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Carebears and Carebear Cousins

Updated on April 2, 2013

Welcome to the Carebears and Carebear Cousins page!

This page is all about Carebears and Carebear cousins!

Read about the history, development, concepts of these wonderful characters!

Watch original TV commercial spots and movie clips!

Window shop for Carebears and Carebear cousins at and other great vendors!

Carebears Commercials!

Care bear Cousins movies

The very beginnings......................

These toys had a high "aaaaah" factor from the start!

The Care Bears are a set of fictional bears created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards. Muriel Fahrion designed the first six bears, creating the best-selling greeting card themes for their belly graphics. Susan Trentel, Muriel's sister and doll designer of Strawberry Shortcake, designed the Care Bears plush. Children's book illustrator, Elena Kucharik was the primary artist for the Care Bears creating hundreds illustrations for cards, books and other products. .

Carebears introduction to the world........................

On September 24, 1982, the Care Bears were introduced at a large event in New York City. The 6 Care bear characters were announced as a toy line for production by Parker Brothers and Kenner. At that time, American Greetings bragged that this debut was "the biggest character launch in the history of retailing"- they had an enormous 5 million dollar advertising budget. In February 1983, American Greetings introduced the characters to the general public at New York City's Toy Fair.

Creation of the Carebear cousins.......................

In 1984, a spin-off line, the Care Bear Cousins. The Care Bear Cousins no longer appear in any of the Care Bears movies or TV series (since the original 1980s run), but they still continue to be released as plush toys.

The 'universe' of Carebears..........................

What type of world do they live in?

Carebears and Carebear cousins live in the Kingdom of Caring, which is made up of Care-a-lot (the home of the Care Bears proper) and the Forest of Feelings (home to the Care Bear Cousins).

Star and Heart Buddies also live in the Kingdom of Caring. They look out for the Bears and Cousins whenever they are on missions in caring; and the Birds, who are usually seen in the Forest of Feelings with the Care Bear Cousins and watch over them. The Cloud Keeper also lives in the Kingdom of Caring. He is a portly man who maintains Care-a-lot.

The ten original Care Bears consisted of Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear. Later on, additional bears joined them, as well as the Cousins.

What is the concept behind the Carebears?

What do the different pictures on the bellies mean?

Care bears need to keep the Caring meter toward the rainbow side to keep natural disasters from occurring in Care-a-lot. Care bears each have a duty as noted by the badge on their tummies. Each Care Bear comes in a different color and has a tummy symbol unique to them. This badge was known as their "tummy symbol." However, the movie Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! renamed them "belly badges". Adding to the Care Bear family are the "Care Bear Cousins", which feature a lion, rabbit, penguin, raccoon, and other such animals created in the same style as the teddy bears.

There are villains in the Care bear movies and books that try to stop the Care bears from fulfilling their duties. The Care bears have some weapons and defenses: the Care bear Stare and Care bear Cousin Call.

When the bears need to use the Care Bear Stare, they stand together and radiate light from their tummy symbols. These combine to form a ray of love and good cheer which could bring care and joy into the target's heart. The Care Bear Stare has several different looks. One has a beam coming from the tummy being made up of several replicated images of the symbol. Another variation forms a rainbow when multiple Bears and/or Cousins are involved. A yellow beam with red hearts is sometimes seen as well.

The Care Bear Cousin call, is very similar to the Care Bear Stare. In the first movie, the Cousins, excluding Swift Heart Rabbit, simply made whatever animal noise is common to their species since they did not have any tummy symbols; those are later given to them by the Care Bears at the end of the movie. In the second movie, the Call looks like a musical score which radiates from their tummy symbols. By the start of the Nelvana series, the Care Bear Cousin Call was no longer used and the Cousins simply performed the Care Bear Stare.

Although commonly used on villains, the stare and call have been also been used on humans and the Care Bears themselves. It was occasionally used to cure Care Bears and humans who were placed under the effects of Professor Coldheart's uncaring magic. It also occurred once in Adventures in Care-a-lot, when it was used to temporarily cheer Grumpy up in the episode "Tell-Tale Tummy".

In addition to the Care Bear Stare, the Care Bears can also use their tummy symbols to summon other assistance such as heart-shaped balloons, cloud cars, rainbow bridges and sending out a distress signal.

What is the Caring meter?

