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Castle Fight strategy tips & guide

Updated on August 23, 2017

How to win a match.

A very popular multiplayer game, but also very rough on first time players. There may be alternate games with the same name - I had written this about the Warcraft 3 custom game. This free strategy guide will help you understand how to play and common mistakes you don't want to make.

Links to individual race tips are also below.

Build a strong army and destroy the other team's castle to win.

Make sure you use your initial gold very carefully. You don't get much of it!

A bonus bounty is awarded to players who quickly build the 1st to 4th buildings.

The first thing a new Castle Fight player should know is how income works.

Here is a quote from gex, the developer of this and all the other eeve games.

"You get income each 10 seconds. Each player has a basic income of 5 gold. You get income for each building you finish. Buildings that train creeps give about 2% of their cost each income. Buildings that don't produce creeps give less income because they don't give gold to enemy as bounty. If a building gets destroyed you also lose the income for it."

These pages have information that I'm not going to cover below. They're all links to the official Castle Fight page's forums and might be handy. They are *not* things you need to know to play the game, but something you'd expect in a strategy guide.

Race selection

Information about each creature type, how to play them, and winning strategies. These pages all have very specialized information. The basic Castle Fight strategy guide is just below!

[WIP area - have not written them yet]


Make an army of creeps!

If your castles were a sandwich, these would be the meat.

Meat that flows out of the sides and eats other sandwiches.

Your little peon can make up to 12 different types of buildings with his race. Most of these will produce monsters every so often. They all also increase your gold income.

Each building that produces creeps will instantly award you with lumber. More advanced, special buildings can be created using the wood. Siege damage catapults and towers give you less lumber than other types.

Each type of monster you make either counters an enemy creature, or is eaten by it. Pay close attention to the damage type, and armor type of monsters. Move your mouse over them to get a tooltip explaining what they're great against and weak to.

Notable creatures:

  • The Ice Queen does insignificant damage with her attacks, but opens up battles by casting a spell. She'll hit almost all the enemy units near her with a Frost Nova. This significantly hurts everyone in the area.
  • The undead's Banshee unit is protected by Divine Armor. This means it takes greatly reduced damage from almost all attacks and spells, including the Blast Staff. However, some units with chaos damage can easily defeat her. Not all of them. The azure drake is a good example of why there's more to consider than just armor types. It does chaos damage, flies, and costs almost the same amount of gold... but in a one on one Castle Fight lane, the drake will always lose to a banshee.
  • The mechanical Gyrocopter does siege damage. It only attacks air creatures and flies past the rest. It will run straight for your opponent's buildings if they have no flying monsters.

Your monsters award the enemy team gold once they die. Be careful not to excessively feed other Castle Fight players. This is based on the gold cost of the unit. For example, creeps like murlocs feed much less than a warlock.

There is strength in numbers. Massing units is easy to counter by your enemy, but very effective until they do. Having a bigger army than your enemy is key to winning games. In the best case scenario, they'll cause your opponents to waste their Rescue Strikes (and often more than one!) keeping them at bay. They'll buy you time even in the worst case scenarios to start working on another Castle Fight strategy.

You can temporarily turn off unit production at any building by clicking on faces of units.

This is also how you upgrade a monster den into producing higher level creatures.

Special building types:

  • Artillery are used to destroy enemy fortifications.
  • Siege go straight for enemy homes and deal more damage.
  • Towers destroy monsters, (see below this section).
  • Treasure Boxes will increase your gold income.
  • Legendary buildings have all kinds of neat effects covered below.

Races . Legendaries . Buildings . Items . Towers . Comments?


Towers are special buildings that fire upon an enemy's creep line as they approach your Castle. You can control them manually with a little twitch skills. Your builder can also repair it if it comes under attack.

Monsters will attempt to destroy other monsters first, which will buy your tower a little time to be repaired. They'll immediately switch back to hitting it once your allied creatures are dead. Towers are most useful during the early stages of the game.

They're easily countered with long range siege weaponry. Most of the races in Castle Fight have access to them. Short range siege monsters can also destroy them in a few hits if they get close enough. Building towers is generally a new player strategy, but some races have helpful ones. The orc's does a lot of damage to flying creatures. The elf tower does extra damage to monsters with mana. The mechanical version will damage more than one as if it was hit by the chain lightning spell.

Which do you prefer to do, or see people doing often?

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Do you think it's a good idea to use towers in Castle Fight?


These can be purchased at your team's castle.

What is available will depend on your game modes.

For example, you can find a nuclear missile here in an unpopular Castle Fight mode. It creates a silo that blows up part of your enemy's base every couple minutes.

The others include:

  • Blast Staff, very popular. More on that below.
  • Cheese is used to build another Legendary. See below.
  • Drum n' Bass Generator: Increases the speed of your entire army.
  • Orb of Lightning smites up to 10 enemy monsters of your choice.

    I highly recommend using one of these against your opponent's siege engines.

  • Rune of Repair slowly regenerates all buildings and creeps near you.

    This stacks with other runes and is fantastic if your enemy has artillery.

  • Scroll of Stone which heals your army temporarily.
  • Warsong Drums: Increases the damage of your entire army.

Blast Staff

This Castle Fight item turns your little hero into a walking tower. It will do 60 magical damage to any enemy near him (picked at random) every second. You can also stack this multiple times by buying more than once. Lumber is needed to buy it, you can't grab it first thing!

Do you buy a blast staff in Castle Fight?

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Legendary units & buildings

Good use of these will make a big impact in your chances of winning a Castle Fight game. Each race has access to one (sometimes three) legendaries. These use a special resource, called cheese. Each player is only given one! Choose carefully before rushing to make yours.

You can purchase additional cheese in the Item Shop (your castle) for a large sum of gold. This cheese regenerates very slowly... and you should save it for whichever person on your team has the best legendary buildings. Here's a few examples of what can be made:

  • The elven race can choose between an Amazon or a Starfall Obelisk. The amazon is a super upgraded ranger, able to hit up to 7 monsters at once with each of her arrow volleys. The starfall obelisk is a building that randomly selects a unit and rains down meteors from above on everyone nearby. This can be a lifesaver if it hits your opponents' main line of creeps. Most of the time it will pick someone far away from everyone else.
  • The chaos race can build an Eraser or Shrine of Destruction. The eraser takes a random unit type and wipes them off the map completely every minute. The shrine burns a random enemy building to the ground every few seconds. I highly recommend making the Destruction shrine instead.
  • The naga race can build a Tidal Guardian or Ancient Hydra. The guardian is much like the starfall obelisk, but it fires a giant wave across the map to its target. All units hit by it are damaged. Works best when placed directly behind your team's castle or very close above/beneath it. The hydra is a strong melee unit which high survivability.
  • The human race can choose to make a Heroic Shrine. This causes your buildings to produce significantly more units. Most importantly, these stack! You should almost always allow a human player to get all the extra cheese from the shop.

Races . Legendaries . Buildings . Items . Towers . Comments?

Any comments or things I should add to this Castle Fight strategy guide?


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