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Charm School Teen Witch Costume

Updated on October 22, 2017

A little bit saucy and a little bit sweet, this charm school witch costume is simply adorable. It starts off with a cute pink mini-dress with a matching shrug to keep the shoulders warm. Accessories are a charm necklace, hat, and knee socks which are included. The wand is sold separately; but it is by no means necessary to make the outfit. The witch's hat perfectly identifies the garb as it has for untold years.

The tween that wears this costume is guaranteed to be the witchiest of the witches at the party or on the trick or treat circuit. A memorable time will surely await the girl that chooses her costume carefully. As in olden times, when the pathway lies open before you, think first and choose carefully. A careful choice will always bolster your persona, while a thoughtless undecided pick could lead to an ungodly conclusion. We're talking about the teen witch here - life has a lot of roller coaster motion when it comes to any kind of teen, tween, or what have you.

When the extravaganza that is All Hallows bursts upon us for another blessed year, the tween witch should be center and front to witness Halloween in all its joyous wonder. It is the most magical time of the year. And it is the time most connected to life, to death, and to ancient times, and to the wisdom of all those who have passed before, our ancestors, our own people. The chill of winter's approach reminds us of all this and much more.

Britney Spears On Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Too Old For It!?

I admit to being quite a bit above the acceptable age group for "Sabrina, The Teenaged Witch," but I love that show.

Oh yeah, I feel better now. And may I say, how dare you?


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