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Collecting Celluloid For Fun And Profit!

Updated on February 5, 2013

Celluloid Collecting For Everyone!

Celluloid is the name of a class of compounds created from nitrocellulose and camphor, plus dyes and other agents. Generally regarded to be the first thermoplastic, it was first created in 1856 . Celluloid is easily molded and shaped, and there are suggestions that it was first made as an ivory replacement. Celluloid is highly flammable and also easily decomposes, and is no longer widely used. Its most common use today is the table tennis ball.

As thermoplastics, celluloids found a wide variety of uses in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Things like knife handles, fountain pen bodies, collars and cuffs, toys, etc were made of this material. However, it burned easily and suffered from spontaneous decomposition, and was largely replaced by cellulose acetate plastics and later polyethylenes by the middle of the 20th century. The use of celluloid for early film however has caused large problems in film preservation.

In the 21st century, cured celluloid is used in luxury pens produced by OMAS, and other high-end pen manufacturers.


Celluloid Guitar Picks

Historically, this was the first plastic ever used to produce guitar picks, and it is still of some use today, especially for guitarists that want to get some vintage feel. Occasionally, guitarists who smoke have accidentally discovered the extremely flammable nature of this material.

None of the picks in our picture are celluloid. The picture is just included to illustrate a variety of picks. From top going clockwise: A standard Jim Dunlop nylon pick; An imitation tortoise-shell pick; A plastic pick with high friction coating (black areas); A stainless steel pick; A pick approximating a Reuleaux triangle; and a Jim Dunlop Tortex "shark's fin" pick.

Looking For Unusual or Vintage Items?

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Jerry's Place!

Green Eyeshades

Green eyeshades are a type of visor that were worn most often from the late 1800s to the middle 1900s by accountants, telegraphers, copy editors and others engaged in vision-intensive, detail-oriented occupations. Because they were often worn by people involved in accounting, auditing, fiscal management, economics, and budgeting, they became commonly associated with these activities. The term "green eyeshade" can be applied derogatorily to individuals who are excessively concerned with pecuniary matters or small and insignificant details.

Green eyeshades were often made of a transparent dark green or blue-green colored plastic precursor known as celluloid, although leather and paper were used to make the visor portion as well and were intended to shield the eyes from eyestrain and other effects of early incandescent lights, which tended to be harsh. One manufacturer, The Featherweight Eyeshade Company described their eyeshade as "restful" to the eyes. Eyeshades were offered for sale through office supply stores through the 1950s.

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Celluloid On YouTube

About This Site!

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Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out my other lenses when you have time.

Much of the information used here has been researched from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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      6 years ago

      After an hour and a half searching sites for 35mm film, I found and clicked on this site. I have several 35 mm films I want to sell, and I have beenlooking for a site to sell them. One is the movie"Lost Boundaries", perhaps I will eventually find ilnterest, but in the meantime, I spent a half hour llookingover our site, and lfoundl it very interesting. Will visit again. Mike


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