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Catch Phrase is Loads of Family Fun!

Updated on January 23, 2015

One memorable afternoon several years ago, our family needed a fun activity to transform the hum-drum atmosphere into one of fun and excitement. To change bored faces into smiles and laughter all we required was a challenging, interactive game of skill and chance. Then the answer unexpectedly popped up when our future daughter-in-law introduced us all to her favorite little electronic game called Catch Phrase. As we all became acquainted with Catch Phrase, the laughter, excitement, screams, thrills, and an occasional bout of uproar and chaos took over, transforming the boredom into one very memorable holiday time together. Without question, the fun had arrived right along with the amazing little game of Catch Phrase!

A Little About the Game

Our teams consisted of guys against girls. The game began when a phrase popped up on the Catch Phrase screen, then the person holding the game device rattled off whatever came to mind in order to get their team to speak the words they saw staring them in the face. Many phrases were easy to convey, while others seemed downright impossible to communicate. The main rule I remember in the process is that no word contained in the phrase can be spoken by the person conveying the message. However anything else is fair game to get your team to speak the phrase you are reading on the screen.

The Time Limit

Oh, did I mention there is a time limit! The timer is ticking away as you try drastically to get your team to speak the phrase that’s screaming to you in bold letters from the Catch Phrase screen. When the game buzzes, you can only hope that you or your team is not holding the game at the time.

The Scoring

Scoring is easy because Catch Phrase is programmed to keep up with the points earned by each team. In summary for our family, I would like to say the girls won every round, but that would not be telling the entire truth! The guys won just as often as we did. We all did very well in this game of word phrases and had a great time too! It’s interesting that something as simple as a game can produce a 180 in atmosphere from boring to challenging interactive family fun.

Holiday or Anytime Fun for Your Family

If you find yourself in the what-do-we-do now mode, get the fast-paced, exciting game of Catch Phrase and build some happy memories with the people you love.

Catch Phrase rules and a demonstration of family interactive play.

Catch Phrase rules explained.

A family having fun with a round of Catch Phrase

There are many possibilities in family game choices--what is your favorite?

Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards, 12 Deck Player's Pack
Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards, 12 Deck Player's Pack

Many families enjoy a game of cards--canasta, rummy, or maybe even "hand & foot"

Cardinal Double 12 Color Dot Dominoes in Collectors Tin (Styles May Vary)
Cardinal Double 12 Color Dot Dominoes in Collectors Tin (Styles May Vary)

Ever played Chicken foot or Mexican dominoes? Or maybe the old traditional game of "42" ?


What types of games do you & your family play for entertainment?

See results

What is Your Family's Favorite Game? . . .

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    • Michelllle profile image


      5 years ago

      My son loves this game called Dominion. My girls love Uno.


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