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Cheap And Awesome Guns for the Wii Remote

Updated on March 10, 2013

Cheap Nintendo Wii Guns and Weapons

Playing gun games or first person shooters on the Wii is a lot of fun. Using the Wii remote as a gun can be so much more fun then just sitting and playing with a regular ps3 controller for example, playing these kinds of games on the Nintendo Wii gives a more intense feeling to the gaming experience, it almost feel like you're shooting a real gun. And to improve this "real gun" experience it really helps getting a gun for your Wii. A gun for the nintendo wii is a basicly a piece of plastic where you put your Wii remote and/or your Wii nunchaku controller, so keep that in mind when buying a Wii gun, that there's no wii nunchaku or Wii remote included, only a plastic gun.

The problem when buying these guns in a regular gaming store is that they're so overprice in gaming stores, they can cost even up to $60-70! And for me that's just insane, because what are we really paying for? A piece of plastic! But yeah, they improve the gaming experience when playing shooter games greatly but that doesn't mean they can overprice with that much, it's just silly. So I decided to do some research and find myself some nice, cheap, quality Wii Guns on the internet, and I can tell you this....I found a lot of them, the internet is just filled with them. And here are some of my personal favourites, I hope you like them! Enjoy!

2-in-1 Motion Plus Function Laser Gun for Wii Remote and Nunchuck

Just put the Wii remote into the gun holder and you are ready to kick some major ass! This is a nice Wii gun and the price is just awesome. Has a nice feel to it and it works like a charm. Well worth the money.

The price: US$ 12,05

(Free Shipping)

Plastic Motion Plus Function Shot Gun for Wii Remote and Nunchuck

This gun has a more realistic feel and look to it. I just love the grip of this one, feels like a real gun in your hand....or well...almost like a real gun, it's still made out of cheap plastic, let's not forget that :D

The price: US$ 12,20

(Free Shipping)

Magnum Gun Controller with Red Laser Sight for Wii Remote (2*AAA)

This gun even has a laser sight on it, just plug in your batteries (2*AAA) and you'll get a nice little laser pointer on top of the gun. A fun little detail but not really that useful for me to be honest.

The price: US$ 9,90

(Free Shipping)

Black + White Pistol Gun Controller for Wii Remote

This is a nice little package deal if you're planing on playing some shooter game with a friend, because you get two guns in this package, one white and one black. It might be to small for the motion plus controller I'm not sure, be sure to check that out before buying. You can see some review of the gun if you press the Buy now button below, you'll also get some more info about the gun and what you get if you order it.

The price: US$ 8,72

(Free Shipping)

Gun Controller with Red Laser Sight for Wii

Includes a detachable Laser Sight with red laser, same as the above hand gun. It has a nice grip and the gun itself is really lightweight and that's actually a good thing, making long hours of gaming not that heavy. Probably the best gun among all the guns I show on this page. Well worth it's money, but they could lose the laser pointer on top to be honest, it doesn't add much to the gameplay, but it's easy to remove so it's no problem really.

The price: US$ 13,16

(Free Shipping)

Cheap Wii Guns on Amazon

Here are some cheap Wii guns to get on Amazon is a great place to find great accessories for your Nintendo Wii.

Cheap guns on eBay

eBay is always a great place when looking to make a bargain. But you're going to need a bunch of luck and some patience if you want find the really cheap and awesome Wii guns here. Look and you shall find!

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