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Captain America Vs. Wolverine

Updated on September 25, 2018

The Sentinel of Liberty or Weapon X?

Adamantium claws raked forward as Wolverine snarled, diving an incredible cat-like lunge; the mighty Avenger countered, stepping forward with his shield, blunting the impact, and turning it aside perfect, exposing the mutant's ribcage. Captain America was already preparing his battle strategy.

The artwork in this picture is created by Greg Steeples

In the world of comic books, let's face it, we've had this conversation many-a-night; who would win between the two of Marvel's greatest heroes: The Avenger's Captain America or The X-men's Wolverine?

On one hand, we have Captain America, the patriot, with his unbreakable, star-spanning shield, physique at the peak of human evolution, and mastery of martial fighting styles; on the other, we have the wild beast, "Best at what he does", Wolverine, with his mutant healing and adamantium claws. Both heroes bring different mentalities and philosophies to the arena.

But it will be up to you, now, to judge them!

In this article, we'll compare and take opinions on the legendary match-up between Captain America and Wolverine. You'll be called on to draw upon your expert comic books, the references from years gone by, and support the superhero of your choice. So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty; who do you think would win the ultimate match-up?

Captain America in World War II
Captain America in World War II

Captain America, The USA's True Patriot

A Basic Run-Down on Captain America

Origin: Created from the era of World War II, Steve Rogers was part of an experiment with a Super-Soldier serum and Vita-Ray treatment. Thereafter, this frail young man became a perfect specimen on human acheivement. Now, his body is capable of near super-human feats and endowed olympic behavior. Accompanied with his indestructible shield, Captain America became an icon of American strength in the 40's, until he mysteriously disappeared.

Only to be revived from a frozeon block of ice, Captain America returned to become a leading member of the Superhero Group: The Avengers.


Captain America's Powers:

Physique: Through the super-soldier process, Captain America has attained the highest strength, speed, agillity, and reflexes humanly possible. He is also immune to diseases and fatigue.

Mentality: Coupled with his physique, Cap has unshakable mental stamina and fortitude. This correlates to "American Exceptionalism"; he never gives up.

Shield: Captain America wields an unbreakable, shield he can throw. Because of his skill level, it can be ricocheted to hit multiple targets and return to him.

Training: The Captain is multiple forms of combat. He has displayed karate, judo, akido, and variants of mixed-martial arts, allowing him multiple options for taking down, or taking out, his opponent.

Leadership: Because of his experience in World War II, Captain America has attained a sound, complete understanding of mass warfare and strategy. He has also commanded and led troops in covert and invasive attacks. So skilled are his abilities, that he is (and has been), the unequivocal leader of groups such as The Invaders and The Avengers.

Captain America: Super Soldier - Fight the Nazis like Captain America

Available in multiple game formats, Captain America: Super Soldier takes you back to the days of World War II as the Allies face Germany in their reign of terror. You'll be able to perform all the unique acrobatic maneuvers with the combination of his Shield attacks, facing down Hitler's Hordes as the American Patriot!

Captain America: Super Soldier - Playstation 3
Captain America: Super Soldier - Playstation 3
This is the PS3 format game. But you can also find the Xbox version through this link. If you're a big Captain America fan, you'll be interested in seeing how his fighting style was formatted to battle multiple opponents. The Shield combinations are very smooth and realistic. And as a bonus, you won't be very happy to know that some great foes, like the Red Skull, show up throughout. Check this game out!
Wolverine Lunges
Wolverine Lunges

Wolverine, Pure 100% Mutant from Canada

A Run-Down on Weapon X

Origin: Sometimes referred to as "Logan", there have been many speculations for the beginning of this mutant formerly known as Weapon X. What we do know is that he doesn't age like a typical human, has incredible healing powers, and an adamantium skeleton (with razor sharp claws) that is unbreakable. Throughout the comic book ages, Wolverine has had an incredible draw on the public because of his beserker mentality and being the best at what he does.

