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Best Cash Register For Kids

Updated on September 10, 2014

What's the Best Cash Register for Kids?

My 3 year old son loves playing shop and has played with a number of cash registers for kids at friends houses and playgroups. This article shares the best features and the best cash registers he has played with. When choosing a cash register for kids I think the best ones have the following features:

A scanner for credit cards (my son loves playing with this feature) Realistic sounds including a bell for the till, and noises for the scanner. An LCD screen with numbers (great for number recognition)A barcode scanner with barcodes to scan - just like the modern ones! Comes with good quality plastic and paper money. There are lots of other features to look out for that are unique to different cash registers which can be fun. They include:- A talking cash register - some cash registers come with microphones which you can use to speak into.- Working conveyor belt- Cash drawers which ding when opened.This article reviews several top cash registers for kids and gives my personal two top choices. (Of course, your top choice may be different depending on the features you are looking for).

Update 2014 : Since writing this article, my eldest son has grown up a bit and has enjoyed playing with cash registers in all kinds of ways (playing shop, using it to work out how money works by giving change in his games etc). It's definitely an educational toy that will last over the years. I now have a 2 year old son who also plays with a cash register.

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Cash Register

Learning Resources  Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register, 73 Pieces
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register, 73 Pieces

This fulfills all of my requirements of a cash register and is probably the cash register which is the best value for money in my opinion. It has a credit card scanner. The register makes a chiming noise. It has screen which displays the numbers which is solar powered (so it can still be played with when it runs out of batteries). It includes life sized money and plastic coins as well as a pretend credit card.

In addition the cash drawer is large and has four coin holders make room for embossed plastic pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. The price is very competitive. Its currently $27.12 reduced from $39.99 and its won lots of different toy awards.

If you're looking for a good quality cash register for kids at a good price this may be the best choice for you.


Summit Junior Talking Cash Register

Zillionz Jr. Talking Cash Register
Zillionz Jr. Talking Cash Register

This is another of my top choices of cash register for kids and here's why.

It has a number of features the Learning Resources register above doesn't and is an excellent price.

It has a hand held scanner and kids can use it to read the enclosed barcode stickers.

You can call up a price check over the loudspeaker microphone.

There is a talking keypad which announces your entries and totals while the digital display shows them.

There's an included credit card and play money and when you're tired of play money you can use the cash drawer to store real currency and coins!


Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register

This is another option of cash register from Learning Resources. It is more expensive than the first one featured but has more features. So what do you get for your money?

It has a large LCD screen so is easier for kids to read large, easy to read numbers.

It features a working scale and a scanner for pretend coupons and credit cards.

There's four interactive learning games take kids through multiple levels of play, increasing in difficulty as players advance their math skill levels.

It features large buttons which are easier for little fingers to use.

It's a winner of numerous awards, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award


Classic Cash Register

My youngest son is now 2 years old and I think the cash register below would be perfect for this age group.

It's great for sorting play and my son is currently obsessed by colors so would love the different color coins. It's also good for learning to count. Putting the coins in the slots helps fine motor skills. Push the lever to open the drawer which is great fun.

It's a classic toy with a modern twist with the credit cards.

Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register
Little Tikes Count 'n Play Cash Register

A classic toy that parents may remember from their own childhood. It's stood the test of time which can only be a good thing!

It's a great counting and sorting play.

Slide the credit card in the slot to drop coins into drawer.


More Cash Registers for Kids

Here are some more cash registers. The Dora the Explorer cash register will be a hit with fans of the TV show. I particularly like the features of the Zillionz Talking Register which has a high tech scanner that scans real barcodes. If you're looking for a cash register for toddlers or younger kids try the Fisher Price 123 counting cash register.

Zillionz Talking Cash Register - Blue
Zillionz Talking Cash Register - Blue

This one has a high tech scanner and scans real barcodes and has barcode sheet - a great feature.

It also includes talking function, working calculator function, working microphone paging system. Includes play bills, coins and credit cards.

Barbie Shopping Spree Cash Register
Barbie Shopping Spree Cash Register

Realistic-looking cash register has working keypad with LCD readout

Use the keypad or pretend scanner to ring up your purchase

Working microphone for price checks and store announcements

Accessories include debit and credit cards, lots of play money, signature pad and stylus, open/closed signs

Cash drawer to hold all of the money

Mc Donalds Mcd Cash Register (Window Box)
Mc Donalds Mcd Cash Register (Window Box)

Cash register is a real-working calculator

Press the buttons on the register to hear your menu selections

16 piece set complete with cash register, play food and play money

Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Shopping Adventure Cash Register
Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Shopping Adventure Cash Register

This cash register can be used in English or Spanish.