The Caring meter is located inside the Care Bears' main meeting hall. This meter shows how much caring there is both in Care-a-lot and on Earth. In the 1980s movies/cartoons, it is shown as an UN-numbered clock-like meter. In The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie, the meter is shown with a raincloud (less caring) side and a rainbow (more caring) side. Ideally, the Caring Meter should be all the way towards the rainbow side.

When the meter drops towards the raincloud side, the Care Bears try to prevent it from getting worse by going on "caring missions" to try to get more people to care. Alternatively, the Bears themselves can do more caring deeds to improve the meter. If the meter drops near zero, Care-a-lot will suffer disasters, such as thunderstorms, buildings and rainbows crumbling or the bright colors of Care-a-lot gradually turning into black and white. If the meter reaches all the way to zero then Care-a-lot would vanish and be gone forever.

List of Carebears Characters..............

Original Bedtime Bear is a very sleepy bear. He helps everyone get a good night's sleep and have sweet dreams. His fur is light blue colored with a sleeping crescent moon on his tummy, and in the first season, he talks with a yawning voice.

Birthday Bear wants everyone to have happy birthdays and loves birthday parties and games. He is golden yellow and his tummy symbol is a cupcake with a candle.

Cheer Bear: Cheer Bear is a very happy and perky bear, who helps everyone be their happiest and cheer up those who are unhappy. She has carnation pink colored fur with a rainbow as her tummy symbol.

Friend Bear: A kind and friendly bear who shows what it means to be a good friend. She is orange with two intertwined smiling flowers on her tummy.

Funshine Bear: Loves to play and tell jokes all the time, but sometimes forgets that there are times in life you must be serious. He has sunshine yellow fur with a smiling sun on his tummy.

Good Luck Bear: Is all about spreading good luck for everyone. He has green fur and his tummy symbol is a shamrock with heart-shaped petals.

Grumpy Bear: He is the inventor/mechanic for the rest of the Care Bears. He has blue fur and his symbol is a dark blue raincloud with raindrops (some of which are shaped like hearts). He is cynical, surly, and rarely happy, hence his name, but he does value his friends and smiles on special occasions.

Love-a-lot Bear: Helps spread love and help it along wherever she goes. She has deep pink colored fur and her tummy symbol is two intertwined hearts with yellow and pink outlines.

Tenderheart Bear: Helps everyone show and express their feelings and helps his fellow Care Bears be the most caring they can be. He is orange and his tummy symbol is a big red heart with a pink outline.

Wish Bear: Helps make wishes come true, and although they don't always come true, making wishes and working hard to help make them come true is still fun. Her fur color is light teal and her symbol is a yellow smiling shooting star.

Baby Hugs Bear: She gets along with her brother, Baby Tugs Bear, is the youngest member of the Care Bears family and both are looked after by their grandmother, Grams Bear. Like her brother, she often gets into mischief and wants nothing more in life than to be a full-fledged Care Bear when she grows up. She has pink fur and her tummy symbol is a smiling Star Buddy inside a pink heart-shaped box.

Baby Tugs Bear: Is a rough and tumble little boy cub who always gets into mischief. Like his sister, he too wants nothing more in life than to be a full-fledged Care Bear when he grows up and is raised by their grandmother, Grams Bear. He has baby blue fur and his tummy symbol is a smiling Star Buddy inside a baby blue diaper cloth.

Champ Bear: Loves to play sports and games; baseball is his favorite. He also teaches the value of good sportsmanship. He is royal blue (formerly tan) and his tummy symbol is a gold trophy with a red star (formerly a red heart).

Daydream Bear: Shows that daydreams are fun and help inspire people to do great things, but you also have to pay attention to the world around you, as her failure to do so often gets her into funny little accidents. She has blue-violet fur (originally bubblegum pink) and her symbol is a heart-shaped planet resembling Saturn, with stars around it (originally two heart-shaped balloons).

Forest Friend Bear: Forest Friend Bear's job is to help keep forested areas safe. He is brown and his tummy symbol is a bear and a rabbit hugging with trees in the background.

Grams Bear: The grandmother of all the Care Bears family, Grams Bear looks after the Kingdom of Caring's two youngest members, Hugs and Tugs. A seasoned "veteran," an excellent storyteller, and a valued mentor for the family, she knows just about all there is about being a Care Bear, and is ready to lend a hand or a patient ear to help anyone in need. She has blue-violet or gray fur and her tummy symbol is a pink rose with a yellow bow. She also always wears a pink shawl around her neck.