Wolverine's Powers:

Healing: Woliverine's prime mutant power is his "healing factor". This ability allows him near instantaneous repair which rivals regeneration. On one occasion, his upper and lower body were separated; Wolverine managed to reconnect both and walk away.

Adamantium Skeleton: Mutants have been experimented on throughout the history of the Marvel Universe. Wolverine is no exception; his body, particularly his bones, were fused with the compound Adamantium, making them unbreakable. He is capable of surviving huge falls and devastating blows.

Claws: A side-effect of the Adamantium process, this caused Wolverine's already bone claws to be sheathed in the unbreakable metal, making them permanently razor-sharp and deadly. They are capable of slicing through titanium wall with no problem.

Animal Senses: Logan has demonstrated heightened perceptions, especially of olfactory (smell) nature. Due to this mutant ability, he becomes an exceptional tracker and hard to surprise.

Beserker Fighting Style: When in the midst of battle, Wolverine loses his sanity and flies into a "blood-driven" rage. This makes him extremely unpredictable and dangerous, to friend or foe.

Age Experience: Since Logan ages slowly, he has learned many useful skills over time (not all are known), including languages such as Japanese. He is also reported to have served in many wars, giving him an edge in mass devestation battles.

Scenario #1: The Psychology of Captain America vs. Wolverine - How would these two fight? Who would have the upper hand?

The Psychology of Captain America and Wolverine
The Psychology of Captain America and Wolverine

The first match-up between Captain America and Wolverine would have to take place based on their psychology. Regardless if you believe one is stronger, or more effective than the other, how they think during a fight is equally important to it's conclusion.

Captain America is, notably, a level-headed planner. His fighting style -- the one that has gained him so much success throughout the ages -- is based off of advanced misdirection and perception. Therefore, Cap is the type of hero that plays on your weakness; he leads you into being over-confidant, and then springs his trap on you.

Wolverine on the other hand, is right out of the box! While he will use strategy, he constantly has to keep his beserker rage in check. The more blood flying about, the more crazy and battle-enraged he becomes. And the advantage Wolverine may have is that he becomes completely highly unpredictable in this state.

So, as we see Cap and Wolvie squaring off, the real question becomes "Can Captain America manipulate Wolverine?" And it's up to you to figure that out. Does Wolverine fall for Captain America's tricks? Can Cap push Logan into a flying uncontrollable rage?

Which superhero has the better psychology?

See results

Scenario #2: Possible Landscapes between Captain America and Wolverine - The battle could be affected by where they are...

Possible Landscapes for Captain America and Wolverine
Possible Landscapes for Captain America and Wolverine

In Sun Tzu's opinion, the placement of the battlefield is just as important as the number of men on the field. While Captain America and Wolverine are very versatile fighters, there's many opinions on the subject:

The Arctic Cold: Most people believe that Wolverine can outlast Captain America in an environment of extreme cold, but that's not necessarily true! As we've learned in the past, Captain America's body will go into hibernation in the deep freeze. Yet, this doesn't account for the fact that Wolverine is fairly suited for the cold; his mutant abilities seem to fight off harsh, cold temperatures.

Jungle Lands: In this example, it's the lush overgrowth that becomes the primary issue. Both heroes have a high degree of agility. Wolverine, however, has animal-like tendencies and perhaps the advantage. Captain America would have to shed some costume (and Shield???) for camouflague. Further more, Wolverine can track by scent.

Urban/City: In an urban encounter, both Cap and Wolverine are suited fighters, but Captain America is more prone to use his environment as a weapon. This is another prime example of Cap's style of movement in combat. Once again, Wolverine would be capable of tracking Captain America, but with the high buildings and the ability to sling his shield, Cap seems more mobile.

Desert: The arid Desert environment is a real good question to the hardiness of the two superheroes. Although both have heightened stamina, theories suggest Wolverine would outlast Captain America (only because of healing factor) when they both dehydrated. There's really no telling, though.

Scenario #3: The Protracted Battle - Can Captain America outlast The Wolverine?