There's a catalogue and you can type in the prices into the cash register.

You can squeeze the trigger on the scanner to hear the prices. And it features and LCD screen and working calculator.

Fisher-Price Servin' Surprises Cash Register
Fisher-Price Servin' Surprises Cash Register

This one comes with a working conveyer belt and a working keypad that "beeps" when pressed.

It will scan items too and the LCD screen displays prices.

Great realistic fun.


Best Cash Register for Babies and Young Toddlers

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magic Scan Market
Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magic Scan Market

This is a great first cash register for very young children. Aimed at children from 6 months to 3 years.

There are four shapes to scan and weigh, and register and a light-up scanner.

There are four modes of play, 1) Learning 2) Music, 3) Imagination and 4) Bilingual

Babies learns all about colors, food, shapes, numbers, greetings, manners, and opposites

Features 15 songs, tunes, and cute sound effects


Educational Uses Of Cash Registers

So, you're still not convinced on whether to buy a cash register as a gift for a child. Here are a few educational reasons.

1.) They're great for teaching number recognition for younger children

2) They teach about the concepts of exchanging money for items and receiving change. Older kids can practice giving the right change.

3.) They encourage imaginative play - playing shop or accountants

4.) Older kids can learn to add or subtract using the calculator feature (if the cash register you buy has this)

5.) You can substitute any pretend money with real money to teach older children.

Accessories and Other Toys to Go with Cash Registers

Do you need extra play money? Or perhaps you would like to play supermarket with your cash register.

Here are a few more ideas of toys.

Learning Resources Play Supermarket Set, 93 Pieces
Learning Resources Play Supermarket Set, 93 Pieces

Play grocery store with this pretend and play set.

Learning Resources Cash 'N' Carry Wallet
Learning Resources Cash 'N' Carry Wallet

Grown-up wallet filled with 30 bills, 40 coins, pretend credit card and bank card

Melissa & Doug Wooden Grocery Store and Lemonade Stand - Reversible Awning, 9 Bins, Chalkboards
Melissa & Doug Wooden Grocery Store and Lemonade Stand - Reversible Awning, 9 Bins, Chalkboards

This wooden play center can be a store or sell lemonade. It features portable plastic bins for pretend shopping or storage, removable chalkboard signs, a spacious countertop and reversible fabric awning.


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    • profile image

      MamdyJacobs 2 years ago

      Hey guys, I'm a new mother and I'm desperately to get my two month daughter to sleep longer during night. Right now I'm fortunate to have three hours sleep a night. Does anybody have any ideas? Bless

    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 4 years ago

      These are fun cash registers! What kid doesn't love playing with them? My Fisher Price cash register was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid.

    • BelleBanks profile image

      BelleBanks 5 years ago

      My daughter has been begging for a cash register this year. This makes it easier to decide which one to get her.

    • John Uwen profile image

      John Uwen 5 years ago

      great! now I know what grandma is getting my daughter for Christmas. thanks so much for the ideas. will go great with the play kitchen......

    • profile image

      Buchamar 5 years ago

      Adorable! Thank you!I feature educational kids apps - come visit!

    • TrentAdamsCA profile image

      TrentAdamsCA 5 years ago

      I never grew out of playing shop. I take the Learning Center cash register with me to collectibles and crafts fairs -- it's a great conversation starter and the cash drawer holds change and full-size bills.

    • snazzy lm profile image

      snazzy lm 7 years ago

      Hey, some great reviews there. My kids would love a cash register, they love to play shopping:-) I agree a credit card scanner is an essential feature!

    • Akitajitsu profile image

      Jen 7 years ago from California

      Great lens! Thanks for detailing the features of each cash register. I'm thinking about getting one for my son for Christmas. This helped quite a bit!

    • nebby profile image

      nebby 7 years ago from USA

      When my son was a child we owned a gift store & we would let him help the customers and use the register ( we would take care of the money part), so he never had a toy register. However I do love the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn 2-In-1 Learning Cash Register that you have highlighted above & think that it is a wonderful learning tool for kids.