dark Knight

Physique: Batman is a perfectionist and has trained himself to peak functionality, strength, and agility. He is capable of many dexterous feats and acrobatic maneuvers.

Mentality: With a keenly sharpened mind, Batman demonstrates an unshakeable will and heightened fearlessness once his sights are set on a goal.

Utility Belt: Through Bruce Wayne's fortune, he has developed a series of inventions, including the infamous Batarang--an object he can hurl with uncanny accuracy. All these tools are maintained in his utility belt, a crucial device on the field of his operations.

Training: Batman is a skilled in multiple martial arts and has been witnessed using Karate, Judo, and even Ninjutsu. To support his style of crime-fighting, he has mixed the systems to incorporate quick, stealthy, takedowns.

Detective Skills: Batman is a world-renowned finder of clues and solver of riddles. His alert training gives him the ability to locate evidence that leads him towards finding weaknesses and learning the truth. For these purposes, he has been a fundamental keystone to groups such as The Outsiders and The Justice League.

The Dark Knight Rises - Christopher Nolan's Third Installment to Batman

The Dark Knight Rises released July 20, 2012.

Scenario #1: Captain America and Batman Psychology - Are they really that different?

Scenario #1: Psychology, Captain America vs. Batman
Scenario #1: Psychology, Captain America vs. Batman

One of the glaring differences between Batman and Captain America may be how they sum up confrontations in their mind. Each seems to have a particularly unavoidable contrast. In other words, if you could imagine the two switching costumes, you'd still know which one was which!

Captain America, for example, has what we call The Boyscout Syndrome; he's going to help the lady across the street. Now, before you think this is a weakness, understand that this is the same condition that makes him an unstoppable dynamo. Once he encounters resistance and pain, his determination level skyrockets.

The only problem with Boyscouts are that they tend to walk into traps. It's their nature. But at the same time, Cap is no idiot. His mind is keenly trained in tactics (he is an expert in warfare, after all), and therefore, he's likely to outmaneuver his opponent.

Batman, on the other hand is a perfect icon of the theory known as Dark Justice. He may very well let the lady cross the street on her own, but he'll stand in the shadows and observe everyone, including the car zipping down the street. That's when he moves into action, throws the batarang, and causes the car to swerve away.

With the Dark Knight on the scene, the only way to pull him out of the shadows is to lure him into an unavoidable showdown. In other words, if Commissioner Gordon has to give a public speech, it's likely Batman will be there.

And so this becomes a very intricate battle, because as we see, both of these superheroes have a talent for manipulating a battle and studying their opponent. Batman may be more subtle and stealthy, but Captain America is trained to spot tactics. At the same time, Batman has to consider stealth as one of his advantages, and therefore, he's fighting a different game once he's exposed his hand.

Which superhero has the strongest psychology?

See results

Scenario #2: Urban Warfare - You belong to the city...but which one of you?

Scenario #2, Captain America vs. Batman, Urban Warfare
Scenario #2, Captain America vs. Batman, Urban Warfare

We already know that both superheroes are capable of fighting a city-zone battle, the real question is which one handles the area the best.

And clearly, this delves into fighting styles. Batman, while definitely a master combatant, is likely to be fighting a rooftop battle where he'll drop on his opponent after careful observation. In almost all scenarios, he works from the high ground advantage and this is supported by his grapple gun, which will pull him airborne instantly.

Captain America, as a respondent, can attain high ground and leap roof to roof, but he's certainly not building-top fighting. His style is more grounded and he will use buildings as shields or wind his way inside structures. Typically, he's notorious for pulling his opponent towards open ground where anything goes. (Some people believe he does this so that innocent bystanders or buildings are not harmed.)

So, it's a fight in the city? Who do you think wins?

Urbanscape Battle: Who wins this fight?

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Scenario #3: All Out War - Anything goes.

Scenario #3, Captain America vs. Batman, All Out War!
Scenario #3, Captain America vs. Batman, All Out War!

Now when it comes to an all out battle, that means that anything can come into the picture. At least, that's the concept because in a war, anything goes.

And your first assessment may be to jump over to the side of Captain America. I mean, after all, he's a trained soldier and a student of all the various vehicles and weapons of battle. Besides, a warzone is where he can truly unleash.

But not so fast! Are we forgetting Batman is a billionaire? What about the Batwing, Batmobile, and various weapons he's created? Just because Cap is government-issued doesn't mean Bruce Wayne doesn't have an arsenal of his own.

And furthermore, we can't assume Captain America won't take to the sky if necessary. He's also a trained pilot, but there's a problem. No government plane will likely stand up to Batman's aircraft, so that encounter wouldn't be recommended.

Who wins in the midst of an all-out war?

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Yes, there's lots of ways to unveil this ultimate showdown. Now it's your job to figure out the top dog. Who wins in this contest: Captain America or Batman?

Captain America vs. Batman: Who wins?

Captain America

Captain America

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    • anonymous 3 years ago

      will get most public support because of his public image. he has more experience. he fights super powered enemies like skrulls ,winter soldier, thanos, red skull with a cosmic cube, the phoenix five, doctor doom,he even almost beat the crud out of iron man, until the police patrol jumped him and he saw the damage he caused. batman fights gangsters before the police gets there big deal (sarcasm).

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Captain America because he is a SUPERhero

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Both men in an octagon MMA style? The Captain 9 times out of 10. Cap with his shield and Batman with his gadgets? Still the Captain but only winning say 7 of 10 fights. This is assuming they bump into each other on the street. If Batman has a day or two notice of said encounter...the odds are much more in his favor!

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      He is much stronger and faster and more durable with the super soldier formula. He studies his opponent and is ready for anything.

    • goldenrulecomics 6 years ago

      In a straight fight I would go with Captain America because of the Super-Serum. Also, because of his military experience I think Captain America would be willing to go further than Batman to win in a battle. And anyway, I just like Captain America more -- I even wrote about him in my review of Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers!

    • bensen32 lm 6 years ago

      well after all is said and done I have to go with Captain America, He was breed for this, and as a patriot I have to hope he is the better. I have been a fan since I was a kid.

    • BlakeCzirr 6 years ago

      While it could really go either way, I'd give Captain America the edge because the super-serum gives him enhanced endurance. In all other contests, it's literally a toss up.


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      Captain America: Super Soldier - Playstation 3
      Captain America: Super Soldier - Playstation 3

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      Thank you for dropping by! If you see anything out of whack, or know any information helpful to this article, please feel free to place your comments below. All are welcome; after all, this is a highly important topic!

      Guestbook - Your comments are appreciated.

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        • profile image

          anonymous 6 years ago

          Very nice lens and very well made. Can't wait to see the movie too, but here on my country always take some time.

        • bensen32 lm profile image

          bensen32 lm 6 years ago

          Good lens, very informative. can't wait to see the movie tonight.