Wolverine slashes at Captain America
Wolverine slashes at Captain America

...Well, I'm not sure!

Most superherologists (that includes me, of course) believe Wolverine's Mutant Healing gives him the edge in this comparison. Assuming he has control over his beserker fury, one strategy he could use is to maintain the fight. After all, when you have the ability to heal all your wounds, your body is also going to remove the poisons that cause cramping and exhaustion.

Captain America has a big problem in this area; although he's a super-human, he's still, technically, a homo sapien, and prone to tiring out.

Can you see a scenario where Captain America's endurance can outlast Logan's?

In the long fight, Can Captain America last as long as Wolverine?

See results

Obviously, there are more scenarios to come. Your job is to figure out the real question. Who wins in an all out battle: Captain America or Wolverine?

Captain America vs. Wolverine: Who wins?

Awarded the Purple Star!

Captain America vs. Wolverine gets the "Thumbs Up".

On March, 24, 2011, Captain America vs. Wolverine was awarded the Purple Star!

That means some of the fine-minded people of former Squidoo Community thought this article was really good and deserved some high recognition. Thanks, everyone, for your support; I promise that I'll be coming back, making sure your visits are worth the trip.

Thanks for dropping by! If you see anything out of whack, or know any information helpful to this article, please feel free to place your comments below. All are welcome; after all, this is a highly important topic!

Sound Off, Superhero Experts! - All comments welcome in this battle.

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    • FloridaDino profile image


      7 years ago

      For me, rage doesn't win over reason. I love both characters, but for me Cap's discipline is the biggest factor. Logan can't just outlast him either, as Cap is enhanced. Be a tough fight, but Cap would get the win. Nice idea for a lens, like it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      To be honest many people pick Captain America because well the Patriot factor. CP and W are pretty close in everything, however the edge goes to wolverine when only logic is used. His Stats are higher than CP, in almost everything.

      -CP has lower regeneration than logan, who rapidly regenerates mid fight (example fighting one on one with Hulk).

      -Steve has Peak Level Human reaction, akin to an Olympian athlete. So does Wolverine but he goes one better, he has by forge's monitor been akin to 7 Olympian athletes at peak output and a chess master(peak output). Also some of logics physical abilities are literally superhuman and go beyond peak(same for cap).

      -Logan powers adapt him overtime to his environment hence his additional abilities, such as super sense of smell, super hearing, super sight(owl and eagle like eyesight, sees low level infer red, can see in the dark like a wolf, etc) and a more would be long, however he is constantly adapting like a slower Darwin Boy.

      -Tactics, both are great but realistically Cap has been out for a long time while frozen and Well Wolverine has continued fighting and using the most modern forms of war (for along time he rarely used his claws in the past). Also Wolverine tends to misdirect opponents a lot evidence by this article to make people believe he is a brawler, he will fight like that a subtle use his opponents weakness or lead them to a weakness(environment, etc) that is how wolverine defeats the vast majority of his enemies.

      -Also People reach on the Berserker Rage has he does not go into it that often and fights a lot without it. Additionally he has gain a lot of control over it to the point it is even more rare. In a high level fight with Captain America or any other its rare for that to happen, however it is random (he can't keep his animal instincts in check forever), like I said the probability of that happening in a fight is low.

      Great fight and can go either way however without fallacy and just totally logic the fight would go to wolverine more often than not as Cap using an indestructible Shield and Wolverine body bones plus healing factors makes him virtually indestructible.

    • Everyday-Miracles profile image


      9 years ago

      Please allow me to be the first to congratulate you for your purple star. I was so excited to see that you'd gotten it for this lens. I really think that you did a terrific job here, and I will be adding this lens to my lensography!

    • Everyday-Miracles profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm not a super hero expert, but I did have to say WHAT an improvement over the original Captain America vs. Wolverine lens! I am going to get my husband to take a look since he is a comic book fan and used to collect them. Very attractive, nice looking lens that you have here! Great work!


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