Harmony Bear: Loves peace and helps others overcome differences and show that they are something to be celebrated, not something to keep people apart. She has violet purple colored fur; and since 2004 her tummy symbol has been a smiling flower with multi-coloured petals.

I Love You Bear was a bear that was only given out in the UK for Charity Groups. He was originally yellow with a small heart badge on his chest saying "I love you" but later they put the heart on his tummy, and it was given yellow boarder lines. His fur color was also available in pink.

Perfect & Polite Panda: Looks after Paradise up above the skies of Care-a-Lot. They always spoke in rhyme, finishing each others sentences and complimenting one anther's feelings. Perfect Panda has black and white patched fur, and has a he has a gold star with a ribbon on his tummy, while Polite Panda has a pink rose with a ribbon on her tummy.

Sea Friend Bear: Makes sure that the world's oceans and seas are safe from harm. He is blue and his symbol is an ocean wave with a sun smiling over it.

Secret Bear: Acts as a mime to the other members. He keeps everything a secret, although there sometimes comes a circumstance in which he needs to communicate a message to the other bears, in which case he performs a hilarious display of charades and pantomime to get his message across. She has magenta fur (originally orange) and her symbol is a red heart-shaped padlock.

Share Bear: Loves to share: possessions, jokes laughter. She is lavender fur and her belly badge is 2 lollipops with crossed sticks, (since 2002). Before 2002, her badge was a pink sprinkled ice cream soda.

Smart Heart Bear: Smart heart bear loves to learn and attend school! She is watermelon colored and has an apple belly badge.

America Cares Bear: Is a patriotic American who believes that Americas strengths are caring, teamwork, and helping others. This bear is white with a shooting star in red, white and blue belly badge.

True Heart Bear: Kind, affectionate, and attentive, she exemplifies everything a Care Bear should be. This bear has pale pink fur with star with heart center badge.

Carebear Cousins Characters..................

Brave Heart Lion: Leader of the Care Bear Cousins and a fearless yet compassionate friend to all. He is brown-orange and his tummy symbol is a red heart with a crown hanging on the right side. His catchphrase is "Charge!".

Bright Heart Raccoon: The smartest of the Cousins, Bright Heart Raccoon is a walking supercomputer who can solve problems thinking logically, and helps his friends on their toughest dilemmas. He is purple and his symbol is a yellow heart-shaped light bulb.

Cozy Heart Penguin: Cozy Heart Penguin is the sweetest and warmest of the Cousins, a great swimmer and the one most suited to winter conditions. She is lilac with a white face and her symbol is a stocking cap resting on the left side of a red heart.

Gentle Heart Lamb: Gentle Heart Lamb is the most softhearted of the Cousins, gentle and shy as her name suggests. She is mint green and a pink lace-trimmed heart-shaped pillow is her symbol. When she talks, she has a bleating voice.

Lots a Heart Elephant: The strongest of the Cousins in physical ability and perseverance, despite having a very weak mind. He is pink and his symbol is a pink heart-stamped weight. His catchphrase is "That's the truth" at the end of some of his sentences.

Loyal Heart Dog: A very proper and formal-mannered dog, honest and loyal and true beyond compare. He is blue with a white patch over one eye, and the reason behind his tummy symbol, a heart-shaped medal, is because of his warm personality combined with his faithfulness and his namesake.

Noble Heart Horse: He is multi-pastel colored or purple with a green and blue striped mane and tail and his symbol is a multicolored heart radiating from a central star.

Playful Heart Monkey: Playful Heart Monkey is the most mischievous Cousin anyone can meet; for him, the whole world is a playground. He is yellow and a heart with a party horn is his symbol.

Proud Heart Cat: Proud Heart Cat is the "purr-fectionist" of the Care Bears family, and reminds us to do our best in everything we do. She is turquoise with white paws and a white tail tip (originally orange) and her symbol is a curved pink star with a red heart inside.

Swift Heart Rabbit: The fastest of the Care Bear Cousins. Sometimes her cockiness and overconfidence gets her into trouble. She is sky blue and her tummy symbol is a red heart with white wings.

Treat Heart Pig: Treat Heart Pig knows how to turn any occasion into a holiday. A real sweetheart, she gets along well with everyone she meets, though she has a tendency to overeat. She is yellow and her symbol is an ice cream cone, showing her wholehearted devotion to helping others live life to the fullest.


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